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  1. I've been intriqued by this league & would like very much to join. Unfortunately I am going to have to pass this year. I am a Cooridinator/supervisor & just Friday got bumped to 2nd shift (union job). Sucks but that's the way unions work sometimes. I will work 3pm-11pm (est) & will not be able to access the PC to participate in the draft. Please keep me in mind for 2018 as I feel this would be an excellent league for me. Rest assured I will be checking for an open spot next year. Thanks for the opportunity & I apologize for any inconvenience to the league. Football Fantatic, Ghost of Bill Walsh
  2. I do have some interest in joining this league. I was born in Covington, Va. but I live in Maryland. I can say that I am dedicated & always involved in ALL the FF leagues I play in. I started playing FF in 1988 when all our scoring was done from the USA Today newspaper. We didn't even have PC's back then, lol. I still play several different formats of FF & always looking for new types of leagues & challenges. If you think I might fit the criteria of your league I would use the team name of the Virginia Cyclones, a football team from the East Coast Football Association. I'm not to adept at making logos and/or mascots but would like to incorporate a tornado/cyclone on the logo. I would be fine as well with a default logo. So if there's a spot for me let me know here & I'll check back later. As I said I live in Maryland but I am the product of a W. Va. & Va. back in the mountain Hollar true hillbilly parents and proud of it.
  3. Got a feeling he'll be pushin' fat rob to the sidelines sooner than later. Don't let him get by ya. If you draft Kelley hope your roster size is big enuff to add this kid or you might be using a few expletives,lol.
  4. No doubt Foster has talent. Why jeopardize his career just to put him on the field now. Let him sit this year, not like we're really SB contenders, and let his talent start to shine next year and hopefully many years. Don't ruin the kid!!
  5. I think I might take a late round flyer on him. I should have a roster spot for him & see how he bounces back. For what he's gone through it'd be nice to see the kid succeed. I think he's an unrestricted FA next year so he'll have some incentive.
  6. As much as I distain Kap's sideline actions he is still an American & has the right to do what he did, regardless of how people feel about it. It certainly seems to have damaged his career & he has to live with that. On the football side, I don't feel Kap is a franchise QB. Yes, he did show talent early and many got excited about it. Then, for whatever reasons, he seemed to regress. I still think he can play in the nfl but probably his only shot is as a backup QB. Will he accept that kinda role? We'll see
  7. Well we all know Fournette didn't go to the Raiders & McCaffrey didn't make it to the Packers. Still think both went to teams where they'll have the chance to succeed right away. No doubt I see Fournette out producing McCaffrey, but if he's used right Christian will still have a pretty decent year for a rookie. Don't kow how good or bad the Jags O-line is but Fournette has eough talent to overcome poor line play. Just hope the line play doesn't hinder or hurt him cause it'd be nice to see him succeed for a number of years. I still remember, back in the day,LOL, how all the fantasy hoopla was all about the RBs. Like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith & many others, so fantasy always needs top notch fresh talent at the rb position.
  8. Chargers not my team,49ers fan. Yeah pray for me,lol. Los Angles Super Chargers just doesn't sound as good as Berman's San Diego Super Chargers. Not a fan of Span's either but he!s a tad better than having the dorks, I mEan Yorks. I am a big Rivers fan though. Had him in fantasy many times & felt he was overlooked a lot. That was to my benefit. If the 49ers don't trade down you can,probably take Solomon Thomas off the list. They don't need Mike Williams. They need help in other areas. So I see Adams, Hooker, Allen & I too would throw in Lattimore as well. Two, at least, of these guys could be available for the Chargers and whoever they take with their 1st pick I don't think they can go wrong with any of the 5 listed, excluding Thomas (future 49er) & Williams, who I think would be a luxury pick they don't necessarily need. Just not a fan of the move to LA, but Spanos' money talked I guess. I like the Chargers, so I hope the move to LA does them well. Probably won't know that for a couple of years. LA Chargers sounds better than the Las Vegas Raiders, ugh. I am liking me some TE Hunter Henry this year. Keeping Gates for 1 more year might help Hunter & take some heat off him. I've done some early drafts on fleaflicker, yeah way to soon but we all know drafting is fun. I was able to wait and get Hunter late as my only TE on 15 player rosters. Chargers are gonna like this guy. Anyway, I'll be rooting for Rivers, Gordon & Hunter this year. So I wish the Charger diehards well in their new digs but hope they continue to get good players & keep them. I'd like to see Rivers win a SB. Good luck Chargers.
  9. Liked Bronco Billy's assessment. Idealy I'd like Fournette in Oakland EVEN if they acquire beast mode. I think they could accomodate,2 backs(see Atlanta). Plus what kinda shape would Lynch be in and I think Fournette would end up with the majority of the carries. Anyway Seattle still owns the rights to Lynch. Once beast gets his legs could help get,the division title. McCaffrey just kinda feels like a fit in G.B. Rodgers would utilize his assets & skills as much as he can. If that be the case Montgomery may give way & lose carries to Christian. If McCaffrey ends up a Packer &they can improve their defense some they could become a powerful SB contender. Rodgers is probably at this moment putting McCaffrey bugs in all the higher ups & forces that be in Green Bay telling 'em, "Hey, get this guy and watch what happens. Let,me work him & we'll reap,the rewards" Revive the discount double check,lol. In all, I can,just picture Fournette a Raider even if they wuss down to Las Vegas town and McCaffrey,uh, just feels right for him in a Green Bay Packers uniform. Just my opinions.
  10. Not really sure where Colon Krapernick would be a good fit. Oh, I know one place but I'll defer that statement til another day.
  11. Was a little worried the 49ers brainRUST would collectively mix their brain noodles and take Trubisky at #2. Since they signed Hoyer and a backup that shows me the huge man crush Shanny has for Kirk Cousins. Since we need to rebuild the whole team might as well wait a year on Shanny's guy. I don't,see a standout guy in this class of QB's so might as well wait a year and if we don't get Cousins maybe next year's QB class might have a couple guys at QB. I'm,sure we'll have a#5 pick or lower. Maybe even #1. So they need to use their head, trade down from #2 and trade down further if need be to get someone that'll be a 9er for a while. Good luck Mitchell Trubisky.
  12. I kinda have my doubts. Think his situation in D.C. is better right now. Don't get me wrong, he's a helluva lot better that what we have now. I'd rather see them draft DeShawn Watson at #2 than trade for Cousins. Just my personal opinion. If Cousins gets traded to the 9ers he better start a 2nd business: Porta-Potty owner cause that's where his career will end up should he decide to join Shanny in the Bay & this comes from a lifelong 49ers fan. I wanna win desperately too, just don't think we can do it long term with Cousins. Maybe Shanny if he works hard at it & keeps his dad away,lol.
  13. Not a Patriots hater but whichever team wins this game , PLEASE, kick New Englands proverbial kiester so bad that they all have to see a proctologist , with Belicheek at the front of the line.
  14. Couple of things. There was at least 60 pts. scored which some didn't think that would happen. Second, I trusted my gut feeling that Dez Bryant would have his best game this year. I'll give mysef a little pat on the back for that one cause I was gonna leave AB in my lineup but my instinct to swap them paid off for me and put some coin in my pocket. I hope the Chiefs/Steelers ga n e is as exciting as the earlier game.?