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  1. Exactly this is a failure of government not the reaction to the epidemic. I hope they realize that bigger and badder ones are coming.
  2. And this is why we have so many arguments in this Country
  3. one of those guys who does enough every week that you consider putting him the line up and every time you do it's a dud i suspect
  4. I don't know if they are joker's because I don't know them personally but I do know they lack experience. Dr. Fauci has been absent since he disagreed with Trump.
  5. Again we probably differ here but the Trump administration is filled with people that have no education or experience in what they are doing.
  6. too much partying coming from the house next door
  7. Sorry to hear that. My friends dad died of it. It wasn't pretty
  8. I'm glad I traded Ingram. His career as a main player is mostly over...another guy that got kind of a bum career when he could have probably been a really good rb.
  9. Your post wasn't a disagreement. It wasn't a debate. It didn't include facts. It was just inflammatory for no other reason that to be just that. It's an unfortunate sign of the times that this is where we are at.
  10. I always feel bad for Hyde. I feel like he's got a little bit of bum career going even though he is pretty good
  11. Actually we mostly are not. But whatever, I'm not here to change your mind or argue with you all night. You would rather have 'joe on the street' making decisions with no education over people with advanced degrees and tons of experience. That's where we differ. Let's just leave it at that.
  12. That's just insulting. And that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that the hypocrisy is brutally obvious and i think that resonates in my post. Thanks for stopping by though. Please do not do so again.
  13. I understand that there is a very large anti-intellectual movement in this country and I think that is unfortunate. The rest of the world is going to move on without us at some pont.