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  1. Game attendance should be a lot lower this week, thanks to the President's instructions to leave the stadium immediately at the first sign of social causes that you disagree with.
  2. Technically he was disrespecting the anthem, not the flag.
  3. Or maybe just get rid of the "under God" line, which wasn't even part of the original pledge (it was awkwardly inserted into the pledge during the anti-Communist Red Scare of the 1950s). It's sadly ironic that we took the phrase "one nation indivisible", and literally divided it. Not to mention the irony of claiming that a country is indivisible while deliberately excluding atheists.
  4. I served my country and I don't want to see the National Anthem shown on a sports telecast. It's demeaning to what I fought for, IMO. The anthem shouldn't be exploited as a prop for TV networks (or players) to play rah-rah politics. Love the anthem. Hate how it's used.
  5. Is he playing madlibs? "Need one political belief or philosophical concept" "Need one noun"
  6. Freeze-frame on the floating bodies in space at the end of this week's episode. There are some photographs which reveal the identity of President Morty. (pretty sure most of you had a pretty good idea who it was gonna be)
  7. Have any of the listed charities confirmed that Trump's donations were received?
  8. I have a cousin who is a police officer and hardcore Trump supporter. He frequently describes Comey as a "scumbag" and a "criminal". I tried to talk to him about it, and the conversation went something like this: Me: Why do you think Comey is a scumbag and a criminal? Him: He clearly lied to Congress! That's a felony! He should be prosecuted! Me: What did he lie about? Him: He lied about how many times he met with Trump. Me: Is it possible that he wasn't really "lying", but merely describing the number of private, "one on one" meetings with the President, as opposed to group meetings or phone meetings? Him: Well then, he leaked confidential information! He should be prosecuted for that. Me: He was a private citizen at the time, and he only leaked notes of his private thoughts. Do you think people should be prosecuted for their opinions? Him: Well, he's still a scumbag for letting Hillary off the hook. Me: He wasn't the Attorney General so he did not have the power to let her off the hook. At any rate, Trump's current FBI director and AG are also letting Hillary off the hook. Do you think that they are also scumbags? Him: Well, pretty much all of Washington is full of Obama sympathizers, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were refusing to prosecute Hillary. Me: But Trump has the power to replace the FBI director and AG with people willing to prosecute Hillary and Comey, yet he hasn't done that. Do you think that Trump is also an Obama sympathizer? Him: No! But he can't get a new AG or FBI director until he gets The Wall and tax cuts passed by Congress. Me: Then why didn't Trump just nominate an anti-Hillary AG and FBI director back in January? Him: Because he didn't know Sessions was going to recuse himself! Me: But Sessions didn't recuse himself from prosecuting Hillary and Comey. He recused himself from overseeing the Russia investigation. Him: Eh, it's all the same thing. And round and round it goes. Trump can do no wrong. Comey and Hillary are the root of all evil. Just keep repeating the talking points until you find a sympathetic ear or until a new talking point is unveiled.
  9. Alex Smith, #1 waiver wire pickup this week?
  10. Belichick should have challenged the spot of the 3rd down play. Worst case scenario is that they move it a few inches and he still doesn't lose a timeout.
  11. Belichick exploits loophole in the rules: hit the punter as hard as you can......on his kicking leg.
  12. Our league has used ESPN for auction drafts the past 3 years. I am not impressed. The two main issues for me are: 1. the website will randomly freeze up for a few seconds (preventing anyone from entering bids), then it will suddenly unfreeze with the clock showing 0:00 -- and the player will be assigned to whoever entered the last bid before the site froze! This has happened every year that we've done our draft -- at 3 different locations -- so it's not the fault of our internet connection. 2. if you are using the app or if you are using an iPad, you can only enter bids that are exactly $1 more than the previous bid. So, if someone bids $1 and you want to bid $30, you can't do it unless you're on a PC. Another disadvantage of this setup is that the bids sometimes come so fast that you might think that you're pressing the "+1" button to go from $8 to $9, but someone else on a PC has just bid $30, and suddenly the system thinks that you want to bid $31. Also, the draft queue doesn't work very well. You try to drag-and-drop players into your queue, and half the time it doesn't stick.
  13. Ah yes, I too remember that time in 6th grade social studies when the teacher said that the United States was a democracy, and I triumphantly proclaimed to the class, "We don't live in a Democracy! We live in a Republic!" I thought I was so smart and my teacher was so dumb. Then my teacher calmly and patiently explained that a "Democratic Republic" is a form of democracy.
  14. It's probably a good idea to contain the troll-esque posters to this thread, so that they don't spill over into the rest of the forum. Please feel free to continue engaging them here.