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  1. The point of the post went over your head obviously.
  2. He has a history of patting himself on the back if he's right. check out the Aaron Donald thread. he didn't even start that one but has bumped it several times saying he hit the bullseye.
  3. OK? Payton has a really nice track record. I'll trust him here.
  4. As a Saints fan, everything I've read about him says the opposite. While he holds Dayton's all-time records in receptions and receiving yards, he's also a great blocker. He's said to be a complete tight least that's what I've read.
  5. Why? He's raw, but has the most upside of any QB.
  6. Don't really agree outside of NE and Houston.
  7. Negative. That's not my MO. You should never assume should know the rest of the saying.
  8. the fishing emoji has always been your way with dealing with everything. typical.
  9. It's a public forum, and I'm well within my right to disagree with whomever I please. You don't know me pissy pants.
  10. FTR, I'm a Saints fan. You've just always been a horrible poster. This does nothing but help cement that.