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  1. "How dare you accuse me of bringing up alcohol!! But now that you mention it..."
  2. I like Michelle Beadle but it's hard to pull off the "cool chick you want to hang out with" persona when you're in your 40s.
  3. Pence is wondering if there's such a thing as Conversion Therapy for Narcissistic Sociopaths.
  4. Trump supporters: you pretty happy with how the president just made a threat, then completely backed down from that threat without getting anything in return? Is that your idea of "good negotiating"?
  5. George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave.
  6. When you've been conditioned to believe that dijon mustard is a sign of failure, then it's going to take a while to recognize the economic impact of tariffs.
  7. 8-iron is my best club. Have been able to pretty consistently hit it 145 yards for the past 20 years. My other irons are inconsistent to say the least: PW = anywhere from 80-130 yards 9 = 100-140 7 = 140-155 6 = 160-200 5 = 165-200 4 = 170-200 3 = 180-205 I bought two different "gap" wedges to try to reduce the inconsistency of my short game (one 51 degrees and one 54 degrees). I can't hit either one further than 90 yards?!
  8. It's okay, Kansas can solve all their problems by cutting taxes again. :mellow:
  9. Never underestimate the mass appeal of peroxide, silicone, and a willingness to do things that most girls won't do.
  10. The Dow has been stagnant for 3 months (actually down 500 points overall since the tax bill was passed). Ugh.
  11. I picture Eric Cartman running down the hallway yelling "TRADE WARRRRR!!!"
  12. Apparently, not everyone knows that liberals are on the left.
  13. Can't remember if I saw this in one of Greg's trivia threads, but the "White Rhino" isn't white, or even light skinned. The name comes from the Afrikaans word "wyd", which means "wide". It was supposed to be the "Wide (Mouth) Rhino", but somehow it was mistranslated as "White Rhino" and the name stuck. Meanwhile, the other species of rhino was called the Hook-lipped Rhinoceros. But since people needed an easy way to distinguish it from the White Rhino, they just started describing it as the Black Rhino -- even though it isn't black.
  14. Subconscious projection, thy name is Deplorables.
  15. Can't blame someone for acting pathetic, because someone else acted pathetic first. In other news, it's wrong to act like a child, neener neener neener.