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  1. The Outsider. Two thumbs up. Drags here and there, but does a decent job of keeping things going. Seven episodes in, I hope the investment pays off.
  2. 1. Subtitles don't bother me. I'm pretty much deaf as a post, so most everything I watch is with them. 2. Didn't even smirk once. 3. Quite possibly.
  3. 40 minutes into Parasite. So far it's a snoozer. What the heck am I missing?
  4. Any show with Dr Ken in it is guaranteed to be an unflushable turd.
  5. I couldn't figure out where I'd seen Adam Shiff before all of this politics stuff fired up and he started getting a lot of face time. Watching an old episode of my almost favorite show "24" tonight and it came to me
  6. I was stationed there a million years ago and loved it. The people, culture, history were all really cool. If you're in a developed area, it'd be cool. But there's a lot of WAY far out there places that might give one pause.
  7. Regrettably I totally never thought about the furniture clearance thing before I bought mine. It does it's job well enuff, but can be a PITA
  8. Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak series. I couldn't get my kid to read squat. His class started reading book one in school and next thing I know he's finished the whole series. It's darker than Harry Potter, but definitely more PG13 than some of the recommendations.
  9. Shouldn't it have been doing this all along? Sorry, couldn't resist. I have a Roomba model 614. it cleans fine, but it's constanly getting itself stuck. On the stair ledge, under furniture (the worst), behind furniture, under cupboards, around wires and shoe laces, etc. To the point that I have to de-Roomba trap the house before i can run it when we're not home or babysit it when we are. It does pick up a lot of stuff, when it's doing its thing. But too often it ain't.
  10. Wasn't it the credit/gas card accounts that had the data breach?
  11. I get ya about usage. We take an educated running back SWAG come August about a lot of teams not named Dallas. Every coach is going to do what gives him his best shot at winning Sunday's game. Whether that's 40 carries or 4 for his #1 (in our opinion) guy. He's got to do it with an eye on his potential December game too, but how much? I have zero idea. That's why we pay Dodds $100 a year to have those 32 bugs in the team's meeting rooms