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  1. Whoa, I had no idea that "#### on a shingle" was an actual thing. I thought it was just a phrase that my grandpa liked to say.
  2. Where is the evidence that the Democratic party has shifted progressive? Ocasio-Cortez won her race, but Cynthia Nixon was trounced.
  3. I don't know if that's what's happening here. Another possible scenario is that Democrats feel like the party is too conservative and isn't pushing back hard enough against current Republican policies. That's basically why Republican favorability was so low during the Obama years -- it wasn't because Republicans wanted the party to be more moderate, it's that Republicans wanted the party to be more conservative and stop giving in to Obama so often.
  4. Democrats should be concerned about the latest Gallup poll showing that Republicans have a higher favorability rating than Democrats (and their highest number in 7 years). (link) Most of this can be explained by Republicans who are are enthused by Trump's antics, but the same theory would also apply to Democrats who are unhappy with the current Democratic party. And that could be bad come November.
  5. Q noob: "Can you tell me exactly what these indictments could be for? I'm not clear what this is about" Q enthusiast: [gibberish] Q noob: "Wow! Now that's taking care of business! Thanks for clarifying"
  6. "Hey, technically that's 'signature fraud', not 'voter fraud'! So it's okay."
  7. 20 yard blunder by DHB. They should cut him tomorrow.
  8. "There really needs to be an adult in the room who is willing to accuse her of playing Spin The Bottle."
  9. Trumpguys: "YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Drain the swamp baby! Wait, what?"
  10. I like how it implies that Gordon's assessment of his hamstring is what will determine whether he is active or not.
  11. Well, so much for my survivor pool.
  12. What's Jeff Garcia up to these days? Seriously, though....Tyrod is a good fit here. Or maybe the Saints would be willing to trade Teddy B?
  13. I am starting Ekelar over Peyton Barber, Alfred Morris and Jamal Williams. I have a feeling that Ekelar will fall back to earth a bit, but I also have a feeling that those other 3 guys are garbage.
  14. It's also a stupid talking point because every single southern Republican in Congress voted against the 1964 Civil Rights bill. "I joined the only party in the south that was 100% opposed to Civil Rights!"
  15. It was the twenty-first of September That day I'll always remember, yes I will 'Cause that was the day....that my daddy died