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  1. Bunch of those picks are still playing. I didn't see any HOFers, and didn't do more than glance, but I gotta believe it's probably something like at least an average NFL draft
  2. Obviously anything is possible, but it seems unlikely the remote and starter are constantly connecting. Gotta be a bad remote.
  3. I'm sure I'm just old and don't get the artsy fartsy horror stories. It's gotta be tough to make any movie let alone something as narrow genre as horror. So I'll give props for the attempt at being different. But man that was weird. A good one that I'm sure was mentioned is The Quiet Place.
  4. That should totally count as 4 points. Way harder to do than kicking it through
  5. Love that! But I think my PMJ singer is easier on the eyes
  6. Heart of glass Scott Bradley's PMJ
  7. If it was after their second series, Cousins was probably happy to have time for a dump off. Bears Defense was in the backfield all game. That is the premise of the defensive game plan. Get the QB so gunshy (not difficult with Cousins) that he's anticipating getting creamed on every drop back so his 1st read is what should be his last. The safe dump off. The diva WRs are open running 20 yards down field with his hand in the air wondering why the ball isn't already in his hands. They don't see Hicks' swim move or Mack's bull rushing the RT onto his backside. All he can see is his one hundred catch contract bonus going down the drain.
  8. Some thoughtful soul with what might be my best FBG swap shirt evah (fabled Kutta golf shirt excluded of course)! I love covered bridges and today I got me a "Rebuild the Bridge" (for the Honey Run covered bridge in Chico, CA ). Very, very cool! Thanks to my secret admirer! pics forthcoming
  9. Seems like I heard something about the Raiders having 30 one million dollar bills just laying around and an open slot for a WR
  10. The odds of me attracting the online affection of one needy crackhoor let alone 4 rich wimmens is pretty much negative one blazzion to one. Give or take.
  11. Hmmmm... Interesting strategy, but Mrs Simsarge and 2 Simprivates tagging along would seem to present something of a deterrent to its success.