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  1. This is a football move. Jordan Howard is a downfield runner, but Chicago's run game is build on horizontal stretches. They need a quicker RB back there to execute. Howard got tackled by backside pursuit often....he averaged 3.7 YPC last year. Also, Chicago's offense was much more predictable when he was in the game because he's not a receiving threat. Cohen and Davis are both much quicker and have the pass catching prowess to keep defenses guessing. I enjoyed Howard while he was in Chicago and glad he outperformed his 5th round pick status. But having a different RB back there will help the entire offense much more. Do they draft a RB? Maybe. Nall and even Patterson can be back there as well. If you think about RB long term, Jordan Howard isn't the guy. Would you rather spend a 3rd round rookie pick this year in a weak RB class or a 2nd round pick in a stacked RB class? I sure hope they draft an Edge, DB, OL with their top picks and wait on RB for 1 more year. If they get desperate, sign Yeldon.
  2. I thought you weren't a fan of trolling? Do better
  3. Adding in actual plays, statistics and contract facts is trolling. You know conversations can happen between ppl that don't think alike. Crazy thought, I know.
  4. The Packers posters still picked Amos after I showed them this... Ha Ha Clinton-Dix vs Adrian Amos Career Numbers Seasons: 5 vs 4 Ints: 14 vs 3 PD: 28 vs 18 Fumbles: 4 vs 3 Sacks: 5.5 vs 2 Tackles: 456 vs 269 Guaranteed $$$: 3.5 vs 12
  5. Just giving you insight to a player i've watched in depth for 4 years. As I said before, I wish him the best and glad he got paid. Just think it's an overpay. What do I suggest GB do? -Well they had to make some kind of move to appease Rodgers and do something while he's still in his prime. They spent a lot of money and most of it upfront for a 3 year run. If it doesn't work out, they can cut them loose with a cap it. -Their best signing is Billy allows them to potentially move on from Bulaga. Turner gives them flexibility with his versatility. Hopefully the new scheme will let Spriggs finally do something(I was high on him coming out). 3 yr $19.9 w/$2.25m dead in yr 4. -Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith...while both too much money. Preston is basically a 3 year 35.5 million deal w/$4m dead in year 4. Za'Darius is a 3 year 45.25 million deal w/$5m dead in year 4. That averages to $26.92 million dollars per year for both of them. In the last two years, they've combined for 12.5 and 11.5 sacks. Eventually pressures need to lead to sacks. Just like Amos, Za'Darius benefited from playing around other greats. -Adrian Amos....i've spoken enough on him. 2 yr $15.5 million w/5.5 dead in year 3. In 3 of the 4 cases, I felt they spent too much money. Will it have an effect after 2019 when Daniels, Kenny Clark, and Fackrell become UFA's? Or in 2020, whenLinsley, Bakhrtiari, Taylor, King, Aaron Jones, Jamal Williams, and Josh Jones become UFA's?
  6. Nah, you're changing the argument to fit your agenda....all players mess up. Sure. But when it's continually without Eddie should make you think. Then when it's in the biggest game of his career...not good either. Amos is fine as a Robin. He's not matter how much money GB throws at him.
  7. Not sure what Mack has to do with anything... Adrian Amos played a bad game, despite getting a floating INT in the playoff game. The point is...he's simply not the same player without Eddie Jackson. He's a good player when he's a role guy, but not when he has to be the star. For the money difference, he needs to play like a star. I bring links with visual evidence....and that's NOT what you want. Film>opinion, Stats>opinion
  8. I'm happy Amos got paid, but he didn't turn into a PFF graded well player until Eddie Jackson came along. Rookie year went well for Amos. But year 2 didn' much so that Chicago signed Quintin Demps in free agency and drafted Eddie Jackson. Amos wasn't even the starting safety to start the 2017 season. Demps got injured and Amos became the starter in week 4 against GB and has been the starter since. Without Jackson the end of the year, Amos struggled. Here's 5 plays from the playoff game that he could've played better, including getting beat one on one for a TD
  9. When you factor in the contracts and the coverage difference, HHCD is a better bargain here. In terms of tackling, Amos is the better or the two.
  10. Ha ha Clinton-Dix vs Adrian Amos Career Numbers Seasons: 5 vs 4 Ints: 14 vs 3 PD: 28 vs 18 Fumbles: 4 vs 3 Sacks: 5.5 vs 2 Tackles: 456 vs 269 Guaranteed $$$: 3.5 vs 12
  11. I have to earn respect through numbers of posts and how much time I dedicate to a forum? Assuming and judging who people are in a forum is a slippery slope. Lets just say that yesterday, I was talking with a Big Ten WR coach, in person, about technique, routes, progression, releases, how a certain player is off the field, coaches we coached together with, the next progression in his career, and summer programs.
  12. Given the misuse of players in Tennessee, I thought the LaFleuer hire was a stretch. But then again, being a HC is different than being an maybe he will succeed. But I digress. I believe Mike Williams and Corey Davis have two different problems. Two common traits: 1) High 1st round draft picks 2) Both have suffered injuries early in their careers. How much have the injuries had an impact? We don't know. But it has had some degree of an impact on learning the offense, developing rapport with other players, reps, etc. Mike Williams suffers from having many other players around him who absorb targets. Allen was down this year with 136, Gordon/RBs combined for 138, Tyrell 65 and we know Rivers loves his TE's. This left 66 for Williams(tied for 2nd on the team) and that's without Hunter Henry. Now I know Tyrell may leave and I think Henry is overrated....besides the point of LAC have lots of talented players who will command targets. Davis suffers from an inept offense. Mariota finished the season being 22nd in QB rating and was sacked 42 times(8th most in the NFL, despite only starting 13 games). Gabbert threw the football almost 1 out of every 4 passes Tennessee had in 2018. His QB rating(had he qualified) would've placed him 32nd. As a team Tennessee was 29th in yards, 28th in TDs, and 31st in pass attempts. As a total offense, 25th in yards, 27th in points, 26th in 1st downs, 15th in 3rd down percentage. Meanwhile, Davis led the team in targets, receptions, yards, TDs and yards per reception in his 2nd year. Does he likely have room to improve? Sure...he's a 2nd year guy that's missed time. Is his route running/play concerns the cause for the Titans inept offense? No. Davis was the best route running WR i've ever seen come out of college, which he was the all time leader in receiving yards. What team wouldn't want a sane Antonio Brown? Especially one that struggled on offense last year. I've also heard the Packers and Colts on the list too. The NFL is about winning and adding one of the best WRs in the NFL helps coaches/execs keep their jobs.
  13. (makes a statement as a fact) "Talk to this person" "You can find that thread on your own" ...Then you talk about being resourceful and it's the point of the Shark Pool? Remember this started with me responding to an opinion with a statistical fact...which is resourceful. Yes, I find it funny to state a film observation as a fact...when you didn't see it with your own eyes. And the guy you quote didn't see with his own eyes... we're multiple degrees of separation on something that is very subjective and carries lots of bias. Over the last 20 years, I've found more people who say they're good at watching film, than people who are good at watching film. While you value one person's opinion in here, your not valuing another.
  14. You make a statement and then outsource the work for it, but it's a fact? Funny
  15. Show me film of his route running mistakes in year 1 and the same thing in year 2....i'll wait.
  16. Waldman was anti-Sutton in his RSP predraft. Bias is there
  17. Because Corey Davis can help that the Titans were 31st in passing attempts in 2018 and their QB play was bad? To put it into perspective, 3 NFL teams had 200 or more pass attempts than the Titans. Yards per target in 2018: D. Adams = 8.2 Davis = 7.96 Antonio Brown = 7.72 Diggs = 6.85
  18. You should feel confident with your pick, it's why you made it. But myself, many others in the league, and others in this thread disagree. I had a top tier of 6 players and was able to draft 5 of them. You're happy and i'm happy. Sounds like we just made the trade most try to accomplish.
  19. I'm the owner who had the 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 picks in this draft. I traded out of the 8, 9, 10 picks and acquired back #12. No chance I would take a QB in this format in the top of a devy draft. The 2 years of wait time and return on investment for a player that has to be top 5 to return the cost is just too great. Having the picks right after #3, I was quite happy to see more value fall to me. Lawrence was on my big list of players for the 10th pick, but was likely going to pass anyway. For context, Russell Wilson + Josh Reynolds just got traded for Tyler Lockett + 14th devy pick + Bortles. Wilson is a top 6-8 dynasty QB and that's all he could fetch in compensation.
  20. The only team with heartbreak recently is the sorry ____ Packers. Haven't been to the playoffs since 2016...aging QB who gets injured all the time...couldn't win WITH that QB this year. But sure...Chicago's knees are trembling...hahahaha
  21. Like you said earlier, i'd rather keep Callahan. Amos can be replaced easier because Callahan is elite and Amos cost the Bears many times in that playoff game. Kicker = yes Edge = yes RB = Kareem Hunt has a connection with Nagy One other position I would like upgraded = Punter. O'Donnell is a UFA and isn't a top 10 guy. Either upgrade or save the millions by getting cheap replacement.
  22. RELAX this guy's got it