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  1. Unless it's a small roster, I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger on Murray. The QB bonus tips it for me.
  2. If I were rebuilding I think I'd hold off depending on my existing RB's. 1 starting RB isn't going to vault me into competitiveness. I'd keep Goedert and the 2.05. He'll become relevant at the same time the rest of your team should be. Not next year perhaps, but maybe 2-3.
  3. I need 7 to win and have both Breida/Morris. Feeling much more comfortable with Breida out there than Morris. 7 was Morris' ceiling to me.
  4. Prefer Fournette in a vacuum.
  5. Yup. Wouldn't expect anyone to trade down for that.
  6. Gore and Barber. While I almost never keep a kicker, I'd hang onto Zuerline. He'll give a 3-4 point bump most weeks over most of the rest.
  7. As these guys age, (IMO) they become more prone to injury also. In a 24 player league or less, I'd probably ww him (borderline). 25 or more, he's a keeper with an eye on the future for me.
  8. Probably right. Long term I like Shepard's chances pretty much. But if I had a solid team already and am just trading depth, I'd be tempted. If either of Reed or Hogan pan out this year he'll outscore Shepard by a decent margin IMO. I'd probably do it if I were win-now. I do like Hogan this year.
  9. TBH-It would depend on where the picks should land. Moncrief does nothing for me. I also don't think Fitz's value will last very far into the season. Can't trust Bradford at all. If my 3rd is going to be mid-late, I wouldn't care that much about losing it. If the 2nd coming back projects to an early one I'd take it. No one's going to give a first for him. Ideally, if I didn't need Fitz for a run this season, I'd take Moncrief and the 3rd out of it and trade Fitz for a projected early 2nd in a heartbeat.
  10. Definitely depends on my roster. I'd sell Zeke for that if I needed depth and was rebuilding. Otherwise I'd keep Zeke.
  11. I'm a huge McKinnon fan but 1000 yds rushing won't be realistic to me. They're not going to pound him. I do think 1500 combined yards rushing and receiving could be though. 60+ receptions, 9 TDs. I'll take it. Played matchups with him last year and it worked great.
  12. This. He's no "sleeper" in dynasty. I'd pay a 2nd for him and wouldn't sell for less than a late 1st.