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  1. Flash-frozen ice cream balls that look like round chewy Sweet Tarts.
  2. Make him play. Kids need to learn that "I want to do that" is a legally enforceable verbal contract.
  3. "both in person and around the globe" can be interpreted two ways: 1. "it was the largest audience in person, AND it was the largest audience around the globe" 2. "the combined number of people who watched (both in person and around the globe) was the largest audience ever."
  4. That's kind of a dangerous precedent, IMO. A personal apology should not be required if the original error was not personal. For example, if the reporter had said "Trump had the statue removed", then yes it might require a personal apology. But if the reporter said "The statue is not on display" (which is in fact what he said), then the reporter does not owe Trump a personal apology.
  5. Will it be a ripoff of "The Last Starfighter", or will it be a ripoff of "The Last Airbender"?
  6. "unintentional lies" -- fits perfectly with "alternate facts"
  7. Putin is testing Trump to see just how loyal he is.
  8. [jon_mx] But Obama had the liberal press cheering for him at every press conference!!! [/jon_mx]
  9. Wonder what Spidey is going to say about this?
  10. GoBirds: The best part is that Trump asked the baker to make the cake out of styrofoam so that he could continue admiring Obama's cake for several days afterwards.
  11. If Obama wants to say "I" a few extra times on the day that we killed Bin Laden, I'll give him a pass on that one.
  12. Saints: Wallace: You talk about honesty. Well, two things Trump said yesterday were just flat wrong. Wow. Day 1 and FoxNews is already calling him out.
  13. Did anyone else notice that Spicer seemed unfamiliar with several of the phrases that he kept repeating? ("sowing division", "false narratives", etc.) "...and, and, false, uh....what does this say? Oh yeah, false narratives!"
  14. scooter: It wasn't a tweet. It was a pool report that was issued to other reporters. All it said was "The MLK bust was no longer on display". The reporter wrote it because the bust was actually obscured by Secret Service agents and he honestly thought it was no longer on display. Once the Secret Service agents moved, he saw the bust and reported to the pool, "The MLK bust remains in the Oval Office". This is what the Trump administration chooses to attack. No discrepancy is too small for them. It's all about creating distrust, confusion, and loyalty.