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  1. "Business productivity increased 5% nationwide..."
  2. This is one of the oldest scams around. They just want you to click on their link so you will go to their website and give them your personal information.
  4. Clinton can't get 100 people to attend her rallies because she's not dumb enough to think that campaign rallies are the best way to win the election. Trump banked everything on airport rallies and Fox News appearances. He chose....poorly.
  5. Did Jackson even start the game like multiple outlets claimed?
  6. Commish: Not sure if I would describe Ted Cruz as "polished" and "without over-the-top rhetoric". Also, are you the guy who is the spelling Nazi or are you the anti-spelling-Nazi guy? I can't remember. Anyway, it's "fray", not "frey".
  7. Are you sure that your Commish didn't cheat? I read somewhere that ESPN decided to make him stay on waivers for a full week in the interest of fairness (since he was just added to the site a couple days ago). He's currently listed as being owned by 0.0% of ESPN owners.
  8. Rotoworld is quoting from Ian Rapoport, who only said that Jackson would be the "main back". Not quite the same as starting.
  9. Plus Lewinsky had already been subpoenaed by Ken Starr. Neither Drudge nor Newsweek had uncovered anything.
  10. Link to any of these "reports"?
  11. Jackson officially promoted to active roster per