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  1. Cleveland was trying to trade up for Mitch. After the Bears picked him, none of the other teams had phone calls of teams wanting to move up. Draw your own conclusions from that, but Chicago moved up for a reason.
  2. You're counting preseason games that don't count. Relax. Chicago went into full safe mode trying to protect Trubisky's shoulder for the playoffs at the end of last season. They'll be fine.
  3. First 2 years in the NFL: Duke = 177 att 737 yards 4.16 ypc 1 TD, 114 rec 1,048 yards 9.19 ypr 2 TD Cohen = 186 att 814 yards 4.4 ypc 5 TD, 124 rec 1,078 yards 8.7 ypr 6 TD
  4. I'll take 1% of the blame for this thread blowing up. The other 99% can go to thin skin and egos.
  5. Guice on Melvin's level is such a joke. Melvin was the RB3 in PPG prior to his injury last season....ahead of Kamara. But now he's equal to a player who fell to the end of the 2nd round in the NFL Draft, tore his ACL, zero NFL carries, had other knee complications in the offseason, and now is listed behind a 34 year old RB in the depth chart?
  6. That's with record breaking pace for carries by a QB. He won't keep that up and stay upright.
  7. If you make any conclusions about a RB after only 23 carries, you're doing it wrong.
  8. I'm still looking for a high stakes league: uses MFL, dynasty, not IDP, not auction/salary cap
  9. 12 team devy dynasty league PPR Team A received: Tarik Cohen, Calvin Ridley, 2020 1st round devy Team B received: Antonio Brown, TY Hilton
  10. I'd be interested in one of these too. I don't play keeper or IDP though.
  11. 12 team PPR Team A got: Mack, D. Freeman, Fuller, McLaurin Team B got: Diggs, Cohen, Dexter Williams Team C got: David Montgomery, Watkins, Rivers(non-superflex) Team D got: Todd Gurley, Malcom Brown, Josh Rosen
  12. I brought up Anthony Miller simply because a team trades up for a player during day 2 of a draft....doesn't equal showering them with tons of touches. Yes, Miller had a shoulder...but he mainly played through it. I'm a Bears fan as well. But mentioning a 7th round pick RB or Mike Davis as threats to Cohen is ridiculous. As much as everyone wants to crown David Montgomery, he WAS a 3rd round pick. Teams passed on him multiple times and 3 teams decided to draft another RB instead. He's not a sure thing or a prime time RB prospect. Jordan Howard had 270 touches in 2018....I don't see Montgomery getting all of those and still leaving plenty of room for an RB1 last year in Cohen.
  13. Chicago moved up to draft Anthony Miller the year before and gave him 54 targets, which was 5th on the team.
  14. Tarik Cohen is the best weapon Chicago has on offense. Montgomery is a 3rd round pick and a rookie....they didn't bring in Le'Veon Bell or Saquon Barkley here. Montgomery HELPS keep Cohen's role large in this offense because I think he's very overrated by the community right now. If you're a OC or HC, are you really throwing the football to Montgomery, Davis, or Kerrith flipping White over Cohen? Nope Davis eats into Montgomery's touches more than Cohen's.
  15. "Jones has always looked good without pads and no one trying to tackle him´╗┐" Maybe if you phrased it in the NFL only....but you didn't. The goal in here should be to find the correct answer, not fight/debate to be right.
  16. 591 carries...6.1 YPC...3,619 yards 39 touchdowns. Played in a power 5 conference, still 21 years old Good thing nobody was trying to tackle him...
  17. Why are you quoting stats from 4 years ago as an indicator of 2019 success and beyond? Kirk then regressed and didn't reach that milestone any of the next 3 seasons. I could quote how Isabella had more yards receiving against an SEC team(limited games against them) than Kirk did in his college career. But all of this is nitpicking. The focus should be a new coach brought in 3 WR's and 1 TE in the draft, signed one TE in Free Agency. Butler is bigger and a better RZ threat. Isabella is quicker and faster. Sure they needed more WR's...but you don't just continually spend draft picks at positions if you're happy with a stud already on your roster. If they loved Kirk, I could see maybe Butler and KeeSean...not Isabella too, who's literally the same as Kirk. I know this is pulling at the heartstrings of Kirk/Pettis truthers/owners....but none of this is good news for their FF success or targets.
  18. Teams don't spend premium draft picks on players at the same position as decoys. This is a full blown WR by committee, which hurts the "Pettis is going to dominate targets" talk all offseason. If we went strictly off of draft capital, Samuel's was higher too. #1 Target = Kittle #2/3 targets = WRs #4 target = RBs #5 target = whichever WR isn't in 2/3. This hurts his value
  19. You're really good at seeing the point. When the 49ers coaches had one year with Pettis, then decide to take two WR's on day hurts his value. No other way to slice that.
  20. They added 3 WR's in the draft, I actually like KeeSean Johnson as well, and that's not a good sign for players still on the roster. New HC comes in and they spend 3 draft picks on WR's....they have plenty of holes on that team and that's what they decided. Any former AZ WR's value went down. This same theory applies to the 49ers...sorry Pettis owners.
  21. This is a football move. Jordan Howard is a downfield runner, but Chicago's run game is build on horizontal stretches. They need a quicker RB back there to execute. Howard got tackled by backside pursuit often....he averaged 3.7 YPC last year. Also, Chicago's offense was much more predictable when he was in the game because he's not a receiving threat. Cohen and Davis are both much quicker and have the pass catching prowess to keep defenses guessing. I enjoyed Howard while he was in Chicago and glad he outperformed his 5th round pick status. But having a different RB back there will help the entire offense much more. Do they draft a RB? Maybe. Nall and even Patterson can be back there as well. If you think about RB long term, Jordan Howard isn't the guy. Would you rather spend a 3rd round rookie pick this year in a weak RB class or a 2nd round pick in a stacked RB class? I sure hope they draft an Edge, DB, OL with their top picks and wait on RB for 1 more year. If they get desperate, sign Yeldon.
  22. I thought you weren't a fan of trolling? Do better
  23. Adding in actual plays, statistics and contract facts is trolling. You know conversations can happen between ppl that don't think alike. Crazy thought, I know.
  24. The Packers posters still picked Amos after I showed them this... Ha Ha Clinton-Dix vs Adrian Amos Career Numbers Seasons: 5 vs 4 Ints: 14 vs 3 PD: 28 vs 18 Fumbles: 4 vs 3 Sacks: 5.5 vs 2 Tackles: 456 vs 269 Guaranteed $$$: 3.5 vs 12
  25. Just giving you insight to a player i've watched in depth for 4 years. As I said before, I wish him the best and glad he got paid. Just think it's an overpay. What do I suggest GB do? -Well they had to make some kind of move to appease Rodgers and do something while he's still in his prime. They spent a lot of money and most of it upfront for a 3 year run. If it doesn't work out, they can cut them loose with a cap it. -Their best signing is Billy allows them to potentially move on from Bulaga. Turner gives them flexibility with his versatility. Hopefully the new scheme will let Spriggs finally do something(I was high on him coming out). 3 yr $19.9 w/$2.25m dead in yr 4. -Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith...while both too much money. Preston is basically a 3 year 35.5 million deal w/$4m dead in year 4. Za'Darius is a 3 year 45.25 million deal w/$5m dead in year 4. That averages to $26.92 million dollars per year for both of them. In the last two years, they've combined for 12.5 and 11.5 sacks. Eventually pressures need to lead to sacks. Just like Amos, Za'Darius benefited from playing around other greats. -Adrian Amos....i've spoken enough on him. 2 yr $15.5 million w/5.5 dead in year 3. In 3 of the 4 cases, I felt they spent too much money. Will it have an effect after 2019 when Daniels, Kenny Clark, and Fackrell become UFA's? Or in 2020, whenLinsley, Bakhrtiari, Taylor, King, Aaron Jones, Jamal Williams, and Josh Jones become UFA's?