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  1. None of that changes the fact that Rivers has become TO prone.
  2. I'm pretty sure he's referring to recent play which would be spot on.
  3. I was listening to Cecil Lammey on local sports talk here in Denver yesterday. He was recently at the Shrine Bowl and said there was a buzz that Cincinnati is enamored with Herbert. Would they be dumb enough to not trade down if so?
  4. That thread is ridiculous, and the fans clamoring for NO to get Burrow at all costs are dumb. The team is built to win now. We need all the draft picks we have as OL, DL, WR, and probably LB need to be addressed. I like Burrow as a prospect, but he's far from a for sure thing. No need to set the franchise back for a young QB.
  5. Between that site and Black and Gold, I've read nothing but nonsense the past week. Either they weren't fans before Brees and Payton or they have a short memory of the way things used to be.
  6. The majority here disagree with your analysis. Including myself. Are you a Philly or SF fan?
  7. And? Saints fans don't have the reputation Eagles fans do. And based on the incompetence of recent years, I have no problem with harassment of the refs. If only it could be done to Goodell.
  8. Not a hating fool caught in a lie.
  9. Better than the videos I've seen of Eagles fans throwing unopened beer cans at opposing team's fans.