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  1. Minus the excitement for baseball, that's where I am . A loss would sting - again - but back-to-back finals is still nothing to discount. Thought in 2016, as the tourney unfolded, I was never nervous about Providence, Indiana, ND or Syracuse. Then when we got the final, I thought it was a 50-50 game. This year, been nervous about every game since Arkansas - with good reason. Now ahead of the final, I'm pretty calm. Not saying we're going to win. Just don't have the anxiety that I had a year ago. No idea what that means, because a Gonazga win would not be an upset. They are a good team and would be a deserving champ.
  2. So If Maye was considered a joke, why dismiss the possibility that one of the two incoming 3 star big men might become serviceable in a few years. Not saying it will happen, but ... There was a running line among UNC fans for the past several weeks on comparing Maye's stats to Giles, Bolden, Jeter, etc. Obviously forget Giles, because if healthy, he's a monster, but at some point, maybe some more of these players on the Delaurier/Killeya-Jones level may look at Maye's development and Roy's willingness to give multiple players a chance deep into the season and actually take a chance on UNC instead of riding the bench somewhere else. Do see a potential slog coming for a few years, but I would put it more at a 2006 level than at a 2010 level. The one lesson Roy seems to have learned from 2010-2013 is you need ballhandlers, and the upcoming rosters will have plenty of those. It's conceivable that you might be hard-pressed not to have two PGs on the court at a time for UNC. I dare say he's almost moving, or being forced by recruiting,toward more of a Duke style with mainly ballhandlers and shooters on the court with one big man.
  3. Yea, Roy did OK, but just imagine what Izzo could have done with this team the last two years. (. Just a little joke among some friends about years of stories on how Izzo was so great and Roy just won on talent.)
  4. I know it's not apples-to-apples, but this Duke team really reminded of of 1994 UNC - returning core, highly regarded freshmen, high expectations, but never quite clicked. Pulled off an ACC tourney title and then had a disappointing 2nd round loss. On the other side, what is the general feeling about Leonard Hamilton at this point. I know he has one ACC title in his pocket, but I just feel like there's quite a few coaches that would have done more with the FSU roster.
  5. I will be completely not-committal and say that any of the four left can win it, and it depends on the match-up in the finals. Duke over FSU FSU over UNC UNC over ND ND over Duke
  6. I think Bilas pointed out the potential for about midway through the 1st half. Said the game was at UNC's pace and that could hurt Duke in the end. Think they were just clearly tired based on the missed FTs. Does Duke even really push for the tourney title? 4 games in 4 days with a potential string of Louisvlle, UNC, and the FSU-Notre Dame-Virginia. They win, they probably move up to a 3, maybe even a 2 seed, but some of those guys would be gassed. Obviously like Duke's chances much better in the NCAA format.
  7. Agree. What Bonzie Colson accomplished this year with that Notre Dame roster was more worthy of PoY than either Jackson or Kennard, but the person(s) that left Jackson off the first team should really have to explain their thought process. The first team seemed pretty cut-and-dried this year.
  8. Yes, it's finally here. I can't believe the ACC made me wait this long for the next chapter in the Duke-Syracuse rivalry. It's really filling the void that has existed in my life since the end of Duke-Maryland. But sarcasm directed at ESPN aside, I do give them a little bit of credit for setting up tonight's doubleheader. I can do without the buildup making it all about the coaches, but if my kids allow it, I'll certainly be watching 4+ straight hours of ACC basketball tonight.
  9. Yea, Nichols slipped my mind this morning, even though they mentioned him a few times during the broadcast. And losing the game they way they did on the night they retired Brogdon's number certainly highlighted what they are missing. I was at the UNC-Virginia game in Chapel Hill in 2015. It was close at halftime and Brogdon and Gill just took over in the second half. Such fantastic players. Such a shame last year's UVa team didn't get to the Final Four. I think Brogdon is going to hold a place in UVa basketball history similar to where Battier stands for Duke - just a great combo of on-court and off-court success.
  10. Many, many college basketball analysts/commentators praised Virginia for stepping out of conference to play Villanova in January. For Virginia, it meant playing a high-profile game instead of taking a one-week break in the middle of conference play. Since then, Virginia has played 7 ACC games in 20 days and lost 5 of them. Perrantes looks exhausted and his shot has been off for several games. Did Virginia wreck their own season by not taking some time off, or is is just that this team is not as talented as in past years and teams have figured out how to beat them? Jan. 29 Sunday @ Villanova (L) 59-61 Feb. 1 Wednesday Virginia Tech (W) 71-48 Feb. 4 Saturday @ Syracuse (L) 62-66 Feb. 6 Monday Louisville (W) 71-55 Feb. 12 Sunday @ Virginia Tech (L) 78-80 (2OT) Feb. 15 Wednesday Duke (L) 55-65 Feb. 18 Saturday @ North Carolina (L) 41-65 Feb. 20 Monday Miami (L) 48-54 (OT)
  11. Same. I came out of UNC-Pitt thinking, we didn't play great, but Pitt should have more wins than they do. I would like to think UNC's up-and-down over the last 10 or so is as simple as - if Pinson is healthy, everything works better, but I'm not sure. Right now just rationaliizing that it's better to struggle in early February than in early March. Speaking of Pinson, I'm sure he and Giles had been thinking about these games for a while, but doesn't look like this one will turn out like either expected in terms of playing time. Maybe in round 2. And random shoutout to Quinn Cook for making the D-League All-Star game. There were some other notable names and even some other former ACC guys, but Quinn is solidly in my "favorite players for the other guys" list. He speaks to my old school, work hard for 4 years, memories of the ACC.
  12. So was the margin of victory enough? Or, what can we take from recent results: Duke 84, ND 74; Duke 72, Pitt 64 UNC 80, Pitt 78; UNC 83, ND 76 Transitive property says Duke +9 Thursday, but I've also been told to "throw out the record books" when two rivals meet.
  13. Big ACC game coming - tonight - Louisville at Virginia. Both 7-3. Louisville could be playing the best of any ACC team at the moment, but they also tend to not score when they play Virginia.
  14. This seems a little harsh on NC State, but I don't live it every day.
  15. I flipped away to check other games after State had pushed the lead to double digits in the second half. Turned back in time to see Cuse hit 3-pointers on four consecutive possessions to cut the lead from 13 to1. That's some UNC-level 3-point defense there.