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  1. The schedule remains the exact teams just start nobody. Wins and losses happen as the owners wanted them to in the first place.
  2. Great questions and i'm open to different ways to deliver this format, but this is my thought process. 1- The schedule remains the same...but teams will be auto given W/L based on the tank. 2-What's to stop your title contending team from declaring a tank? You're giving up 1 year of contending with injuries/poor play/suspensions/retirements. You're also paying $$$ to not compete for another year. Lastly, if 2 other teams also declare...then you could've given up one year for the 1.03. Could also be the 1.01 or 1.02, but I doubt contenders would try. 3-This scenario happens every year anyway. I've played very strong teams week 1 and other contenders play them after they've decided to rebuild and trade away vets. It's luck. Others could also play them when their best players are injured, on bye weeks, suspended, etc. 4-Unless those players could benefit them in the future. Otherwise you're correct. If it's potential points or have to start your best lineup no matter what....then you are very "encouraged" to trade those maybe players. 5-Exactly
  3. I'm biased both ways actually. As a someone who was against Montgomery due to his college tape and as a Bears fan....very unhappy about the pick....and the Riley Ridley pick...but I digress. Montgomery's college and NFL film show the same player with big flaws in approach to the LOS, hesitation, lack of aggressiveness hitting a hole, and bouncing to the outside. His lack of athletic ability is more evident in the NFL as well. He needs to evolve his game to be more physical and less dancing. He's essentially trying to be Lev Bell(early in his career) or Barkley without the same athletic ability. The only player that didn't regress on that entire offense from last season is Allen Robinson. Cody Whitehair would be a close second, but the rest is just an epic failure. From the other 4 OL, Trey Burton not being the same since mid season last year, to Anthony Miller(better as of late), Trubisky, and finally Matt Nagy. Confidence was there last year(especially middle of the season)...then Trubisky hurt his shoulder and they got conservative and have never recovered.
  4. his film isn't good. I think his OL isn't helping the situation, but he's never going to be a great FF asset(what some hyped him up to be).
  5. When the new league site is rolled over teams would have the opportunity to announce if they are tanking for the upcoming season. They would be given a week and this is before the season starts. Then after each week in the regular season, teams have the opportunity to announce they're tanking. The moment teams announce tanking is their draft pick. They would be accepting an automatic loss each week. Example Before the season = 2 teams(dice roll for 1.01 vs 1.02) After week 4 = 1 team(1.03) After week 7 = 1 team(1.04) After week 10 = 1 team(1.05) After week 12 = 1 team(1.06) Then have these teams can play in toilet bowl if you'd like. This actually helps rebuilding more than any other model and creates less work for commishes.
  6. The condescending tone can be eliminated here and this was directed at someone else. Getting a higher draft pick likely has a greater benefit than trading whatever vets couldn't get them into the playoffs in the first place. I'm well aware what i'm saying is "different" but look at it from the bad teams point of view. Example: They have Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, and Daniel Jones at QB. They're not making it to the playoffs, but all of those players could help them get into the playoffs in future years. In terms of potential points, it hurts their team to roster all of them. It doesn't benefit them to trade them due to return on investment.
  7. Explain how one is okay and the other screws the league? The opponent benefits the same from both scenarios
  8. Is it worse for teams to trade away a productive bench player they might or might not have a future use for because of potential points.....or call a spade a spade and say they're tanking for a higher pick? This is the main disagreement we have in my mind.
  9. Correct...99% of leagues are currently set up this way. Do you care to hear about an alternative method by asking questions instead of disagreeing without hearing all of it?
  10. You have an obligation to accidentally help teams by winning games you don't want to win in a league you pay $$$ for?
  11. You didn't answer the question. Also you only HAVE to do this if it's a rule.