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  1. Excellent Article
  2. Just had an owner in a league tell me he values Todd Gurley over Doug Martin. That seems a little far fetched to me, even with Martin coming off injury.
  3. Very hard to evaluate without knowing each team's needs. Very even trade if you ask me. It's hard to determine a winner for me.Team A is in full rebuild mode and clearly was not going to compete this year . Currently he holds the following rookie picks ( 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.6/1.11/2.1/2.2/2.3) and a Very Young roster: Roster Highlights.QB: Romo/TannahillRB: Ben Tate/Andre Brown/Bernard Pierce/Robert Turbin/LaMichael James WR: Ashlon Jeffery/Aj Jenkins/Kendall Wright/Mohamed Sanu/Jarius WrightTE: Dwayne Allen/Ladarius Green/Martellus Bennet. I Think it was a good trade for Team A especially with the make up of his current roster.
  4. 12 Team PPR Team A Trades : Hakeem Nicks Team B Trades : Kendall Wright/Andre Brown/1.3
  5. I honestly like the landing spot for Jennings. I would argue his value is less affected than Welker's and Decker's value will be next season. Conservatively I think we can say 70 catches/ 1000 yrds / 6 tds Stardard PPR, 6 pts for TD catches, 1pt for every 10 yrds receiving, these stats would put Jennings at 206 Fantasy points. Comparing to last years stats, that would put him in the WR 22-27range. I guess thats where I had Jennings going into Free Agency ( WR 20-25 ) As a number 1 in Minnesota, I honestly think he will score more than if he would have in GB in a 4 man WR rotation ( Jennings/Cobb/Jordy/Jones )
  6. Pre-draft measureables Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yd dash 10-yd split. 3-cone Vert Broad BP 6 ft 2¾ in 220 lb 33¾ in 9¾ in 4.39 s 6.66 s 38½ in 11 ft 3 in 17 reps All values from NFL Combine Patterson Pre-draft measureables Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yd dash 10-yd split 3-cone Vert Broad BP 6 ft 1 ¾ in 216 lb 31 ¾ in 9 in 4.42 s 1.55 s 37 in 10 ft 8 in All results from NFL Combine Julio is bigger in every measurable category, and performed better in every category. Patterson is a raw prospect. To expect him to come into the league and average 80 catches or outperform Julio is unrealistic. Those numbers did not copy and paste clearly I know its probably been mentioned before, but Im starting to worry Patterson may be closer to DHB than Julio. The " Raw " comments dont exactly bring feelings of comfort
  7. What's the argument here? Doesn't matter if it isn't an NFL line... fact of the matter is that line was so much more dominate than other college players that you have to consider that when analyzing the running back. And I wouldn't be shocked to see the Alabama offensive line compare, either. There are three first round picks on that line... crazy.3? Maybe 2 ( Womak/Fluker) Highly doubt Barret Jones is a first rd pick
  8. Depends on the team makeup I guess, but I think Andre is worth more than 1.2. Personally not much of a Brown fan, a lot of hype but no production to back it up. Andre side for me
  9. I guess I dont understand why Trent Richardson is given a pass on the "great o -line " argument, why is he given the benefit of the doubt and not Lacey? Yes Trent probably is more talented, but there have also been some NFL scouts quoted as saying Lacey might be a better pro than Trent or Ingram. Maybe after his Alabam pro day, the Lacey doubters will silence. Doug Martin wasnt a top 3 Dynasty pick at this time last year, I expect Lacey to have a similar type rise in value after the NFL draft. Also, how would Alabama's o-line compare to numerous NFL O-lines? Can we really say the Alabama O-line from last year is better than any O-line in the NFL? Maybe the Chicago Bears haha,
  10. 12 team PPR Team A Gave : Eric Decker Team B Gave : Josh Gordon/rookie pick 1.10
  12. 12 team PPR Team A : Gave Danario Alexander/Cecil Shorts/rookie pick 3.2 Team B : Gave rookie pick 1.4