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  1. Just another championship for BOSTON. You guys figure why we're so amazing yet? We've won a couple more championships since last I checked in, so I figured I'd come around and see how things are going. RaiderNation> How's the Raiders rebuild coming? You guys get it off the ground yet? Are double-digit wins and maybe competing for the division even on the radar yet? Is that even remotely a possibility anytime soon? I ask because we do those things basically every season in New England, so it's not even a big deal to us. You'd probably be excited about that sort of thing though. Boy, it must really burn you to see us continue to win. I feel like we beat you in the playoffs awhile back, but I don't really remember the details... it was probably just another playoff win for us. Oh well; no matter. Are things looking good for 2015? No? Well, um... things will get better. Some day. (they probably won't) Aaron> How 'bout them Sabres? They making you proud? At least you'll always have May Day though, am I right? Adorable. Bless your heart. That's just as good as a Stanley Cup, isn't it? No? It's not? Well, at least you can wear your hat backwards and think back on the time that the Bills went to the Super Bowl 4 times in row. How'd that go again? That was pretty cool, right? Please, please, PLEASE continue to hate us and make excuses for our unprecedented success. Being the bad guy is fun. TIA, losers. Kiss my lucky charms and see you at the Duck Boat parade.
  2. Game 7 in the conference finals isn't that big of a deal to us here in Boston. It's like a regular season game to the rest of you.
  3. You and Fred must be exhausted.You do get tired staying up late for some of these games, but the excitement of seeing your team win never gets old.
  4. A-Rud is correct. I grew up a BoSox fan, but lost interest almost altogether following the 2004 season. I am a little embarrassed to admit that, but not really. Seeing your team pull through after lifetimes of failure is awesome. Seeing your team outspend everyone is not. But in the end, "game 162 happened," but hey, so did 2004 and 2007. Mark them down as just two more drops in the Boston Championship Ocean.
  5. how exciting.Admittedly not as exciting as beating up on the Lightning en route to a Stanley Cup.
  6. Sorry I've been slacking on the posting, fellas. Boston College wins Frozen Four Championship
  7. Tap Another AFC Championship and another trip to the Super Bowl. I thought some of you guys from lesser sports cities who wish they were Boston were saying that Boston's run was over? And it seems like just a few months ago, we were celebrating the Stanley Cup championship. Oh wait, that's because it was just a few months ago that we were celebrating the Stanley Cup. Remember that? But I guess it's been a little while, and Boston is pretty much due for another title at this point. Because that's what we do here: we win championship after championship after championship, all the time. Anyone ever figure out how Boston and their fans do it? Their run is already (by far) the best of all time, and it just keeps on going. Haters gonna hate, but every last one of them feels the jealousy and the envy in their bones when they think about the sports mecca that is Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  8. You people sure do get defensive about your television shows, don't you? Not to worry - I'm sure if this show hangs around long enough, other people will also realize that it's got its flaws. You're the most defensive guy in here. A bunch of people thought you were wrong about something specific, you get pissy as always, so that means everyone else is defensive and doesn't think the show has flaws? You act exactly the same when someone thinks differently than you do about anything. No, you're the defensive one. I apologize for having a different opinion than you and then having the audacity to explain myself. My mistake.
  9. You people sure do get defensive about your television shows, don't you? Not to worry - I'm sure if this show hangs around long enough, other people will also realize that it's got its flaws.
  10. Yeah I can't tell you how difficult it is for me to write poems without my trusty shotgun at my side.Dude is in the woods, presumably miles from civilization. It wouldn't seem to be too abnormal to bring a gun along for protection.But I liked how you skipped over the other two and just focused on the one that you thought would be easiest. Easy man, I was only busting balls. But just to cover the bases, you also don't need a gun to do drugs or bury a body. And I think it's a much bigger leap for the two men to assume he needed to go 30 miles from home and deep into the woods just to do drugs. Burying a body maybe, but again he had no shovel and no dirt on him. So I think it was perfectly logical that they would think he was there to kill himself.I thought it was pretty obvious what the one dude was telling Richard. When the guy says to Richard that the woods are for living, what did you think he meant? If he assumed Richard was in the woods to just hunt or do drugs or whatever, why get all vague and preachy about how the woods are for living?I'm just messing around too, no big deal. I agree with you that the hobo was of course referencing Rich's suicide. The problem I have is that he somehow knew about it in the first place. I've read everyone's explanations, but honestly, I just don't buy it. I think you guys are reading into these things only because you already saw Rich put the gun to his face. If you hadn't seen him do that and didn't know anything about the guy - like the hobos - then I don't think you'd have just assumed he was there to kill himself based upon the circumstantial evidence you guys are throwing out there.I honestly just saw that entire sequence in the woods as extremely artificial and out of place. It was disappointing because Richard was already a very interesting and intriguing character - this forced sequence really was not necessary. To me, it'd be roughly the equivalent of having Jimmy win a knife throwing contest at a bar, just to reaffirm to everyone that he's still good with knives. In the end, what was the point? To show that Richard is depressed and borderline suicidal? To show that he's lonely or lost in life or that he needs purpose? We already knew all of these things about him. I hate to say this, but I really got the feeling of, "Hey, this character has loads of potential and we'd really like to give him more face time and develop him... but we have absolutely no idea what we want to do with him quite yet." And besides all of this, meeting a mysterious stranger in the woods and then walking away with some sort of enlightened outlook on life (or whatever) is a bit of a silly premise for an adult drama to delve into, wouldn't you say?All of this being said, this is still my favorite show on TV, and last night's episode was superb (and easily the best this season) - but that's in spite of the aforementioned sequence, not because of it.
  11. Yeah I can't tell you how difficult it is for me to write poems without my trusty shotgun at my side.Dude is in the woods, presumably miles from civilization. It wouldn't seem to be too abnormal to bring a gun along for protection.But I liked how you skipped over the other two and just focused on the one that you thought would be easiest.
  12. During the conversation one of the woodsmen mentions that people come to the forest for all kinds of dumb things and the forest is for living, hunting not that tomfoolery. He then looks at Richard and asks if he understands that the forest is for living. Richard at this point realizes that they know of his suicide attempt. At least that was my take on the conversation.Circular. How did they know about his suicide attempt?Well since they aren't mind readers and didn't witness Richard with the barrell in his mouth I guess they couldn't have known for sure since Richard didn't mention it. However, Richard told them he was in the woods to hunt. I think they assumed that he was not in the woods to hunt but to commit suicide because he was 30 miles out of town, wearing a suit, not with hunting or survival gear except a rifle with limited ammunition, obviously had his mask off and out of his reach since the dog got it, and had no plans or way to return to town with also no plans for shelter for the night. He also wasn't hunting and looked a somewhat hopeless when he was found.In my opinion it's not really much of a stretch for them to be able to reach that conclusion.If he was going to kill himself, why would he have bothered chasing the dog down for the mask? That, to me, would seem to be pretty solid evidence that he was NOT there to kill himself, through the eyes of the hobos. Or at least as solid as the evidence that you've presented for the opposite to be true. Especially considering the fact that a shotgun blast would almost definitely have blown his mask into a million pieces anyway.
  13. Agree with the first...I never for a second thought it would really happen.Disagree with the second....'its about living' I think is what he said...I thought it was clever, because he was talking about the woods being about hunting, fishing, etc. Why bring that up at all? Under normal circumstances, that's not really something that you'd say to someone out of nowhere, just from having met that person in the woods.I actually thought he was going in a different direction at first, implying not to bring victims out there to kill or other illegal activities.How would those guys have had even the first clue that Richard was involved in murders?How would they know he was going to kill himself? Thats what I liked about it....I didn't where they going or what they were thinking.I don't think it made any sense either way. They asked him questions and figured out he was out there to kill himself. He was thirty miles from home, didn't know where in the woods he was or how to get back, had a messed up face and a shotgun. Seemed like both dudes kinda liked him and were basically saying "don't kill yourself, man." The point of his arc in the woods, to me, was to show how hopeless and close to the bottom he was. The dog was shown to be him, a beaten-up soldier who survives without or without reason to, who finds comfort in companionship. Richard then seeks it out with Jimmy and reaffirms his will to push on. Sorry, and no disrespect intended, but that's pretty stupid, IMO. They "asked questions and figured out he was out there to kill himself?" Please. Break this down for me and give me specific details with quotes, and show me how this would have come about in any realistic situation.Major, major reach, and incredibly forced, if you ask me. I don't have a transcript. They asked him where he was from, he said Atlantic City, which they pointed out was thirty miles away. They asked him if he knew how to get back, he said no. When they asked him why he was in the woods, he said to hunt, and I remember they looked at each other after he said that like it didn't add up. It doesn't take a supertnaturally keen mind to add it all up the way it was presented, and I don't understand why you'd want more proof than the scene provided. I thought the connection drawn between Richard and the dog was cool. If you didn't like the episode or found that forced, sorry you feel that way. It was my favorite episode of the season so far. It seems like a pretty big stretch to just immediately assume he was there to kill himself. How is it not just as likely that he's there to do drugs, bury a body, write poetry, etc?There's really no need to apologize to me. I suppose I should apologize since it seems I've struck a nerve with some of you. So, sorry about that.
  14. Not sure how anyone could claim this is their favorite show on TV and be disappointed in this episode. IMO this season started off a little slow but the last couple episodes have really intensified. Your "He obviously wasn't really going to kill himself, so why even bother?" statement is just weird. It's part of the story. During the fight with Nucky and his brother it was "obvious" Eli wasn't actually going to get to his gun and use it.. But that didn't make that scene any less intense. Seems rather petty to get caught up in the long term intentions while watching a fictional TV show. How is it even remotely "intense" when you already know the outcome? He was either going to pull the trigger or he wasn't. Clearly, he wasn't. And I'm not sure where "long term intentions" come into play here, since he was either going to die right there on the spot or he wasn't. That seems pretty short term to me.The Nucky/Eli fight was obviously different. Aside from Nucky being killed, the possibilities were pretty wide open.