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  1. Burns, Lucas, Quinn, Mingo all are high end athletes at their positions. Maybe that's the new direction of the defense...also maybe why they chose Danny T over Nick K.
  2. I'd argue that the main purpose of Artie Burns and Barkevious Mingo is to play special teams. Mingo's deal is 1 year for 1.187 million with .887k guaranteed. He played 75% of special team snaps last season. The Jordan Lucas signing is growing on me....I might not mind him starting opposite Eddie.
  3. I wouldn't know because I've only played with you in this one and you're 0/8 in the playoffs. The thing is if you kept Fournette, I think you're competing for the last playoff spot. Without him, I currently have you as the 10th best team with 4 teams still behind you. I get selling Fournette for a premium if you're in a rebuild. But I don't think you got a premium and he's 25. Or did 25 become the old 28 which became the old 30 for RBs? We all build differently and value players differently...that's what makes it fun.
  4. When you sell a year too early all the time, you're left with a team that can never make the playoffs either. Fournette was the 8th best RB in our format and I gave up a non-stud devy pick to get him. He's insurance for me on my championship run...thought it was a cheap price. We'll see.
  5. JohnnyU traded me Fournette for the 1.02 devy(Rashod Bateman) last month. Pretty easy trade for me and I already owned Saquon Barkley, Jonathan Taylor, and DeAndre Swift. Fournette showed last year that he can catch the football as well, which adds to his value.
  6. This has been my biggest disappointment of the off-season. They need to bring in a few vet OL, even if the plan is to address OL in the draft.
  7. Ryan Pace does one thing very well. Each off-season, he attacks the biggest weakness. He doesn't sit on his hands. 2020: QB Nick Foles 2019: -offensive weapons and kicking situation. Enter Montgomery, Mike Davis, Patterson, Ridley. Got rid of a cancer kicker for the locker room and tried out many many kickers. I'd also say he did a fine job replacing Amos/Callahan with HHCD/Skrine. It was a downgrade, but much cheaper. 2018: Playmakers. Enter Khalil Mack, Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel.
  8. I've seen your posts on here and's all the same thing. Yelling, swearing, condescending....congratulations, you're making the world a worse place. Pace doesn't develop the talent....all GM's are right and wrong. Remember the Cameron Meredith situation and how he botched that....oh wait. How about Bryce Callahan?
  9. The GM holds the success and failure of an entire team? You can shop for all the right groceries and then not cook them right....let them rot....not let them get ripe...etc. You're so fing dramatic
  10. (Discipline) Yet, you're a model of emotional stability. lol You don't know the offers from other clubs. But we do know that Cinci was asking a 2 for Dalton....That means Foles was cheaper in contract and draft picks.
  11. The Bengals wanted a 2nd for Dalton....Chicago gave up a late 4th(compensatory picks are at the end) for Foles...and he costs $15 million this year. Chicago spent a 4th on Riley Ridley last year.....I've easily give up that guy for Foles.
  12. Even if both were equal(I don't believe they are): 1) Trading for Foles ensures Chicago gets him. 2) Signing a FA QB effects compensation picks 3) Waiting to sign Foles...could be a bidding war. Keenum signed for $6...which meant a bidding war would ensue and it's more likely he's signing for 8-12 to start in Chicago.
  13. Not said worst move in team history. Trading a late 4th round pick for a potential starting QB who's won a SB...
  14. Also keep in mind that the price tag of around $15 Million for 2020 with $6 guaranteed in 2021 is cheap compared to Bridgewater, Winston, Newton, Carr, etc. Trading for Foles also doesn't mess with the compensatory formula. Trubisky walks after 2020 = comp pick Draft a QB in round 2 in 2020 or Round 1 in 2021. This increases Chicago's contending window, especially with an expanded playoff field starting in 2020. Foles>Trubisky
  15. I'm 100% convinced you're literally Johnny Drama. I remember you saying you'd quit this forum multiple times and you're still here with the lowest of lows like Facebook right now.
  16. Oh look a Packers fan coming into a Bears thread to talk crap. In other news, water is wet
  17. The hope for Floyd was he would benefit from Mack opposite him. It didn't work for 2 years. Quinn generating the 2nd most pressure % shows his ability. If he's only good at rushing the passer, i'm okay with it because of Mack/Goldman/Hicks/Danny/Roquan are stout against the run. Floyd was due $13.2 in 2020. With $30 guaranteed from Quinn's's likely 1st 2 years are guaranteed with a little afterward....basically Floyd's deal + 1 more year for a better pass rusher.
  18. Quinn was 2nd in the NFL at generating pressures per snap. He had more pressures in 2019 than Khalil Mack on over 100 less snaps.
  19. As a coach of 9 years(College and HS), you're being dramatic about the amount of kids playing football. Is it less than 20 years ago? Yes. Wouldn't we have already seen the effects from this then in college? The NFL is the #1 sport in the US generating a huge amount of money. I've seen ppl discuss the level of QB play as a reason not to add teams. I'll pivot to team implementing different strategies to win. Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Colin Kaepernick.....Tennessee/49ers and other teams have made huge runs by pivoting to a run based approach with PA passes. Other teams have done well with great defenses. You can't keep playing the game like everyone else. Even if we play the diluted talent angle....that means increased strategy. Ever play FF with 14+ teams...more skill, less luck is required.
  20. My off season wish list for Chicago: -Let Leonard Floyd go and save $13.2 million -Sounds like HHCD is returning. Which i'm not a fan of unless it's a sweetheart of a deal -Go hard after players who were just cut to not mess with the compensatory formula: DL Linval Joseph, TE Delanie Walker, Edge Vic Beasley -Trade a 2nd round pick for Derek Carr. He still has 3 years left on his contract(21.5, 22.1, 19.8) fairly cheap given what Tannehill and others will sign for moving forward. -Free Agent help is needed at OL, CB or and WR(Perriman or Agholor)
  21. The schedule remains the exact teams just start nobody. Wins and losses happen as the owners wanted them to in the first place.
  22. Great questions and i'm open to different ways to deliver this format, but this is my thought process. 1- The schedule remains the same...but teams will be auto given W/L based on the tank. 2-What's to stop your title contending team from declaring a tank? You're giving up 1 year of contending with injuries/poor play/suspensions/retirements. You're also paying $$$ to not compete for another year. Lastly, if 2 other teams also declare...then you could've given up one year for the 1.03. Could also be the 1.01 or 1.02, but I doubt contenders would try. 3-This scenario happens every year anyway. I've played very strong teams week 1 and other contenders play them after they've decided to rebuild and trade away vets. It's luck. Others could also play them when their best players are injured, on bye weeks, suspended, etc. 4-Unless those players could benefit them in the future. Otherwise you're correct. If it's potential points or have to start your best lineup no matter what....then you are very "encouraged" to trade those maybe players. 5-Exactly
  23. I'm biased both ways actually. As a someone who was against Montgomery due to his college tape and as a Bears fan....very unhappy about the pick....and the Riley Ridley pick...but I digress. Montgomery's college and NFL film show the same player with big flaws in approach to the LOS, hesitation, lack of aggressiveness hitting a hole, and bouncing to the outside. His lack of athletic ability is more evident in the NFL as well. He needs to evolve his game to be more physical and less dancing. He's essentially trying to be Lev Bell(early in his career) or Barkley without the same athletic ability. The only player that didn't regress on that entire offense from last season is Allen Robinson. Cody Whitehair would be a close second, but the rest is just an epic failure. From the other 4 OL, Trey Burton not being the same since mid season last year, to Anthony Miller(better as of late), Trubisky, and finally Matt Nagy. Confidence was there last year(especially middle of the season)...then Trubisky hurt his shoulder and they got conservative and have never recovered.