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  1. Joe Summer

    Urging More People To Vote - Either Side Benefit?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to check in from upstate Idaho. I see absolutely zero signs of voter suppression here. Repeat: zero voter suppression. It may or may not be relevant info, but I thought it was worth noting.
  2. Joe Summer

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    Warren should have just told everyone that she listed herself as a minority as part of an elaborate drinking game.
  3. Joe Summer

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    The latest argument from the right seems to be "So what if her family story was correct and she only got a tiny amount of benefit? It's still a disqualifier!". Which is a really weird argument for the Trump crowd to be making.
  4. Joe Summer

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    If a Republican had done what Warren did, Trump would have praised him (or her) for exploiting a legal loophole, and he would have said that anyone else would have done the same thing, and he would have said that the "real racists" are the people who dare to criticize the move, and that "nobody does more for Indians" than he and the Republicans have done. And his supporters would have immediately nodded their heads and fallen in line. Hannity would be running a special infinity-part series about how all the other media outlets are biased hypocrites for playing the race card just because a Republican did something that was totally legal to do.
  5. I'm ready to get paid too. Where's my money??
  6. Joe Summer

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    This is classic Trump bluster. Warren said she was PART Native American, then Trump challenges her to prove that "you ARE Native American". He moved the goalpost to create a strawman. This allows his supporters to play the eugenics card as a defense. Under normal circumstances I would say that it would hurt Trump to have his supporters echoing Jim Crow language, but we've long since blasted past normal.
  7. Joe Summer

    ***Official*** Free Speech Thread

    That's literally not how "literally" works.
  8. Joe Summer

    ***Official*** Free Speech Thread

    "it is possible that content may no longer be true " LOLOLOLOLOL (also, pathetic and typical.)
  9. My grandparents slept in separate rooms. But they openly hated each other.
  10. Now that Republicans know that there are no consequences for unlimited spending, they'll never threaten to cut medicare or social security again.
  11. I bought a used car that had two of those clip-on thingies attached to the vents. The car STUNK of fake potpourri. It was gross. The only thing that got rid of the odor was a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Then I had to deal with the scent of vinegar for the next 3 months, but at least that smell eventually faded away. Anyway, my vote would be "Yes it's trashy".
  12. Joe Summer

    Raiders vs Chargers - Week 5

    Terrible clock management by the Raiders at the end of the half. Throw a dump pass over the middle, which forces you to take a 57-yard field goal, then leave enough time for the Chargers to almost make a field goal? Just dumb.
  13. Joe Summer

    The Trump Years

    Pro tip: when you have plastic surgery on your face, it's probably not a good idea to do an interview in front of the Sphinx.
  14. Joe Summer

    Is Ministry of Pain Still Around?

    MoP not only invited all the scorn and ridicule upon himself, but he relished in it. He thrived on the attention, and it didn't really matter to him whether the attention was positive or negative. You can argue about whether it's fair to bring up his parenting choices, but don't forget that he is the one who invited the discussion in the first place. He talked about his son the way Trump talks about hurricanes. Still, I kinda miss him.
  15. Joe Summer

    The Trump Years

    "Nobody is more LBGTQ friendly!"