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  1. i have DT, the Hilton owner offered the trade I'm going to go for it
  2. Not any better? Huge QB upgrade, no? with Will Fuller out, DT becomes the #2 with a good QB rather than the #2 with a bad QB. Playing devil's advocate here, thanks for the response though
  3. T.Y. Hilton or Demaryius Thomas the rest of the season (0.5 PPR)?
  4. really interested in thoughts as I have a possible redraft trade pending (DT for T.Y. Hilton)
  5. We start 2RB/2WR/TE/flex, 12 team league My roster: QB - Carson Wentz, Jared Goff RB - Todd Gurley, James Conner, Chris Carson, Austin Ekeler WR - Kenny Golladay, Keenan Allen, Danny Amendola, Demaryius Thomas TE - Austin Hooper, Vance McDonald His roster: QB - Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson RB - Kerryon Johnson, Lamar Miller, Adrian Peterson, Raheem Mostert WR - Sammy Watkins, Calvin Ridley, T.Y. Hilton, Amari Cooper TE - OJ Howard, Trey Burton Hilton is on a bye week this week, but I wouldn't be starting him anyway (starting Allen and Amendola). I used to love T.Y. Hilton but he's been pretty meh this season. I'm not sure I can trust him after the hammie injury. Of course, if he comes back healthy, then I really benefit from this, considering his past with Andrew Luck. Then again, Demaryius Thomas now has DeShaun Watson throwing to him, but...he competes for targets with DeAndre Hopkins. I'm really darn torn here. I'm almost to the point of flipping a coin. T.Y. Hilton got major targets early in the season and has history with Luck, but I'm not sure how his hamstring really is. HALP!
  6. Jeffery is going against the Rams and Trumaine Johnson, no?
  7. so injuries to my RBs and the backups to my RB picks have left me scrambling all season for waiver wire RBs (RIP DJ, Cook, Chris Thompson) 0.5 PPR, standard scoring, 12-team redraft league. Only worried about RBs and WRs, start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 flex: RBs Alfred Morris @ NYG (12th most points allowed to RBs) Samaje Perine @ Chargers (5th most allowed) Peyton Barber vs. Detroit (3rd most allowed) Derrick Henry @ Arizona (9th fewest pts allowed to RBs) WRs Josh Gordon vs. GB (4th most allowed to WRs) Marvin Jones Jr. @ TB (most allowed) Adam Thielen @ Carolina (15th most allowed) Alshon Jeffery @ Rams (9th fewest points allowed to WRs) T.Y. Hilton @ Buffalo (14th fewest, snow showers, high of 29) Dez Bryant @ NYG (12th most) All 4 RBs are coming off really good games (Perine 1 game removed from his back-to-back 100 yarders). Henry is tough to trust because of his situation. Perine is a mediocre talent, Barber is an almost complete unknown, and Morris is old although he darn sure looked good (was it the early turnovers in 'Skins game?). 3 former WR1s sitting on my bench in Dez, T.Y., and Alshon. I'm not sure of Stafford's health this weekend, but that matchup is a thing of beauty I don't like the matchup vs. the Rams (Johnson on Jeffery I presume?) and Dez and that offense is really tough to trust without Zeke in the ballgame (plus I have witten starting at TE and possibly Alfred Morris at RB) I will be starting Thielen and Josh Gordon unless someone can convince me otherwise. So there are 2 primary questions: 1) Which 2 do I start at RB? 2) Who do I start in the flex? Any help greatly appreciated
  8. i was talking about Ochocinco and Reggie Wayne he also has more than Michael Irvin already
  9. and other than Rice, the rest of those guys add up to a grand total of, what, 2 Super Bowls and 0 SB MVP awards?He'll also have more TD receptions than quite a few of them.
  10. Hines Ward's stats, regular season + postseason: 971 catches, 12011 yards, 87 TDs postseason stats extrapolated to a 16-game season (for ease of comparison): Hines Ward (14 games): 87 receptions, 1217 yards, 9 TDs Randy Moss (12 games): 63 receptions, 1153 yards, 13 TDs Terrell Owens (11 games): 79 receptions, 1093 yards, 7 TDs Marvin Harrison (16 games): 65 receptions, 883 yards, 2 TDs Torry Holt (10 games): 75 receptions, 1008 yards, 6 TDs so Hines Ward elevates his game FAR beyond what other WRs have when the games count most. and it's not like he runs up his stats in postseason blowout wins. In the final game of the postseason for the Steelers each season: 6 rec, 64 yards, 0 TDs 7 rec, 82 yards, 2 TDs 5 rec, 109 yards, 1 TD 5 rec, 123 yards, 1 TD 10 rec, 135 yards, 0 TDs 2 rec, 43 yards, 0 TDs So, in "the MOST important game of the season", here is how Hines extrapolates to 16 games: 93 receptions, 1483 yards, 11 TDs Do we need to look at how crappy most of those other guys were in losses? Hines has as many Super Bowl victories than all of those other guys COMBINED, and don't TELL me it was because of his team. In case you forgot, remember last paragraph? "So, in "the MOST important game of the season", here is how Hines extrapolates to 16 games: 93 receptions, 1483 yards, 11 TDs" do we really need to look at how crappy those other guys usually did in their big games? so when the Steelers were looking at their last game of the season, they know that Ward is going to produce. over his entire career, look at his body of work. Playing on a team that up until 2007 was top 3 in rushing attempts per season almost every single season during the entirety of his career, he put up 4 seasons with at least 90 receptions. Randy Moss put up 3 seasons with at least 90 receptions. Terrell Owens put up 3 seasons with at least 90 receptions. I know it really isn't a huge deal, but Hines also forced a rule change in the NFL because he HIT TOO DAMN HARD. Also, ask this question....if you were going to play in the Super Bowl, which WR, in his prime would you want on YOUR team more than Hines Ward? You gotta win. It's not about prima donna production during the regular season. It's about securing a "W", which sometimes involves what you do when the ball ISN'T in your hands. Hall of Fame. 1st Ballot. Will he get it? No. Does he deserve it? You damn well better believe it.