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  1. At least Packer fans finally admit it
  2. RELAX this guy's got it
  3. The ironic thing is Aaron Rodgers wasn't like this out of the womb. He wasn't like this out of Cal or after a few years in the NFL. But he learned and developed...i'd say coached....into the player he is today. So yeah, players can get better...even the really good ones.
  4. tdmills

    Jake Kumerow WR GB (Dynasty)

    "our" you were just a Packers fan trolling in the Bears thread. It all makes sense now.
  5. Which is what Flapgreen said....any QB could fail. You brought up Cutler and it has no connection. The piece you're missing is a great defense and good running game = wins. Everything else is gravy.
  6. Comparing previous coaching staff and previous GM decisions about a QB(Cutler) to the current one, doesn't make sense. The same logic would say remember when Green Bay drafted Terrell Buckley. How did that turn out? Now they drafted another CB highly. This regime actually got rid of Cutler.
  7. Jacksonville made a run last year with Bortles. The 49ers with Kaep. Baltimore won one with Flacco. Seattle with young Wilson. A great defense and good running game is what provides consistency. Trubisky just has to be average and not turn the ball over for Chicago to be in positions to win many games. If he makes a few plays, Nagy's offense plays average, then Chicago wins more than half of their games.
  8. Here's a film/video article on some negatives to Guice's game.
  9. "Rodgers wasn't going to lose that game" ......."Last time I checked it was a team game" Y'all got me confused. Also not a Cowboys fan. But any kind of criticism gets you bent out of shape.
  10. Except he's lost a game the last 6 years he's made the playoffs....but hey keep throwing out junk. I'm sure more homers will like it.
  11. tdmills

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Says the guy that took the time to read the article above and posts in a fake football forum...
  12. tdmills

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    "Best RB prospect since AP"......just proved it
  13. tdmills

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Not surprised you don't have any integrity. Cheating is cheating. Breaking rules is breaking rules. Rodgers didn't suffer a new injury that would force him to be out 6 weeks.