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  1. I read somewhere earlier that Ramsey grabbed Green’s ### after one of the first few plays of the game and said “your ### is mine”

    IDP Week 1 content

    It was 79 snaps, so it seems like lots of opportunities. I started both Smith and Poz in my league this week...Smith will stay in my lineup, but Poz will be on my bench until he is playing near 100% again.

    IDP Week 1 content

    Jax LB's: Smith - 100% Jack - 100% Smoot - 10% Posluszny - 8%????? He had 2 games last year less than 100%. A 95.5% and a 76.5%. No other LB's had snaps.
  4. Darby was out last week, but Rex says he is out of concussion protocol. Gilmore got 3 tackles and that's it last week with him out. He's had a lot of quiet games since week 3 besides week 11 after AJ Green got injured. I also have Joseph, who cracked 2 ribs and bruised a lung last week and Slay who misses 0-2 snaps per game.
  5. I'm deciding between Nelson, Alford, and Gilmore (starting 2). Alford has dropped off his last 3-4 games, and since he's playing the Rams, I don't think he will have that many opportunities this week...trying to talk myself out of Alford, but wanted some validation for it.
  6. I've seen it at least 4 times this season just in the few games I've been able to watch...teams going for 2 early, then score later and have to go for 2 again. Where if they would have done XP's, they would have been tied or up by 3 or 7.
  7. Anyone know why Eric Kendricks only played 52% of the Vikings snaps this week? He was injured in week 10, but played 93% week 11. I don't see anything about an injury.
  8. Started him this week...had more snaps than I thought. Bellore - 75 - 97% Brooks - 57 - 74% Harold - 54 - 70% Hodges - 42 - 55% Carradine - 26 - 34% Wilhoite - 12 - 16% Shov - 1 - 1%
  9. Out in 4th place with GB this week :/ everyine else left picked Dal.
  10. Any rumblings this week? I'm thinking about starting Hodges over David Harris or Melvin Ingram, but not sure if I should. LBs seem to do well vs NO
  11. Should have stuck with my gut and picked Tenn. But it's so hard to pick them. Looking like I'm going NE now. Pretty sure it's the first division game I will ever pick in my 7 years doing survivor pools. If you can, I would say avoid Min. Most people are picking them this week, so your expected value (poker term) is low...almost have a better expected value if you pick Chi. even though they have a low chance of winning.
  12. Rough week coming up...already taken: Sea, Car, Mia, Cin, Min, Ari, Den If I had to pick now, I'm thinking Tenn. Biggest line is NE, but I don't like going against home teams/division games.
  13. Just promoted him from my Taxi Squad...looks like he will be playing 70-80% of the snaps.
  14. Bellore - 99% Brooks - 95% Hodges - 81% Lynch - 64% Harold - 35% Wilhoite - 17% Skov - 0% (27 ST snaps) Tank - 0%
  15. I didn't know there was such thing as a 5 step drop after a shotgun snap.