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  1. he's never had a great long ball but it seems like it really fell off last year
  2. Part of me thinks Rodgers retires this year...he seems like a guy that has other things going on in his life.
  3. Hunt is never going to get a big contract because of his past would be my guess.
  4. never thought i would see 40 percent of this country for corruption...usually it's such a political turnoff - not with this cult of personality
  5. it's sickening...the more corrupt you are the more old donny appreciates you. He's empowering white collar criminals across this country
  6. this guy isn't draining the swamp...he's filling it up as fast as he can. The more corrupt you are the easier your life is going to be with Trump in charge
  7. It's always been coming but Trump has truly weaponized it. He truly is turning them into the american taliban in a lot of ways. There is only there way or the devil - black or white.
  8. The guy is the new barometer for what it means to be great in the nfl
  9. Jimmy g will hold him back for sure. On that kind of offence it's hard to gauge a wr's worth
  10. he's average at best and the 49ers are going to be regretting that contract for awhile...
  11. It doesn't matter. It sticks to the coach across the board.
  12. what a rep shanahan is going to have as a choker now...
  13. he is what most think he average qb that needs a great d and the bounces and calls to all go his way.
  14. Trump and his team make fun, provoke, ridicule and mock pretty much everyone that isn't 100% behind them. It's so rich when people try to find the smallest example. It's like comparing a hill in indiana to mt. everest