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  1. Very cute . . . . . is this for 3-man fantasy FOOT Ball and/or fantasy BSKT Ball?
  2. You must have been trading with Sancho Panza again, Sir Don Quixote . . . . . .
  3. Good thing that you're not a gambler - who like to go against the odds (long and/or short term).
  4. I think that Ratbone sort of hit it on the head, except a little background on the two teams involved - including present roster and owners' backgrounds and/or track record in this league would help all concerned to make a more-informed commentary.
  5. Edgar - you must be an accountant or rocket scientist . . . . . .
  6. I definitely like the action you took, and also your fine explanation thereof. GL in 2020. Let us(ma) know how it turns out, por favor. ( 🤠
  7. I think that this trade benefits both teams. Of course, any owner would prefer to be Team B (5 and 2) AT THIS POINT in time. Let's have Team A come back in 12 and/or 24 months and let him tell us how he feels this swap worked out for him (or even both sides). GL to both owners, it is this type of activity that makes dynasty what it is.
  8. Rebuilder vs Contender says it all. And "strike while the iron is hot", also applies in this particular trade. Finally, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Happy 2018 Week 5 to all.
  9. In that case, I think your move of Gronk et al, was indeed correct. And that is coming from a staunch long-term Gronk owner, who has benefited positively from owning him. When I've shopped him in the past few pre-seasons, no one seemed to think he had any value (except those owners desiring to pilfer him for a few magic beans, of which none of them proved to have any magical value whatsoever). And IMHO, it is a bit premature to call it either way so far in 2018. I'm sure you'll find significant improvement in the seasons down the road for this new start-up superflex league. GL and enjoy our great hobby - Ace.
  10. BTW, are you competing this season or rebuilding? I would venture to "guess" you aren't competing in 2018.
  11. I agree that Team B side is the side to be on - but why would I flip T Coleman - unless my RBs rostered were the "creme de la creme".
  12. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................................. Can't wait for your next chapter here