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  1. I also love the fact that Wallace made sure to mention that Obama went to Arlington every year. That wasn't just a dig at Trump, but a dig at his own network for questioning Obama's patriotism every time he saluted with a cup of coffee in his hand.
  2. Joe Summer

    2018 Elections Thread

    Come on, Tim. There's a reason why Archie Bunker was hugely popular in the '70s. The Republican party has openly embraced his brethren since at least 1968.
  3. Good for Chris Wallace for pushing Trump to explain his actions. Watching Trump make excuse after excuse just shows how much of a weak beta he really is. The one line that sticks out is where Trump said "I really probably assumed that was fine". Not only does it show a lack of respect to Veterans and Americans in general, but it really shows how little he respects his own supporters. He assumed they wouldn't care.
  4. Joe Summer

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Nothing Assange did is covered under the First Amendment, since he is not an American citizen nor a resident.
  5. Joe Summer

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    "How come all these reporters will defend JIM ACOSTA but they won't defend MATT LAUER? Bunch of hypocrites."
  6. Can we go ahead and write his speech to the firefighters now? It's just going to be a variation on his greatest hits: - "Many people did not know that this fire was caused by power lines." - "This is the deadliest fire ever. It was huge." - "How can you identify bodies when they are burned beyond recognition? That's amazing." - "Firefighters love me. The police love me. ICE loves me. Did you know that ICE endorsed me for president?" - "California is a blue state. So I don't pay much attention to it." - "California used to be a Republican state. Many people did not know that. But you got all those illegal immigrants crossing the border and committing voter fraud, and suddenly it's a blue state." - "Did you know that we gained 2 seats in the Senate? First time that's ever happened. It was a historic victory." - "Maxine 'Low IQ' Waters is from California. Did you know that? She is. I call her 'Low IQ' because she is not very smart. Not very smart."
  7. Joe Summer

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Tom Reed is a Republican congressman from western New York. He said the other day that he was willing to vote for Pelosi for Speaker. Trump must have seen the interview.
  8. Joe Summer

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Right. Exactly right. Hillary didn't want the case, but she took it anyway. That is a textbook example of someone who agrees with the principles of the Constitution. Hillary did what Trump wouldn't have the courage to do. If Trump had been a lawyer, not only would have have declined this case, but he would have bought a newspaper ad proclaiming the suspect's guilt before the trial had even started. Once again, Trump and his supporters put their psychological projection on full display.
  9. Joe Summer

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    This is actually a good illustration of the fundamental difference between Clinton and Trump, as well as the psychological projection of Trump supporters. Hillary defended the rights of bad people because she believed in the Constitution. Trump accuses the innocent of being criminals and routinely ignores the Constitution when it inconveniences him.
  10. Well, it does sound like the lady was a bully. Maybe Melania was finally putting "Be Best" into action since neither her husband nor John Bolton wouldn't do anything about it?
  11. Joe Summer

    The migrant caravan

    Your church has never heard of missionary work?
  12. Joe Summer

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Big fan of living in the '60s, are you? Hey, did you know that it was the Democrats who tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act? Many people don't know that. And did you know that it was just as bad for white indentured servants as it was for the slaves? Many people don't know that. And did you know that some blacks owned slaves too? Many people don't know that. And did you know that blacks in Africa practiced slavery too? Many people don't know that. Well, I thought you would want to know those things because they are interesting facts that totally apply to modern society.
  13. Joe Summer

    The migrant caravan

    Fox's latest caravan update is just Brian Kilmeade saying "outrageous!" over and over again Even the Border Patrol guy showed little patience for Fox's shtick.
  14. Joe Summer

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Not as a Democrat, at least.
  15. "Man who sent bombs to Dick Cheney and Koch Brothers was seen at Obama rally just days earlier" Sorry, just trying to imagine an alternate reality for a moment.