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  1. Southern Baptists think Seventh Day Adventists are Satan-worshippers in disguise.
  2. Just watch his final carry, where he plunged headfirst into the line and gained a whopping 2 yards. Guy fell over like a weeble.
  3. Huh. Maybe this guy was the Cowboys' best option after all.
  4. That run was so good that it went for 1 yard farther than what the box score said.
  5. In a span of about 5 minutes he went from 1 catch for 11 yards to 3 catches for 144 yards and 2 TDs. Amazing.
  6. I'm going to go out on limb and say that a guy that spends as much time on Fantasy Football, nonsensical arguments, and can't spell accelerate has never been in a board meeting.Just saying ... lol...troll. just saying..... This is what sucks about this board compared to 15 years ago. Whenever you disagree with someone you're now called a troll. Ridiculous.Actually, what sucks is that 15 years ago, guys like you would have been given a timeout by Shick! or one of the other active moderators in the forum. But since the forums are no longer monitored by an army of moderators, trolls like you have been allowed to thrive and multiply.
  7. He's banned? Because he likes Trump and the little ####### in here cried? No, he's not banned. Just given a timeout by the mods. His suspension was for obnoxius trolling in the Sanders thread, not for his support of Trump. No one really cared about his daily numerous cut-and-pastes from Breitbart and Colter in this thread, problem was his LHUCKS like behavior in non-Trump threads. Was it more obnoxious than these posts from the last 3 pages in the GOP thread? I'd say around the same. So the thread you started was deleted and you think it was a good idea to continue it here? You don't like me pointing out how nasty you guys are in the GOP thread huh? I'll stop master, just please don't report me You just made a public complaint about 12 posts that you consider to be as ban-worthy as your own posts. You have no right to complain or act like a martyr.
  8. God bless waking up at your usual time on Sunday morning, only to find out that the Jacksonville game had already started and you forgot to bench Yeldon (who was listed as Questionable earlier in the week).
  9. If anyone hates a countdown, it's a band who has had to sing "The Final Countdown" every single night for the past 25 years.
  10. You want a guy who will get you 5 points every week? Get West. You want a guy who might do nothing until the end of the year and then rattle off a bunch of 15-point games? Get Rawls.