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  1. Started DFS last year. Football only. Got bored at end of season and started following NBA and playing on Fan Duel. Had not followed the sport in years and what I learned ... You have to find reliable news sources with the last minute line-up info. 5-6 PM CST ... you have to be able to follow the MANY last many line-up changesMinutes matterUnlike your football line-up, which can be saved by a single player in garbage time, I found your NBA line-up had to hit on 8/9 or 9/9 players ... every night ... to cash. It is a HARD CORE space with folks that are sharp. My experience was I could not afford to have more than 1 wrong player in cash gamesMinutes matterThe NBA has a culture of ... pouting ... quitting ... coaches proving a point ... guys not playing with a hang nail ... REALLY present the last few weeks of last year's season. As mentioned, you have to keep up with all the sandbox, eight year old girl BS affiliated with the sportIf you know little to nothing, enter on the short slate of games. The Wed and Fri nights ... very difficult when newAs much fun, if not more, than football DFS and I stopped watching NBA years ago due to the whole league culture stuffThe pros in this space ... really blanking goodMinutes matterMinutes matterMinutes matterJust tinkered with a cash line-up and .. Curry/Robinson Gordon/Thompson Mirotic/H Barnes Brow/E Ilya Horford Think you can pivot to Mozgov and use J Butler. Butler becomes really nice play if LeBron sits
  2. Those books are the best content/items you have produced since unleashing Bloom, Jene , M Waldman and the Jeff's loose. Not a math guy and you did a solid job keeping some of that subject matter, which gets REALLY deep, simple.
  3. Observations from the last two games... He missed, as in whiffed and did not even attempt, a down field block in the Falcons game. It was on a cross that brought Wright to his side of the field. CP engaged as a blocker potentially springs Wright Last night he stops short of a block on another such play. He did not even opt to engage the DB. And...on his second catch...he started to curl and go down prior to being tackled Coaches tend to notice those things Then, in a game that was decided but you, as a coach, would hope to have him on the field to help; get some reps and such...he is gone. Not on the field in any capacity yet Jennings and Wright were Lots of problems on the offense...plenty of blame to place...but... The fact he has just flat out "ole'd" blocking assignments and he disappeared last night during the later part of the game could lead you to believe he was sat down Not saying that is the case and I am really curious to see what surfaces in the news but in no way would it shock me to learn this
  4. Fantastic, insightful poster. I try to read everything he posts.

  5. Ok, I need someone else's perspective. PPR, yardage at 1/10, bonus for distance scoring L. Evans v. Stallworth The Dolphins secondary looked very bad during the opener. Likewise, Evans was eliminated from the Bills offense by the Pats. I do not think the Dolphins have the player personnel at DB and S to clamp down on Evans. Evans is still the primary target and this game just has a 35-38 type look and feel to it. Stallworth...the guy had a MASSIVE game against a bad football team. The Giants are going to stop the run. Westbrook is already dinged. McNabb has targets in Westbrook, Brown and LJ Smith. My fear is that the Giants decide to take Stallworth away from McNabb and force him to live with Brown and Smith. Westbrook is going to get his junk underneath coverage regardless. The game will be tight. Finally, I have both Winslow and LJ Smith. I plan on playing Jr. and sitting Smith. I do not want to have 2 Eagles going this week. Last week it made sense. This week...not so much. Winslow is in. Evans is in. Do you see something else that would make you sit Evans and replace him with Stallworth?
  6. I have no problems having one of my teams posted and torn apart. If one person learns something, then it would be worthwhile. I just need the go ahead from the master strategist, wannabee. Also, my article did make it through and will be hosted, as opposed to being pinned in this thread. Sorry, wannabee, but it made the big time. When it goes up, I will drop a line.
  7. Jeff, if I get time to complete it; edit it for content, as it is long; and make it a little lighter, then I plan on sending it. The problem is I might not have time to complete that process before the deadline.
  8. This is an extremely good point, and should not be underestimated.If I can try and boil it down to one phrase: "ACTUAL value may not equal PERCEIVED value." Finding imbalances in "markets" is how people make big $$ in stocks, futures, real estate, etc. If you see value where others don't, you can make a killing. Also, the opposite is true - when everyone sees your asset as valuable, it is likely to be overvalued and you should strongly consider selling. This is the "Art of the Deal" of trading in a nutshell. After reading wannabe's first post on value, I started to put some thoughts down on paper. Well, I know have a decent sized essay that I might submit prior to July 17th, which is assuming I get time to finish it. If I do not, then I will post it here. It is built around Actual versus Perceived value and how a dynasty owner might come to understand that idea; track and learn the tendencies of his league mates; locate purchase patterns within his peers and learn to control the league economy; player inflation and buying cycles. The article is geared more for folks just making the jump from redraft to dynasty but I figure it will need a home, if I cannot finish it, and this would be the most logical place.
  9. Sorry, the sub 8 year old crowd does not do well at Ruth's for dinner.
  10. Maximus... No kidding. I witnessed two very proud and culturally gifted parents chasing their child around a McDonald's play pen recently. The child's name was Maximus. Not Max. Not Maximilian. Not a family name either, as I asked. I had to despite the wife's request to let it go. I guess Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Obi Wan and Luke are probably over done so I can see how the happy couple came to this decision.
  11. Decade was the easiest term to describe my thought. How about era? There are only a finited number of players represenative of a certain era, which may or may not be a single decade, that make the Hall at a given position. Will Ward be considered one of the top 3-4 WR to have played during this era of professional football?
  12. Yudkin, thanks for clearing that up. I knew someone had that information but I had it in my head the number was very low for WR.
  13. Ward is a great football player. If you ever played at any level, how could you not want that guy on your team? His Pro Bowl invites reflect that fact. Players votes count and Ward keeps getting in despite stats that might not be as ridiculous as some of his contemporaries. He is what is right about the game versus some of his peers. The list of malcontents is long but start with Owens and continue. Conversely, the WR position is one of the most difficult to gain entry into the HOF. Yudkin, Drinen or Marshall Rob have the number but, if memory serves, only a little less than 3 players per decade make the HOF. Don't quote me but I think it is just shy of 3 or just shy of 4. Per 10 year period of playing time...think about that for a minute and hold the thought. Ward's contemporaries are Moss, Owens, Harrison, Bruce, Holt, R. Smith and J. Smith. I am sure I left someone off the list so feel free to add. Some of those guys have numbers that are greater than Ward's or, which can be argued, will end up with numbers far greater than Ward's. That is not a direct knock on Ward. He is playing in an offense that is predicated on the run in an outdoor park located in the northeast. Ward is playing the hand he was given. However, some of his counterparts play in domes or fair weather climates on teams that pass early and often. As long as Cowher continues to play his brand of football and Ward stays a Steeler, Ward's statisitcal situation is not going to change. As was mentioned, Monk is still not in the HOF. Several of the passing records were passed to Monk, if only briefly. Monk played a L-O-N-G time and was on some great Redskin teams. He has the stats, rings and longevity but is still an outsider. Some of Ward's peers will end up with numbers much greater and, ultimately, that is the first tier of players Ward will get measured against. Next, will come the other veterans in the hall. Lastly, he will be held up against Swann and Stallworth. Those guys are each icons that define an era of the NFL and one of the most dominant teams over a short period of time. Again, not a knock against Ward but just the reality of the situation, which brings us back to the thought on hold. Does Ward end up being considered better than Harrison, Holt, Moss, Owens, Bruce, R. Smith, J. Smith and veterans like Monk/A. Reed? Will Ward without question end his career as one of the top 3 WR to play during his era? Can Ward do enough to supplant the images of Steeler legends Swann and Stallworth? As much as I like him as a player, I do not think Ward makes it, which is a shame.