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  1. Totally. That's what I was trying to say above.
  2. Thought should have been strike 3 on Correa with that slider outside. That's been a strike all night then a few pitches later hangs one and cc doesn't miss it. Seems to be how things go.
  3. Was going to agree till now but the strike 2 call on Bregman was wide so I'm thinking it's just a big zone. Just hope for consistency for a change
  4. Generous strikezone tonight may keep the game under 4 hours.
  5. It's early bit Cole looks hittable again tonight
  6. Like how the fan in row 1 knocked down that homer.
  7. Hopefully it'll be like the first 15 innings of the series and not the last 3. That's all I hope for. ⚾
  8. Ballsy. Pitch to Rendon. Probably should have worked if Bregman makes that makeable play.
  9. Thank you for posting. All the best to you and your family.
  10. It'll be interesting to hear what's said after the game. It will be a discussion point for sure if Astros dont come back
  11. Was my first thought as well but since the guy on second went back to tag I dont think he would have been able to because he couldn't be sure that other guy would be sent home. Regardless he should have run hard.
  12. Two full count strikeouts on sliders out of the zone. Make a mental note guys.
  13. Nats using Corbin means they better win it. Can't waste it.
  14. He needs to finish this 1/2 inning tho.
  15. They just answered that. 😉 In may...the last time he took the loss too.
  16. I didn't realize that happened in Houston.
  17. Glad there's netting down there. That might have left a mark.
  18. 3 pitches ago they seemed to think so. I kind of doubt it. He's such a battler. This is one of those games where you'd think one team would be leading by a bunch but dont capitalize and end up losing.