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  1. I think you're interpreting part of the rule incorrectly. Or, I'm misunderstanding what you mean. See the below play where the ball is handed off in front and then thrown. If I understand you, by your interpretation, this play had two forward passes, which is obviously illegal. And to the OPs question, that is clearly a pass. There is nothing to dispute.
  2. I'm an HR person in Healthcare and I wouldn't submit anything until I was asked to. I cant tell you how many times I've had to explain to people that "just because you didn't appreciate the tone of voice that your supervisor used, that doesn't constitute a hostile work environment".
  3. Ive been a customer for several years. Cancelled my auto-renew on Sunday Ticket a couple weeks ago but didn't cancel service. Got an unsolicited email today saying "we want to give you Sunday ticket at no cost just because.". I read the fine print and don't see anything about having to lock into a new contract. I just had to click the link in the email.
  4. I have tremendous sympathy for you over your Mother's treatment. However, I think your frustration is misdirected. What you are describing is why many people advocate for tort reform. Many providers have become conditioned to implement X treatment plan because to deviate is to potentially expose oneself to tremendous liability. It's unfortunate but I think it's more of a legal problem than it is a healthcare problem. I certainly don't think it's an issue that would be changed by single payer.
  5. With a child under 2 you have the option of holding them in your lap or purchasing a seat for them and putting them in an "approved restraining device". I think where the family may have been stuck is if the ticket was non-transferable, purchased in the name of their older child. I assume that is the out the airline has to give the seat to someone on standby.
  6. You should see if there is a federally qualified health center near you. If you are uninsured, they will help you navigate your options and will have a sliding fee scale where the cost of your visit is based on your income. Also, it is common for attorneys from local law clinics to represent claimants at unemployment hearings at no cost.
  7. You write down when you had the conversation and with whom and what they told you. The initial hearing officer will likely ask for those three things...."why did you think you were under that is termination? Who told you? When did they tell you?". You will need to be able to answer with specifics. Or, if the hearing offer rules against you, then you would appeal to the administrative law judge which is an in person hearing that a lot of employers don't waste their time with.
  8. I would say your chances of qualifying are greater assuming you've documented who told you, when you were told, and steps you took to try to improve. Regarding FMLA, you have to have been employed by that employer for at least 1 year and the employer must employ at least 50 people for the to be an option. You would have to get a physician to certify you as being not able to work. It wouldn't get you any money but it would give you some job protection while you deal with your health issues.
  9. I can't speak for Texas but in New York, the employer would be asked if you requested a Leave of Absence, if you requested any accommodations, etc. If you don't pursue those routes and you just resign and claim Medical reasons, I would expect one of two things to happen- 1)You are found not eligible because you did not resign for a qualifying reason or 2)You are found not eligible because you must be able to work and with your Medical issues, depending on what your treating provider certifies, you aren't the previous poster said, you should be pursuing disability in that case not unemployment. If you want to resign and collect unemployment, you need to either be under threat of termination, but it cant be for any violation of company policy, it needs to be because you fail to meet a sales quota or something along those lines, or because you are offered a different job, etc. I have seen a person found eligible who resigned because they anticipated moving out of state even though they ultimately didn't, but like I said, Im also in New York where the administrative law judges look for almost any reason possible to give a person benefits.
  10. 1) Agree with those above that 2.1 alone was an overpay for Blount. 2) I'd rather have the first by a decent amount. 3) I'd gamble that Hill is more than a gadget player at that cost. I wonder how long the owner has been playing dynasty though? The first trade combined with the fact that he's dealing all of his '18 picks would have me worried that if he was new to dynasty, that he wasn't gonna have the patience needed to stick it out.
  11. Peterson got injured and missed games every year in college, I believe. Yes, he's also missed games in the NFL but he was mostly healthy until his ACL tear in his 5th year.
  12. I'd take the side of the team getting 1.2 by a good margin.
  13. Gave Mike Evans and 1.8 Got Michael Thomas and 1.2
  14. I enjoy listening to Jim Miller (the ex Steelers and Bears QB) and Pat Kirwan (the ex coach and front office guy) on my drive home on the nfl station on sirius.
  15. Sean Payton was given a $45 million extension this past offseason so I'd have to think he's pretty secure.