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  1. It's only a matter of time before someone names their kid "Special Snowflake".
  2. Stop being a Billy Ripken Fleer #616.
  3. "Come on! Kill me! Do it now!"
  4. Ditka Butkis writes: The unemployment rate averaged 5.5% during the Eisenhower years. So people apparently sat on their a**es as much in the '50s as they did when Bill Clinton was president. Sure, the 1950s were a pretty good time for white males and their dependents. But that tends to happen when you use legalized discrimination to suppress various minority classes of people. I'm sure most white people in the south thought things were pretty good in the 1850s, too.
  5. Em: Wait, you actually thought there was really going to be a wall?
  6. Black poverty rate by year Notice that the poverty rate consistently goes up when a Republican is president, and consistently goes down then a Democrat is president. The correlation is uncanny. Blacks had their highest poverty rate under Eisenhower. The second highest poverty rate happened under Reagan. Meanwhile, the lowest poverty rate took place under Clinton.
  7. That number includes high school kids. The real number is more like 19.2%.
  8. What does this even mean? How do you quantify a person's viewpoint? Also, doesn't this completely contradict your previous claim that Hillary just wants to spend taxpayer money on programs to help black people? If she just viewed blacks as votes, why would she want to help them?
  9. Have you ever noticed that Trump frequently accuses other people of possessing traits that are often attributed to him?
  10. She tweeted a few "white person" jokes that, I suppose, could be considered racially insensitive. Breitbarters latched onto it and went into EXTREME FAUX OUTRAGE MODE.
  11. Em: Oh, are you running for office too? Because you couldn't possibly be referring to Trump, since he hasn't led a major national poll since July 24th. And he hasn't led the RCP average for Florida since February. But hey, one poll of registered voters has Trump within the margin of error in Florida, so he's got that goin' for him, which is nice.
  12. You don't consider his latest quotes to be a backtrack?
  13. When all is said and done and the Republicans do their postmortem for the 2016 election, I think they're going to conclude that Trump's base was mostly independents and Democrats who were allowed to vote in Republican primaries. (Note that Trump did much better in Open primaries than Closed primaries.) And it will cause Republicans to completely overhaul their primary system -- eliminating Open primaries, shortening the registration deadlines for Closed primaries, and adding Superdelegates. Basically, Donald Trump noticed loopholes in the Republican system and he exploited them perfectly. People will be writing books about how he tricked Republicans into ruining their own party.