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  1. 1) Agree with those above that 2.1 alone was an overpay for Blount. 2) I'd rather have the first by a decent amount. 3) I'd gamble that Hill is more than a gadget player at that cost. I wonder how long the owner has been playing dynasty though? The first trade combined with the fact that he's dealing all of his '18 picks would have me worried that if he was new to dynasty, that he wasn't gonna have the patience needed to stick it out.
  2. Peterson got injured and missed games every year in college, I believe. Yes, he's also missed games in the NFL but he was mostly healthy until his ACL tear in his 5th year.
  3. I'd take the side of the team getting 1.2 by a good margin.
  4. Gave Mike Evans and 1.8 Got Michael Thomas and 1.2
  5. I enjoy listening to Jim Miller (the ex Steelers and Bears QB) and Pat Kirwan (the ex coach and front office guy) on my drive home on the nfl station on sirius.
  6. Sean Payton was given a $45 million extension this past offseason so I'd have to think he's pretty secure.
  7. Here's a good shot:
  8. Wife and I will be taking our 2.5 year old and 1.5 year old boys in mid December. This will be the first time for both of us. We're staying at Kidani Village in Animal Kingdom. We're going with my wife's family, 27 people total spread across a bunch of different resorts. This trip despite the size of the group, was pretty impromptu, and like I said, neither my wife nor I really know anything about Disney World, so not a whole lot of research has gone into what we've booked. I would really appreciate any feedback/insight that anyone has to offer. Because of the varying ages of the grandkids, wife and I booked lots of character breakfasts for just us that we think our boys will enjoy and then most dinners were booked for the entire group of 27, with really no input from me or my wife. Also, would love anyone's input on things we should use our fast passes for, that small kids would enjoy- so far all we're looking at is the Disney Junior Live on Stage show. Day 1: Dinner- Raglan Road (entire group) Day 2: Breakfast- Tusker Hours (Just us); Dinner- Rainforest Café (entire group) Day 3: Breakfast- 1900 Park Fare (Just us); Dinner- Le Cellier (Just us) Day 4: Lunch- Via Napoli (Just us); Dinner- San Angel (entire group) Day 5: Breakfast- Hollywood & Vine (Just us); Dinner- Cinderella's Royal Table (Just us) Day 6: Breakfast- Chef Mickey (Just us); Dinner- Crystal Palace (entire group)
  9. .5 PPR Team A gives- 1.7, D. Parker, 2017 2nd Team B gives- 1.1
  10. Has a ruling been issued on Julian?
  11. Feel free to email these guys: exactly am I supposed to prove this to them? It's not like I can fax them a copy of the yearbook.Why not?Looks like Lahyphena to me.
  12. You could also use Google Chrome's "incogneto" browser. 'Control'+'Shift'+'N' to open "incogneto" broswer page, paste the URL, vote, close "incogneto" browser page, repeat.