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  1. I think the news does a pretty good job of keeping us terrified every day with what they cover already The problem with africa is that it is a third world continent. There are people dying there absolutely tragically every day. The real question to me is not why are they covering this but why aren't they covering the millions of starving people all over the world - including africa 5 million kids per year...
  3. That's the problem though. On either side, you are elected official there to serve. Every decision you make should be open and transparent In this country it's a freaking competitive sport where you absolutely hate everyone else If i believed in what i did then dang right i would stand up and explain it.
  4. I don't know if someone has mentioned it already but it's called the happiness curve and it's pretty well researched you start out happy then get less and less happy until you hit your fifties and then you start getting happy again
  5. Your point is right on, we don't have the best way but we try anyway instead of just saying to the heck with it...nuclear weapons for everyone what could go wrong
  6. I'll never understand either. It has been proven time and time again you can't buy a team. I don't know the stats but it would appear to this serious fan that most of the time i would prefer to have the hungry rookie or young guy vs. the overpaid guy on the back end of his career
  7. Like i have said previously If chubb is awesome for 8 games do you really think they are going to take away half his carries to Hunt? Hunt won't even be going full bore until probably week 10 yes if chubb is stinking it up i can see hunt taking carries (how many depends on how much his stinking)
  8. i couldn't agree more with this the only way this changes is that if after 8 weeks chubb is absolutely terrible then they might make a switch but if he is running hard and running well it's barely a blip on his radar
  9. I'm a hunt owner and i just don't think he's that great of a rb. I can't put my finger on why, he just doesn't show great to me I think by week 10 he's getting 10 carries a week, and maybe down the stretch he improves on that but he's not much of an overall threat to chubb
  10. i still can't understand why a 16 year old can't vote and an 80 year old can...what makes their opinions any more valid? I agree, purge the old people off the rolls
  11. i want to make it a rigorous process for anyone to get anything more than a hunting rifle Watch what new zealand does here...i guarantee they go after weapons. I won't sidetrack this conversation on the gun debate however
  12. You realize it happens over and over and over again in this country right? And i guarantee you that unlike the terrible politicians we have here, new zealand will have the strength and intelligence to do something about it
  13. this is absolutely the right time to talk about it. Politicians need to start riding these tragedies Gun advocates are smart and they know that if they can ride through the initial reaction people will forget...thus the constant messaging of 'why politicize this'. Turning someone wanting to do something to prevent tragedies into someone who is an ahole
  14. well it's not just steve king, it's the all the politicians across the globe putting these thoughts out on twitter, on the news and it's the people on fox news saying these things every day hour after hour. I for one include Trump in this mess even if you don't