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  1. The Republicans don't want to be seen treating a woman the way that they treated Strzok. I wish I could say that it's a somewhat noble act, but I very much doubt that nobility had anything to do with their motivations.
  2. I'll defend anyone who is unjustly arrested for a trumped-up crime. I don't judge victims based on my opinion of their career choice. This is why conservatives lack credibility on the whole "law and order" thing. And frankly, it also shows why conservatives lack credibility when it comes to the whole #metoo movement. If you can't treat women with a basic level of respect, how can anyone take your comments on #metoo as anything more than cynical exploitation?
  3. This thread is dedicated to the theory that Seth Rich (a low-level staff member for the Democratic National Committee) was one of the sources responsible for hacking emails of the Democrats and passing them on to Russia and/or Wikileaks. Rich was killed 2 years ago and the conspiracy theorists believe that he was assassinated to keep him from revealing secrets about the hacking. Today's indictments (from Trump's own Justice Department) contradict those theories in every significant manner. In fact, today's indictments indicate that many of the entities who peddled the "Seth Rich conspiracy" were, in fact, responsible for sabotaging the Democrats in the first place.
  4. It's weird to brag about the fact that a subsection of a protest is not as big as the rest of the protest.
  5. Right. And when a Democrat is POTUS, this talking point gets auto-changed to "Never negotiate with terrorists."
  6. Had a conversation with one of the pastors at my church several years ago. His definition of "charity" was basically the following: - "Overseas missions are for converting only. We're not there to feed and clothe, we're there to preach." - "Charity begins and ends at home." (Which he said was a paraphrase of 1 Timothy, which wasn't true.) Basically his point was that church resources should be devoted to helping members of the church only, not anyone else. "Other churches can take care of other people," he said. And......that's why I'm no longer a member of that church.
  7. 10 is the perfect size for 2QB. I've done it with 12 but it has to be superflex and you also need to consider roster restrictions to prevent hoarding.
  8. It's almost like a "Seinfeld" routine: Jerry (T.O.): "I won't be attending the event." Store Manager (HOF): "May I ask why?" Jerry (T.O.): "For spite." Store Manager (HOF): "I'm afraid that 'spite' doesn't fit into any of our reasons for not attending." Jerry (T.O.): "Well, so fine, then. Then......I have a prior commitment...and that's why I won't be attending!" Store Manager (HOF): "You already said 'spite'. Too late!"
  9. They may have failed to get Strzok to snap, but they got all the soundbytes that they needed to secure the base in 2018 and beyond. "He won't answer the questions!" will play on Hannity every single night in October. They didn't flip any Ds to R, but I don't think they lost any Rs today.
  10. "Better Than Lincoln" is the name of my Linkin Park/Better Than Ezra co-tribute band. Our lead singer dresses up as Andrew Johnson.
  11. One thing you can do is have a talk with your daughter about how to deal with guys like that. Don't let her fall into the trap of feeling flattered just because a guy is paying attention to her.
  12. Wait.......good god, that's matuski's music I hear!!
  13. Guys are gonna look. Some look because they're pedohebephiles. Others look because they think that the girl is legitimately 18 years old. I'm not sure what you can do about them unless the guy is actually approaching your daughter.
  14. Why do you think it has to be one or the other? Do you really think that it's not possible for a human being to condemn without using petty name calling?
  15. The problem with guys like Gohmert is that his supporters eat it up.