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  1. I think he's a definite buy the round after Fuller. Fuller is $$$ before he gets injured. Coutee fits in just right.
  2. I missed where Drew Lock has been a terrible NFL QB.
  3. This is rich...... coming from you
  4. I'll believe when I see it. It's very unlikely to happen. Hill isn't what Rice or Moss was.
  5. I'm very well aware of Brady's accolades. I've been playing FF way before he came into the league. Your statement doesn't really apply to what I said.
  6. He has yet to score 1 TD in every game so far in his career. I have a hard time seeing him score 20 TDs in a season as its only been done twice ever from what I can see. Even Megatron and Gronk never scored 20 tds in a season.
  7. I'd expect as much from someone who thought the Raiders were going to get a 1st for Carr
  8. So, the guy with the #3 overall pick took Mahommes. Followed that up with ARod in the 2nd and Carr in the 8th?
  9. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm just aware that every time an athlete or celebrity does something wrong, they run to Jesus. It's typical. Nice double standard you're presenting. I can't be judgmental of him, but you can be judgmental of me.