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  1. "The first 3 picks were not the quarterback's fault" -- how often do you get a chance to hear that sentence??
  2. Can't believe I cut Dion Lewis for this guy.
  3. All we need now is for someone to turn up evidence of one of Trump's kids getting busted for shoplifting when they were younger. Or maybe we can just find an episode of "The Apprentice" or an old Tweet where Trump says shoplifting is no big deal.
  4. Redmond: It doesn't look good for Franken to deny the accuser's version of the events, while simultaneously issuing an apology. Calling for an investigation is a smart move here. If he knows that there are witnesses or other evidence that will back up his version of the events, then it's a good idea for him to be silent right now. The Trump move would be to deny the accuser's version of the events while also refusing to allow an investigation. That works great when your only goals are to mollify your followers, obscure the truth, and create disruption and discord.
  5. The NFL is not the only professional sports league with players who have domestic violence issues. But every other league has found a way to address it without allowing it to drag out in the media. Goodell isn't just being arbitrary. He's attempting to use his position to make examples of the players -- partly because he thinks it will serve as a deterrent for other players, and partly because he thinks it will improve the image of the league and expand the fan demographics. But I think it's failing on both levels. Players are not deterred, and the fanbase is not expanding. The NFL is not a 1950s finishing school. It's not Roger Goodell's job to teach men how to be men. He's acting like prison warden when he needs to be acting more like a CEO.
  6. Maurile: That link is probably a good guideline for stage actors who are preparing for a serious, romantic kissing scene. But I don't think that the same logic applies to a very broad comedic scene, especially when the whole point of the scene is to depict Saddam Hussein as a loutish buffoon. I've seen a lot of kisses on SNL, and few of them fit into the guidelines described in your link. I think it's reasonable for a comedic actor in that situation to expect that the kiss could involve tongue.
  7. Oh man, I thought that said "Jeffrey Jones" when I first read it. (You know, the guy who played the principal in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"). You really had me scared for a moment there. I love that guy and it would totally bum me out if it turned out that he was harassing women.
  8. Maurile: I understand that she is now saying that she did not intend to give consent to a French kiss. But how was Al Franken supposed to know that? How is he supposed to know that "I give consent to an exaggerated, comedic kiss" actually meant "I give consent to an exaggerated, comedic kiss...but without any tongue"?
  9. Henry: This is one of those questions that's not going to be answered by black letter law. The question is generally a reasonableness standard. If an adult male asks a 10-year-old if he can give her a kiss, it's unreasonable for him to think he just got permission to play tonsil-hockey. If two people just finished a date and are "having coffee" back at one of their homes and the man asks her if he can kiss her and she says yes, it's reasonable for him to think he just got permission for a full on juicy lip-lock. Everything in between is going to be pretty gray. Gotcha. So, it's reasonable to expect that a consented kiss at the end of a date is going to be more "juicy" (for lack of a better term) than most other occasions. But wouldn't it also be reasonable to expect that a consented kiss as part of an exaggerated comedy sketch would also be more "juicy" than average? It seems to me that the context of the sketch was that the kiss was expected to be exaggerated and unromantic, right? She consented to such a kiss. The fact that the kiss was exaggerated, unromantic, and French does not change the fact that the kiss was within the expectations of the established context.
  10. Question(s) for the legal types: is there a legal definition of a "kiss"? If a woman consents to being kissed, does the kisser have the legal right to choose what type of kiss to give?
  11. The Reverend Jamie Johnson.
  12. Guess who has zero posts in the Roy Moore thread?
  13. Paging bostonfred.
  14. Dodds writes: David, The article that is linked to your post (here) states that she threatened "to call the police". Do you have a link showing that she actually did call the police, as you've stated here?
  15. There are some facts which aren't in dispute here. The picture is real. We know that they rehearsed a sketch which involved kissing. This isn't fake news. Are we supposed to ignore a story solely because the alt-right tries to use it to distract the country from Republican misdeeds? The topic is certainly worth discussing. If more women come forward, then the topic will become more relevant. If no one else comes forward and a Congressional investigation comes up empty, then the story will go away.