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  1. Rivers will retire at the end of the year. You really want to be in rebuild mode with an overpriced middle age rb?
  2. I could see them pulling a trade for someone in the first 4 weeks (maybe earlier). They are crazy to sign gordon in my books. Let him walk. Even better trade him to some other sucker team for a run backup rb and a pick
  3. Call me crazy but there is literally nothing special about gordon...
  4. I'm such a huge fan of Gore. Class act, great runner, great team guy...what's not to like
  5. Exactly...maybe the solution is that the top 1% shouldn't own 90% of the wealth??? Such a crazy thought for some. But literally locking children into a sweatshop with no protections and then having it burn to the ground with the people inside...heck that's just capitalism
  6. Our national day of celebration reduced to a bunch Qanon people and conspiracy theories...ugh
  7. Exactly Just because it's not the worst thing they could be doing doesn't make it morally right. Add in the fact that it's for a first world country and a business that is making millions of $$$s and it's sickening if you ask me. Ask them if they would rather be alive and pushing a rickshaw or trapped in a burning building?
  8. Separating young kids and babies from their mothers is a form of psychological torture. For those children, it is some of the worst
  9. I don't think he's wrong by any stretch of the imagination Democrats need to start talking about doing immigration and asylum right if they are to win
  10. By far the greatest state no matter your tastes - outdoors, arts, sports, weather, beaches, camping, fishing etc....
  11. This is obvious. Do i want to be homeless in minnesota or california? It's a pretty easy choice\
  12. He said himself that he could shoot someone in the street and wouldn't lose support. I feel strongly he knows best
  13. The really interesting part, and I think the love of trump really shows it, is that what they want is the country to be ruled as a christian taliban. They want the complete destruction of all things they don't believe in and they don't care if we have to throw them all in cages to do it. I am quite certain they would love trump to change the rules so he has absolute power forever
  14. I guess you can call it intellectual but most people don't know they are making a decision out of fear...