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  1. Cowboysfan8: That just rehashes the first article and sprinkles in some quotes from the filmmaker and a Fox News host.
  2. Actually he lost a book contract because conservatives finally realized that they were being trolled.
  3. Saints: Don't worry, the Muslim ban is coming back in a few days so we'll have plenty of stuff to talk about then.
  4. British citizen denied entry into U.S. despite having valid visa I guess we're just banning anyone with an Arabic name now
  5. Yes. Yes I can complete that sentence. Hey, you're right -- that was a weird question!
  6. I like how Trump deflects his fake news with "I was just given that information", then immediately doubles down with "Actually, I've seen that information around" (as if that helps).
  7. Reg: The Rasmussen tracking poll was created in 2003 by a Republican guy who was tired of seeing Bush's low approval numbers. He decided to start a new poll that only polled "Likely Voters" (i.e., older people) who owned landlines (i.e., older people). Then, he further skewed the poll by creating an "Index" that only counted people who "Strongly Approved" or "Strongly Disapproved". Guess what? Older people are more likely to strongly believe something! It pretty much guaranteed that Bush would have positive numbers (and it also increased the likelihood that a Democrat would have negative numbers). Trump has broken their poll, though. They might have to re-design it to only include voters who profess "Undying Loyalty" to their opinions.
  8. Worst Samuel L. Jackson sequel ever.
  9. Swedish police accuse filmmaker of using fake news techniques in documentary "We don’t stand behind it. It shocked us. He has edited the answers. We were answering completely different questions in the interview. This is bad journalism."
  10. Trump hits new low in Rasmussen poll Just 50% of likely voters with landlines approve of Trump's job performance. That's gotta hurt. Rasmussen was the last remaining polling service that still had Trump above 50%. I also thought this part was interesting:
  11. Might want to read the thread before making an a$$ of yourself.
  12. Well, now we know who's been controlling the Rohn Jambo alias.
  13. Feels like the whole thing was a setup to troll both liberals and conservatives, but the priest recording leaked just a bit too soon. If only it had leaked the day of his CPAC speech, it would have been an epic troll.
  14. Rohn: 1. the guy who was killed by a dumbbell was going to testify for himself not against Hillary. (He was being accused of corruption. It had nothing to do with Hillary whatsoever.) 2. he died 5 days before a scheduled meeting with lawyers, not the day before testifying. 3. this alias is a sad insult to the memory of Finless.