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  1. Pretty embarrassing if people can't follow simple instructions.
  2. Jonathan Isaac sprained his ankle during the unveiling of Orlando's alternate jersey. Has missed two games and counting. Markelle Fultz is going to win MVP* *Of my ❤️
  3. I completely understand wanting a better defensive guy on Trae Young. They still needed DJ out there on offense. This loss is on Clifford
  4. I know. Imagine if somebody was smart enough to draft him and keep him on a rookie pay scale.
  5. Lakers are going to be just fine. LeBron and AD will be enough to make top 3, imo. I don't think they'll match up well against Vucevic and Gordon, so I'll say their ceiling is a Finals appearance.
  6. Correct, the Magic roster is going to challenge for top 5 in the East. They play very good D. Obviously the biggest question is PG but then again it's the East.
  7. Orlando Magic front office probably thought Hong Kong was a knockoff of King Kong. Waiting with baited breath for their official statement.
  8. No broken bones, a few lacerations. Stable and expected to make full recovery. Holy smokes what luck.