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  1. This team, man. You just keep investing time and energy into them for years. You finally get rewarded with a surprise playoff appearance. Then they really suck you in by winning game 1. You can almost feel the Kings of the league finally regaining their rightful place at the top of the throne. Then, this team. This ####### team. You blow off your Aunt Linda and her subpar Ham to watch this team. You are literally letting this team affect your personal life. And what does this team do? How does this team repay your loyalty? By purposely losing and setting up one of the greatest comeback stories of our time. Team is playing chess out there while the raptors are playing basketball. It's almost unfair. Just like our sweet sweet Lord, we too will rise from the grave. Go Magic!
  2. Think this Lillard guy might be a star some day. Keep your eye on him.
  3. People forget that the Magic are getting Mo Bamba next year. It's like two first round picks and already in the playoffs. Almost unfair really.
  4. Smart job by the Magic. Can't finish the series too early. This team is all about momentum.
  5. I think the undercard is the strength of the ppv. With that being said it's 4/20 tomorrow and I'm going to have to watch some boxing high as a kite. That sounds pretty damn amazing to me.
  6. I obviously don't understand the rules.
  7. I'm going to win tomorrow. Guaranteed.