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  1. My bad, just wanted to get topics folks here want to hear
  2. We are The Back Row Fantasy Show Hit us up @ Listen, rate and subscribe, and also, email us and tell us what you want to hear! Wether it be rankings (a lot already posted), strategy, sleepers, IDP vs Rookie pick value, etc. Thanks in advance! We are everywhere, iTunes, google play music, podbean, stitcher, heart radio and more
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  4. I tracked The Back Row Fantasy Show to this forum! Nice, Im Bark, creator co-host of the show, thanks for listing us here! We flow off listeners, so if you guys want to hear some rankings, write ups, strategies....hit me up at Thanks again!
  5. Hey Barker,

    Ive got 4 vacant Auction/Contract Teams in a Salary cap league:

    Pittsburgh, New England, Adelaide, and Oakland are available.

    You would inherit the team as is, but get a few caveats.

    1. You will be given 2 amnesty contracts, which allows you to cut any 2 players without incurring any salary cap penalties.

    2. We will hold an Expansion Style draft in which all current owners must make 6 players eligible to be drafted.  You can then draft along with the other new owners, up to 6 players from that pool.

    The format allows for quick turnarounds if you play your cards right due to the expiring of contracts, so its a great format for rebuilding without having to toil aimlessly forever.

    We are a 32 team league, but its essentially 2 16 team leagues playing for one title since there is one copy of each player per conference and no trading between conferences. 

    Dues are $35 and we ask a 2 year commitment to start ($70).

    We have a great, active group of owners, and would love to have you join us!

    If interested, email me at

    1. barker132000


      not looking for a 32 teamer, thanks though

    2. gambrinus843


      No problem, I thought we might fit your bill since it's essentially a 16 teamer playing another 16 teamer championship rd.

  6. Watched every game......don't let your belief in "small sample size...not enough to buy the hype " fool you. Vision patience and gonna be big...THIS year. Don't forget ...before injury concerns, he was considered the #2 and #3 rb available in 2012 draft by a lot of sources. I own him in every league.....i believe what my eyes saw last season.