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  1. Just when you think they are really done, they pull out a miracle that could turn things back around completely. EE=MVP candidate
  2. OMG! I am so sorry for your loss. Another reminder to all of us to tell our kids we love them each and every day.
  3. Mr Little Jeans - heaven Sent thanks to whoever posted this artist in the best of 2014 thread.
  5. Nice to see a couple Canadian's moving up the rankings but seems that Bouchard has more potential to really make a mark on the women's side.
  6. Really concerned now that we are all caught up that the story is basically over. Or we'll at least have to wait months for another chapter to be written. Thank you, Ron. Gonna miss the frequent updates.
  7. had to pick up my sons golf clubs at the course sent him txt message me: Your clubs are filthy him: chunked a few
  8. I don't think that was the intent, that Carol was trying to be manipulative. She had just shot her surrogate daughter in the back of the head, I think the writers were just saying she was done and she wanted Tyreese to kill her.Both are good points, but I think she's the thickest skinned of the bunch that's left. She already witnessed her own kid dying, burned two people alive for the sake of the larger group so I think burning down a murdering child psychopath was the least of her concerns. She did it for the greater good for all involved. I just think she told him to relieve herself of some guilt that she could control, if that's even possible in her world and she was ready for any consequence out down by Cutty. Just wrote the opposite point of view. I think her repeating... "do what you have to do" (or something along those lines) wasn't her way of saying "go ahead and forgive me. It was her way of saying "I'm done- kill me". Which is what made the forgiveness that much more powerful. The look on both their faces showed that his forgiveness was as much about punishment- not giving her what she wanted and making her have to live with it- as it was about mutual safety (and also holding on to Carol's good qualities). I agree with the "I'm done-kill me" part. I think that is exactly what Carol was trying to say. On a side note, how is Carol's hair still that short? Carl looks like a freaking grease ball, but Carol's hair hasn't grown an inch. do scissors not exist in a zombie apocalypse?I've never seen them. Have you seen toilet paper? Do you wanna watch them wipe their asses too? You don't have to have toilet paper to take a ####. For all we know, all the characters are walking around with Mud Butt. I wouldn't mind seeing a character here and there saying they have to take a leak or go #2. All those tense and nervous moments, people are bound to have to poop every once in a while. One of the dudes in the bar - the ones Rick took out when he sensed danger - took a leak. I don't need to see anyone drop a deuce. I wouldn't be against seeing Maggie or Alana take a shower though.
  9. I thought i remembered Daryl saying he was 1st to find him? You're right I'm not remembering properly. Thought it was an odd flashback, I'm sure it has some meaning that I'm not figuring out. Bob's life was the suck before he met Daryl and joined their group. He's happy just not to be wandering the woods alone. yeah. I mentioned a bit ago that what I liked about the show was it's ability to show elements of the human condition amidst the zombacolypse. What does it mean to be human? I thought this show did a much better job with that than the previous two clunkers. is it ok to be alone? is society part of what makes us human, let alone how we act in that society? I really liked the state of... grace, I guess, that Bob seems to be in with his realization that he's happy just sharing time with somebody else (and also having a goal, rather than just hunkering down or wandering around). And wasn't that a hearst? would make sense that it belongs to the owners of the house, if so. Not clear on why they'd grab the girl and leave Darryl if they weren't sent in to be antagonists by the writers. I didn't see the driver but don't think it was Patty
  10. I think this was the first episode in a while where they featured music. This was also the first one where I hated the song choice. Is anyone going to defend it? I mean the song was horrific, right?
  11. 1) Put her name in Yahoo! 2) Click on VIDEO in the left column 3) Click on any link to the right with Woody Harrelson's head showing much obliged and WOWZERS
  12. Here's Genie back in Movember on TSN show (Off the Record with Michael L)
  13. Does your room get a lot of direct sun? No sun. it's in my basement, windows are on other side of room. I would go with one of the plasmas then, I have an LG in the bedroom and it's a good TV. However, either choice is a good one. Samsung may have a bit better of a picture. Thanks. Your LG doesn't have a humming/buzzing sound when lots of whites are showing does it? I'll be watching lots of hockey on it so if that happens it'll be annoying. I've read some comments on this - specifically with Plasma and seems to be with LG Plasma in particular.
  14. Does your room get a lot of direct sun? No sun. it's in my basement, windows are on other side of room.
  15. Up in Canada, not the great deals you guys have down there, but, I'm wavering between: Samsung PN51F5300 51" Plasma - $699 LG 60PN6500 60" Plasma $799 Samsung UN55FH6030 55" LED $899 I don't care if it's a SMART TV. Not at all interested in 3D. Just want good value for the buck. Mostly watching sports but my kids will be playing games on it - CoD, NHL 13, etc. Thinking go for size, but not certain about LG quality. Pretty sure the Samsung are safe bets. Thoughts?
  16. Yeah I missed it also when they were snuggling in the back of the truck, she took his hand and put it around her own throat and subtly nodded to him I think he put his hand on her throat then stopped himself, then she put her hand over his and subtly nodded to him. But I wasn't paying that much attention. I never got that impression at all. Thought it was more like him trying to say "no, bad idea" and her nodding indicating to him that it was, in fact, a very good idea. Not the choking, but the I'll have to watch again.
  17. Yeah, I kept thinking to myself "how the hell did these two survive this long?" And they some how survived all this time, including 2 days locked in a washroom with a zombie just outside the door. Said zombie somehow managed to not hear a peep from them the whole time, not even the fap-fap-fap from the occasional handy that he surely received, but can't last a few hours with Rick around. I've watched this show from the beginning, but am not enjoying this season at all thus far. Episode 1 was weak, and this one was right down there with my least favorite episodes. It's interesting to see the comment son here from the different camps, but for me the show has gone in a bad direction. It remains on the PVR schedule but the end is looming.
  18. Tyler had pics of her yesterday and she looked A-OK to me. Maybe they were old photos