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  1. Love the first two, even to this day. Foreigner is still OK in my book
  2. No offense meant, honest. Was actually preaching to the choir, no one in particular. Actually, considering the distractions we subject ourselves to nowadays, our reaction times have probably increased. One step forward, one step back I guess. Until we get Jetsons cars, I guess.
  3. The Google doodle yesterday and today is pretty cool. It's narrated by Astronaut Michael Collins
  4. Duh, It's not the extra walk it's winning the parking game
  5. Cops don't collect revenue. They enforce the rules. The government assigns the payment penalty for not following the rules. Don't want a speeding ticket? Don't speed. Don't like the speed limit? Work to get it changed. It's the speed limit, not the speed suggestion. It's a safety rule set up by some geek traffic rule maker, probably 40 years ago. Before ABS, air bags lane detection warnings, etc As for seat belts, determining whether or not a seat belt would have saved someone in an accident is probably a best guestimate from the accident investigator. But you would be surprised how many probably would have. Probably tens of thousands.
  6. I got a pair of these, which are good for walking. Can't testify for running as my knees are trash . But no problems otherwise. Battery lasts a couple hours and sound is as you would expect from the price.bluetooth
  7. Some "sound" advice in "hear". Sorry, I couldn't resist. I tried the CVS ones (same as this author, I lost my high speed ones) and they were kind of uncomfortable, but beat not hearing squat. Personally, I would avoid the in-the-ear ones as I thought they were next to impossible to keep in my ears. Never tried any of the Costco's. Hearing tests may be covered by by his medicare. Often the cheap & easy medical tests are a lure to get you to buy their stuff(glasses, hearing aids) although he's probably not obligated. Have him try different ones out if he can before plunking down any meaningful $$, and buy fro someplace you can return easy peasy if they're not what he likes. Tell him to be patient, having these things poking in your ears takes some getting used to.
  8. If you can make it to "HOR" by draft day, I may have an opening for you and then you'll be in the know
  9. The Rays gifted them that rally and the O's best player whifs to end the game.