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  1. Zero Hes legitimately a bottom 7 qb right now
  2. I just was checking in to see if anyone is still making excuses for this hot pile of garbage
  3. I shipped him as part of a package deal and the guy didnt even want him This is dynasty
  4. it's hard to believe we even need to ask this question i can't even imagine how far this country has fallen in 3 years
  5. I traded for him...i fell like i'm going to regret it
  6. The hardest part about fantasy is letting go of the expectations around a player.... I own diggs and I'm just not starting him anymore. There just isn't enough to go around in minn
  7. so my main league is a modified keeper league...i need wr help the offer on the table is mark ingram (6th round keeper) devin singletary (16th round keeper) baker mayfield (14th round keeper) 2nd round pic for OBJ - not a keeper derrick henry - not a keeper josh jacons - not a keeper 6th round pick the where our league works is that you can choose to keep a guy 2 rounds ahead every year of where you drafted (or kept him that year). as an example, 4 years ago i drafted ingram in the 14th, then kept him in the 12th the next year, the 10th the next, the 8th and next year would be the 6th etc... as pointed out above i'm not sure i would start obj over preston williams or dj clark
  8. Yea, i agree which is why i posted my context Great qbs don't often look like a complete garbage dump like Mayfield. I think he may work out but he'll be average at best
  9. Really? What about him is way ahead of 99% of qbs. He's about 3000% behind Minshew for crying out loud. Everything about his stats are awful this year.
  10. sitting on the waiver wire while i continue to roll out mayfield and rosen.
  11. does everyone actually look at his stats to realize just how awful he has been this year. it's putrid
  12. The problem is that unless a qb is top 5 they are all pretty mixed together...stafford being on our waiver wire for example. Not only does Mayfield flat out suck, he doesn't look to me like he is going to be a top 5 qb ever. If that's the case, let him be drafted in the 14th round every year like all the other middle of the rd qbs
  13. Stafford is still on our wire...he currently has 70 pts more than mayfield in our leage