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  1. I suspect that NorvilleBarnes is making a subtle commentary on the fact that Republicans (generally) and Trump (specifically) have changed their position on the subject of rappers who support presidential candidates. Or did I miss the episode of Hannity where he read Lil' Wayne lyrics live on the air?
  2. Just heard today the Detroit city clerk is expecting a small voter turnout on Tuesday as registrations were not up. Said that they also way over estimated the demand absentee ballots. Detroit basically cost Hillary Michigan last election from a small turnout. Had the same amout that tunred out for Obama turned out for Hillary she wins Michigan. You're burying the lede here. The Detroit city clerk is expecting a 50% turnout — which would actually be up 2% from 2016. Granted, that is slightly lower than it was when Obama was running, but it would still have been enough for Hillary to win Michigan in 2016.
  3. 538 is actually giving Biden a better chance in Alabama (2%) than they're giving Trump in California (less than 1%).
  4. 0.0% chance either flips, or are even close. I’m not confident about much surrounding this election but I am supremely confident in this. Fivethirtyeight won't even let you give California or New York to Trump in their election simulator. But they will let you give Alabama, Louisiana, and North Dakota to Biden. Talk about unfair bias!!
  5. so dumb Translation: if the race in PA is close and it looks like Biden will need the late-arriving ballots to win, then the Supreme Court will suddenly intervene and declare that those ballots are voided. On the other hand, if Biden has a comfortable lead, then the Supreme Court will magically decide that their original ruling was just fine. This is the best of both worlds for Trump. Not only does he get to keep a veto in his pocket, but he also benefits from the state of Pennsylvania telling Democrats to go ahead and wait until Election Day to mail their ballots.
  6. Oh, darn. I had responded to one of your previous posts based on the belief that you were a serious, thoughtful and/or rational poster. I regret making that assumption now.
  7. Your confidence is misplaced. It's true that Democrats have lost some of their support among Blacks and Hispanics, but: A) the Black vote seems to be reverting towards the pre-Obama norm, B) the Hispanic vote has always been diverse and was not nearly as much of a "lock" to the Democrats, and C) whatever gains Trump makes here will be massively overwhelmed by Trump's losses among White voters. He's losing his lock on non-college Whites and elderly Whites. To put it another way: Biden may lose ~9% of the Black/Hispanic vote, but he'll gladly trade that for a ~5% increase in the White vote.
  8. President Trump can't want the Black community to be successful more than they want to be successful.
  9. Do you see the contradiction in your own post here? You're complaining that the media has no credibility, but you're also complaining about their refusal to cover the Hunter Biden story. You can't have both. Well, I guess you can, but then you're admitting that you're a partisan hack who just wants the media to act as a direct outlet of the state.
  10. Not sure about your cutoff between "not super" and "pretty"......but I'm about 70% confident that Biden will win. And I voted for him. I do think that there's a greater likelihood of a small Trump victory than a small Biden victory. In other words, I think Biden either wins big or he doesn't win at all.
  11. The email where he says that his dad won't be participating in the deal that didn't happen?
  12. Was like a 2/3min long video of every time he says we are going to have a “vaccine very soon” all the way back to early March. Feels like literally every week he said it multiple times. So ludicrous. Some how people still believe him too. Trump Jr. said on Fox tonight that the number of COVID deaths is "almost nothing, because we’ve gotten control of this.” I guess their plan is to just lie right to the faces of their supporters, so that on November 4th they can turn around and complain about how President Biden let COVID get out of control.