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  1. Materialism in the name of charity is okay, because you're doing the Lord's work.
  2. My takeaway is that FoxNews viewers are starting to behave like the former citizens of the old Communist-bloc countries. They know that they're watching state-sponsored propaganda, but they watch anyway because it's still the best source for the kind of news that matters to them. So, they glean the truth by reading between the lines, by talking to friends, and by occasionally peeking at alternate media sources. The irony is that FoxNews has basically laid the groundwork for its own demise by being so blatantly pro-Republican for the past 20 years. If they had been more subtle about it, then they would probably stand a better chance of convincing the average viewer that Mueller is the devil. But the average Fox viewer is not that stupid. They know that Fox is a sham. They have been conditioned to take everything Fox says with a grain of salt, so when a story trips their spidey sense, their first instinct is to seek out alternate sources.
  3. "Abortion, sodomy and materialism" was Melania's F-M-K on her wedding night.
  4. How many Hall Of Fame players could be neutralized by simply kicking the ball out of bounds?
  5. There will always be guys like this. And there will always be women who fall for them.
  6. Take him to court for what? To prove that the alleged victims are just fame-seekers who are looking for a payoff, of course.
  7. Such stinky bait. Because people describe Donald Trump as a "Scotsman" all the time.
  8. Could Sessions "un-recuse" himself and then fire Mueller?
  9. Prediction: they release a statement containing typical boilerplate stuff about being concerned and troubled (etc.) and then they'll do absolutely nothing.
  10. St. Paul is the patron saint of journalists, public workers, and rope makers, among others.
  11. He was one of the first posters in that thread and liked at least 4 posts, including two by Joe. Didn't you read it?
  12. He reminds me of the corrupt sheriff from the movie "Tank".
  13. Some of these are exaggerations. Staubach had been a part-time starter the previous 2 seasons and was the opening-day starter in 1971. Griese was the original starter in 1972 but got injured and Shula went with the hot hand (Morrall) the rest of the way. Bradshaw had been the starter for 3 years but was basically benched as a motivational ploy. One name that should be on this list is Doug Williams. He only started 2 regular season games for the Redskins in 1987.
  14. It helps people with trumpy hands so they can grip their phones.