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  1. I think you can do better than Carson. Jackson is going to rush for 50 yards/game on his own.
  2. I think adding Kittle is a significant upgrade for your team. Who knows if AB will make it through the year. Freeman has no where to go, but up. Classic buy low IMHO. Check bye weeks on RB's and beware of the Melvin Gordon return if you do the deal.
  3. I think you can do better than Vance McDonald (w/o Big Ben) for Hardman and Cook.
  4. I don't like the deal with Waller or Andrews. I don't think Allen and either of the TE's is a significant upgrade over Brady and Walker. Good luck.
  5. Can you trade Andrews or Waller and add Hockenson?
  6. Singletary from Buffalo or Montgomery of Chicago.
  7. 10 team standard scoring Start - 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, D/ST, K Dropping Mike Williams and Darwin Thompson. Which 2 to pair with JuJu, Cooks and OJ Howard: DJ Moore, Fitz, Desean Jackson, John Brown, C.Sutton, D.Waller, M.Andrews
  8. Edwards gives them the best chance to win. I believe he is the only Balt RB that has put up 100 yards rushing and he has done so in consecutive weeks. Why would you change that formula when you are in the playoff race? The concern seems to be if ATL jumps out to a lead, will Balt abandon the run game giving the pass catching backs like Allen and Dixon more value? LOL, Gus has not caught a pass.
  9. Standard scoring 10 teamer so there is some meat left on the waiver wire bone. Which ones do you like going forward in a non-ppr format. My current RB's are Mack, D. Cook, P.Barber, J.Richard. Looking to add 2 of these guys (dropping TE and WR). Thanks in advance, leave me a link. Josh Adams (Phi) Elijah McGuire (NYJ) Duke Johnson (Cle) Gio Bernard (CIN) Austin Ekeler (SD) Ito Smith (ATL) Derek Henry (TEN) Nyheim Hines (Indy) C.Hyde (JAX)
  10. No doubt that Big Ben is facing the tougher D, but he has better weapons in Brown, Schuster, Connor and McDonald. All are ranked high this week.
  11. Same thing, pulled Hyde right before kickoff. Most likely sealed my fate with that one decision. To be fair, if I'd known ahead of time he was going to run for two td's and total over 100 yards, I would have played him. Dilly, Dilly!
  12. Any other long time subscribers feel disappointed in the content being provided the last couple years? I used to be able to come here and get informative information out of the Shark Pool. Now, I get similar, often out dated, info that I can get from CBS or other common sites. I also find myself having to sort through multiple ego battles on several links just to get to something meaningful about the original topic posted. If it's just me, that's fine but this site seems to becoming obsolete. Please make no mistake this post has any bearing on the fact that my Buckeyes are losing to TTUN. #Football is good, be thankful for what you have.