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  1. The Q theory is really proof positive that we lack mental health resources in this country
  2. Mostly the latter...I have learned, even more so now that we are going into an election, that mostly it's about sticking fingers in people's eyes.
  3. We have entered the phase where even though a bunch of other polls show massive leads every time one poll shows Trump doing a little better it's going to be posted to show us liberals how stupid we are This country is super tired of 170,000 dead. I can hardly wait to be tired of 200,000 dead.
  4. I'm surprised this thread is allowed to exist Tulsa is a republican city and has consistently had one of the highest violent crimes rates in the country. let's talk about that. Or how about Oklahoma City? Or Omaha? Or Bakersfield? All terrible cesspool of cities that should be abandoned and left to rot (to use our president's words).
  5. How is he not being removed from office. Even dictators in crazy countries at least try to hide this level of outright corruption. This story is barely getting traction for him
  6. probably nothing...he'll claim fake news, deep state, liberal conspiracy theory and nobody will do anything about it..
  7. 1000s of scientists, 1000s of doctors, 100s of countries, and millions of paid actors around the globe in a conspiracy to bring down the president.
  8. And again I'd like to point out that this happens after almost every large sporting's not a mechanism of politics purely
  9. I agree but that's humanity in a nutshell...for every two steps forward there is one step back. We are however slowly moving forward though. There are dark periods and advanced periods...
  10. The single greatest thing about America honestly is that people keep pushing it to improve
  11. Ugh...he's just so corrupt and so in the open about it. Our system has failed and our country is about too
  12. Becauase more so than most he loves the power and adoration of his followers