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  1. Lawler has always had problems with pressure wrestling. He caught fire for a couple years and seemed to make it a point to not get frustrated by them when he won his title. Going forward he is a gatekeeper. Nothing to be ashamed of. Colby is easily a top 2 fighter in this division. He put on a very impressive performance. Sorry he didn't KO him with a flying knee.
  2. The noon start is amazing until you realize CFB is around the corner. Damn responsibilities.
  3. I'd be SHOCKED if Woodley gets a rematch. He got worked like a mule. Plus he has pretty much given Dana the finger. Assuming Colby wins today, he is EASILY the most deserved guy. But Masvidal might jump the line off his KO of Askren, but whatever.
  4. Colby is going to beat him up if it gets out of round 1. Sprinkle some money on Lawler Rd 1 and enjoy the fight
  6. Won't be the first, or last time l will be getting on Facebook to check out cougars.
  7. Listen, I'm not here to have a shower measuring contest. It has nothing to do with space and everything to do with lubrication and safety. Thanks