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  1. Last Monday, I saw Big Boi in Aspen at the Belly Up, a 700-person capacity venue. It was incredible. And I got to hang out with Big Boi and Sleepy Brown from Organized Noize for a little bit after the show. As a huge Outkast fan that grew up in Atlanta, it was some bucket list stuff for me.
  2. It’s actually quite liberating. Now is your time to truly live your one life. No need to live in constant fear of a judgmental creep that’s always watching you to determine your relative worth. Does life really matter if there is a promise of a magical afterlife dancing amongst the clouds? Or does the acknowledgment of the lack of an afterlife make life matter even more?
  3. All of those emails sound like exactly what someone selling an automatic gun to someone else would say. Not sure what about those emails supports any of the other crazy conspiracy theories you propose.
  4. If by “something else,” you mean some sort of all-knowing creator or a playground for souls of deceased humans from Earth, then no. But I’m sure there is plenty of “something else” that we don’t know about, whether in this dimension or another.
  5. No. A childish fantasy created by man to assuage the pain and fear of an inevitable death.
  6. I have found myself surprisingly invested in the internal personal struggles of a cartoon horse.
  7. I know I’m way behind here, but I started Bojack Horseman earlier this week. It’s so good. I love it.
  8. I was just compiling a list of all the shows that I saw over the past year. 2017 turned out to be a pretty good year of music for me. Run the Jewels Kendrick Lamar Jay-Z Ice Cube A Tribe Called Quest Scarface Vince Staples Danny Brown Tech N9ne Brother Ali Vic Mensa Murs Phantogram Alt-J Jim James The XX Bon Iver Wilco Death Cab New Pornographers Hall & Oates Tennis M. Ward Langhorne Slim Trout Steak Revival And I’ve got tickets to see Big Boi at the Belly Up (a 450-person capacity venue) in Aspen in January. Should be sick.
  9. Really enjoyed the song draft and listening to the collective FBG playlist so far. Definitely discovering some great stuff that I missed this year thanks to you guys. Anyone else get their Spotify Wrapped breakdown for 2017? Here are my stats for the year. I probably listened to 65%rap, 25% indie rock, and 10% folk/bluegrass this year.
  10. Pretty sure it was just some hype material for the video. They released some clips with the phone number on Wednesday to tease the video release. Great song and video, BTW.
  11. I’ve been debating between a bunch of different songs for my last pick, but I’m going to go back to my Album of the Year because it’s been the soundtrack to my 2017 with its very pertinent themes of resisting fascism, racism, police brutality, and class warfare. Not to mention that the video is pretty dope too. Round 15: Run the Jewels - Don’t Get Captured
  12. Yeah, I kind of felt the same. Felt like something deserved to be taken from the album. Some of the songs are a little too slow for my tastes, but they jam out on “Fear Is Like a Forest.”
  13. Well, Abrantes wins the Most Obscure Award with Bad Fit’s “Worry Doll,” which has less than 1,000 listens on Spotify six months after its release.
  14. How can hip hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever? Round 13: Wu-Tang Clan ft. Redman - People Say