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  1. Isn't U.S. asylum policy codified in various international treaties?
  2. Donald Trump is considered to be the ultimate example of an alpha male*. *according to the Pick Up Artist/Men's Rights/Involuntarily Celibate crowd.
  3. I didn't even know about the candy on the table until you just made a big deal about it in this thread. So, thanks?
  4. The great thing about saying "the big reveal happens soon" is that you can just keep recycling the phrase until the end of time.
  5. Wow, I can't believe that the NY Post (owned by the parent company of FoxNews) actually reported on the "I Really Don't Care" jacket.
  6. 1. download/install/open Google Chrome. 2. Ctrl-Shift-N 3. paste link from Wall Street Journal and hit Enter.
  7. She allegedly had an outpatient procedure. Then she spent the next 5 days in the hospital. Then she spent several more days concealed inside the White House.
  8. I recall that at one point the "big reveal" was supposed to be the arrest of thousands of child sex traffickers. And somehow President Trump was luring all the pedophiles into a false sense of security before he was going to expose them to the world.
  9. Melania's jacket
  10. Yeah, that's another thing. The coach would yell things such as "Pass to Janey! Pass to Janey!" but by the time his command had been processed by the brain of the 10-year-old girl he was yelling at, the ball had already been passed to a different girl (or it had been intercepted by the other team). Then he would yell a different command, which would also become irrelevant moments later. It's like he his commands were continually one step behind the play on the field. And then he wondered why all the players were running around in circles like they didn't know what to do.
  11. "Where's Melania?" does not mean the same as "Melania is getting a divorce". I understand how some people might be confused because both sentences have the word "Melania" in it. But they are definitely not the same thing. Hope that helps.
  12. Without the context of those multiple texts, you cannot judge if Strzok was biased. You say you can't judge "I may vote for Trump" because you don't have the context for that one text. Therefore, the same standard should be applied to all of Strzok's other texts. Doesn't matter if it's one text or 100 texts. No judging without context.
  13. Hey remember last week when that didn't actually happen? Pretty funny, huh?
  14. Trump's approval rating at Rasmussen (the most favorable polling service for Trump) just hit its lowest number since March.
  15. Watching a game of U11 girls soccer last night. The coach is a yeller: "Allie! Allie! BACK ON DEFENSE! ALLIE!!!!!! CUT HER OFF!! GET IN FRONT OF HER!!! [pause] JANEY, SWITCH WITH ALLIE! ALLIE GO TO MIDFIELD!!!!!" (Allie spent the rest of the game staring at her shoes.) The team was down 3-0 at that point. They lost 7-0. Not sure what the coach thought he was accomplishing with his on-field orchestration.