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  1. I voted "Slight Agreement" and I will explain why: First, I believe that people who are transgender should be allowed to serve. However, I believe that the military has the right to determine that pre-op (transitioning) transgender soldiers are a distraction to other soldiers and/or themselves. (I'm not saying that I necessarily agree with that belief, I'm just saying that the military has the right to make that call.) But if there are any post-op transgender soldiers in the military, I don't see how anyone can justify excluding them from service. These soldiers would not be suffering from a mental illness (such as gender dysphoria) and would be nearly indistinguishable from other soldiers. So if they can perform the exact same duties as other soldiers and they're not a distraction or medical burden in any way, then they should be allowed to serve.
  2. The government already pays for transgender medical care for federal employees. So the whole "cost savings" angle is total B.S. ......unless Trump is going to ban those people too? :oldunsure:
  3. Of course the logical flaw here is that by bringing up the Russian hacking narrative, the Democrats are inviting attention and scrutiny to the party's efforts against Bernie Sanders.
  4. LOL It's like Trump supporters don't even want to look at the Trump government's own gas price chart.
  5. Non-interventionist means non-interventionist. No exceptions allowed, ever. It's like talking to one of those hardcore Libertarians who actually try to argue that society would work just fine if we eliminated all government services, including police and fire departments. You can't argue with untestable theories.
  6. Trump's rants against the Washington Post show a similar mindset. As Saints pointed out above, Trump is equating the free press with campaign spending. But he also says that the free press is full of corrupt liars. Ergo, Trump is subconsciously projecting that his own campaign was full of corrupt liars.
  7. Anywhere from medium rare to medium well is fine by me. I'm not picky. Plus I like a little variation now and then.
  8. Because firing Sessions would be an admission of failure on Trump's part. He needs Sessions to resign so that Trump can claim victory.
  9. Who believes this stuff? Average price of gasoline is $2.37/gallon In November 2016 it was under $2.25/gallon. In February 2016 it was $1.79/gallon. Oh, and 12 years ago the average price was $2.29/gallon.
  10. This is such an outright lie. McCabe didn't "get" $700K; his wife did. (Also, it wasn't $700K, it was $675K, but I'll let that part slide because who knew math could be so complicated?) And it didn't come from Hillary. It came from Democratic donors as part of a political campaign. Oh, and McCabe wasn't in charge of the Hillary investigation. Comey was. Sad and terrible.
  11. Yesterday Trump urged members of the military to lobby their congressperson to repeal Obamacare. He has no concept of boundaries.
  12. Republican. Speaker Of The House for 8 years. He was accused of molesting 4 boys as young as 14 while he was a high school wrestling coach in the '70s. One boy accused Hastert of molesting him repeatedly over the course of 4 years. Ultimately he admitted to molesting multiple boys, but was never charged with child abuse due to the statute of limitations. He was charged with and convicted of hiding the $1.7 million in payments that he made to one of his victims. Not quite worse than Jerry Sandusky but in the same category.
  13. Couldn't Donald Trump be very involved in the DNC getting hacked?
  14. I myself am a Non Stamp Collector.