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  1. Looking forward to Trump banning Democrats from coming to the State Of The Union speech. Or maybe he'll have them escorted out when they start booing?
  2. It's a slang term for an informal press conference. Instead of standing at a podium, Spicer mingles with the press and they all kind of look like a gaggle of geese.
  3. Front page of CNN. CNN, NY Times and other news outlets blocked from attending White House gaggle From CNN's Sara Murray, Jeremy Diamond and Kevin Liptak: The White House handpicked news organizations to attend Friday's gaggle with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, which was held instead of the White House press briefing. CNN was not permitted to attend, along with the New York Times, Politico, Buzzfeed and much of the foreign press that regularly attends White House briefings. NBC, ABC, and FOX were allowed in, along with CBS, who is Friday’s pool network. Breitbart, Washington Times, One America News Network also attended. The Associated Press and TIME boycotted the gaggle. There has been no explanation yet from the White House.
  4. Two things: 1. notice how Trump changes his syntax from "there are no nine people" to "I don't believe there was one or two people". Trump is more likely to be speaking the truth when he makes a declarative statement vs. saying "I don't believe...". 2. technically speaking, there could be between 3 and 8 people who confirmed the story, and Trump's statement would be accurate.
  5. urbanhack: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Trump has talked about Medical Marijuana being beneficial for certain ailments (i.e. terminal cancer), but we have no idea if he's willing to let states and doctors decide how it can be dispensed.
  6. Saints: The flags or the fact that they were confiscated?
  7. Righetti: If you haven't done anything wrong, what's the big deal? Only a bad hombre would be afraid to show his papers.
  8. Pretty sure he was just giving advice to Donald Trump there.
  9. Dodds: Don't you usually admonish us to wait until something gets released before engaging in speculative discussion?
  10. Henry: Why do you feel bad? Trump was totally up front about his belief that recreational marijuana use should remain a federal crime and that he would utilize taxpayer dollars to go after states that defied the federal statutes. Oh wait, no he wasn't.
  11. Trump: We will accomplish X on Day One! Reporter (Day 2): Why didn't you accomplish X? Trump: It's all Obama's fault! Will will accomplish X on Day 91! Reporter (Day 92): Why didn't you accomplish X? Trump: It's all Obama's fault! Will will accomplish X on Day 191! He can pretty much repeat that script to the end of eternity. His supporters will follow him all the way down to the Flavor Aid barrels.
  12. Quint: I agree that Brazile's actions were unethical. But it does not rise to the level of "scandalous", IMO. In fact, Zucker's comments show that Brazile was acting as a lone wolf without assistance from anyone else at CNN. This whole incident was far too small and isolated to qualify as a scandal.
  13. Wildcat: Okay, let's let your scenario play out, and transgender protections are eliminated. A man walks into a women's bathroom. Then what happens? He's questioned by police? Forced to leave? Can he be arrested based solely on his appearance? Will he be required to "show his papers" (proving that he is a biological female)? If so, would that not violate due process? Once he proves that he's a biological female, will he be permitted to return to the women's bathroom? Do you think that this would be less traumatic for a little girl than it would have been for a little boy to see the same person?