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  1. simsarge

    Terminator 6

    Come with me if you want to live
  2. Got it. The things I miss while being spoon fed the game. Anyone have a good tell all about the behind the scenes stuff like that? Sort of like Hard Knocks not edited to play out like the Bachelor/Big Brother? I know this is off topic. Sorry.
  3. Serious question. The whole game I saw BB standing on the sidelines watching while Flores was the guy calling in the defensive plays. Yet every time someone mentions the NE defense, its all about the Guru. I'm not saying that BB isn't great. But doesn't actually implementing the greatest game plan take as much skill as designing it?
  4. simsarge

    Greatest "Other" Sports Movie?

    Crappy movie, fun 80s video game tho
  5. simsarge

    Greatest "Other" Sports Movie?

    Roller Ball (original)
  6. simsarge

    Daniel Jones - QB 2019

    Syracuse had them down at the half and 3rd quarters. Had them on the ropes late in the 4th but couldn't close the deal
  7. Remo Williams. The adventure begins. Love this movie even today.
  8. simsarge

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2019

    Probably end up getting another kicker
  9. Forgot one Batman: The Movie . Great fun this is
  10. Probably. But I picked my favorites. Like many others I could have used a pre-made list of exclusions, but TLDR and through it up. Call me lazy if you want
  11. Soooo, esplain me the criteria for not in most top 25. Most as in already posted here? Somewhere else? Anywhere else?
  12. I couldn't find it in me to whittle this down. Casino Royale (Roger Craig) Raising Arizona Up Silverado LOR Trilogy From the hip Cool hand Luke Big Fish Gump Monsters Inc Pirates of the Caribbean Dark Knight Raiders Guardians American Psycho Back to the future A few good men Judge Roy Bean Red October Beverly Hills Cop
  13. simsarge

    Greatest Football Player???

    Part of the problem with this line of thinking is though is there's probably a hundred guys in the later day NFL who could do the same thing, but were slotted as DBs or WRs or what not and never had a chance to show that kind of versatility. Mainly because the league is so specialized (long snapper anyone?).
  14. simsarge

    Greatest Football Player???

    Weighing in very late here. But I gotta thing that ZR is on the right path here. I think there's probably a zillion different ways to look at the "greatest football player ". I think if you ask a hundred people you'd get 99 definitions. So in an open forum, it's going to be impossible at best to get an agreement on what makes a footballer great let alone who fits one's definition. Personally, I like the take 11 of this guy and put him on the field vs 11 of anyone else, who would win?