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  1. I just have this feeling he's not going to be much in the NFL.
  2. You're opinion is right. My opinion is wrong. Even though it's been 5 games. You got me GB.
  3. Good for him. That happens when you're constantly playing from behind. It's cool you're a fan. No one is telling you not to be. I see nothing special, but then again, I'm just a casual fantasy football player.
  4. Looking at his stats, they're nothing we haven't seen before......even for a rookie. At least he has fanboys. I'm just not one.
  5. No one knows his return date. It's possible they keep him on the sideline even after the bye to keep that arm fresh for the postseason as long as they are winning with Bridgewater.
  6. They were playing behind most of the game. That wasn't expected.
  7. He gets better every week. No need to rush Brees back until they lose. Keep that arm fresh.
  8. We'll see. Not expecting these stats weekly. When not injured, he's always produced in the past. The offense has been stagnant since week 1.
  9. The whole offense seems to have been off sync. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
  10. Need to start 2 in .5 ppr. Have the following to choose from: James White David Montgomery Will Fuller Tyrell Williams Also, SF D or Buffalo D?
  11. Very doubtful. He doesn't get to play Denver every week. Outside of that game his numbers are very meh. Was offered him and Wentz for Kamara and Brees. Easy and quick reject.
  12. Nope. And I was a believer before today. I think we might have had a chance to win with Taysom in there. Defense got worn out for good reason. Offense couldn't do anything with Teddy.