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  1. Da Guru: Savage's show wasn't pulled off the air. It was pre-empted by the New York station so it could air the debate live. Other stations carried Savage's show without interruption. That's part of Savage's contract, by the way, so he knew in advance what was happening. Conservatives really need to stop and think about the hills they want to take a stand and die on.
  2. Didn't they already stock up when Obama threatened to take their guns in 2008 and 2012? Or did they sell those guns in 2013 at a loss?
  3. THEY ALSO BOTH WORK IN REAL ESTATE!!!!111111 :shock:
  4. Mean Gene Okerlund.
  5. Trump furious with surrogates for admitting that he "lost" the debate
  6. "Tim Tebow goes deep" -- said no female, ever.
  7. Did Trump raise his hand?
  8. Trump pulls all staff out of Oregon Okay, okay, "all staff" = "one guy". But still.
  9. Slow down, Ignatowski.
  10. Hillary wasn't exactly skewered by SNL, but they definitely favored Obama in 2008.
  11. He came back too soon from the back surgery. Also, playing on Thursday night probably didn't help either.
  12. Yeah but if the quiet black female cop from Police Academy had said the EXACT SAME THING, it would have been hilarious.
  13. tommyboy: Earlier this week, Mark Cuban said that Hillary invited him to sit in the front row at the debate. Trump responded by saying "Well then, maybe I'll invite Gennifer Flowers!" Then Gennifer Flowers claimed that Trump really did invite her. Then Trump's spokesperson (Kellyanne Conway) said that Trump never officially invited Flowers. She said the whole ordeal was proof that the Clinton campaign is easily baited. Then Mark Cuban confessed that he was never officially invited in the first place.
  14. Don't Noonan: The problem is that Trump doesn't know how to answer the question. "That makes me smart" may endear him to many people, but it's not going to gain very many undecided voters -- especially if those undecided voters don't have access to the tax loopholes that Trump is able to exploit.