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  1. Hey, at least he had a permit, amirite???
  2. Mentally deranged people are going to find David Duke whether the media covers him or not. The difference now is that David Duke gets to show new recruits how the President of the United States has proclaimed that the KKK is on an equal pedestal with those who protest the KKK.
  3. At first I had assumed that Axelrod made a typo here, and that he meant to type "a grieving nation". But then I looked up "riven" in the dictionary, and it turns out that it's a real word, which means "split apart". "a split apart nation" So, Axelrod was right and I learned a new word today.
  4. That analogy doesn't quite fit, because 1) we already know that HellToupee (and others here) were quasi Trump supporters, and 2) it's not un-American to be a former Trump supporter. No one is going to blackball HellToupee. No one is forcing HT to denounce Trump in order to remain a member of the board. Comparing Tim to McCarthyism is almost as bad as when people used to compare Trump to a Nazi. (You know, back in the days before Trump openly sympathized with Nazis.)
  5. matttyl: The statues at Gettysburg were designed to honor the dead. The statues in New Orleans and Charlottesville were designed to honor a Lost Cause.
  6. I like how he gives the benefit of the doubt to Nazis but not to Mexican immigrants.
  8. Reminds me of the South Park flag episode.
  9. This happened to me once. I downloaded four or five different SD recovery programs. 3 didn't work at all, 1 worked but would only let me recover the pictures if I bought the full version of the program, and 1 finally worked and I was able to recover all of the pictures.
  10. This morning, the President Of The United States posted a video that mocked someone getting run over and killed. It's probably a good thing that HellToupee deleted his Trump Supporters thread, because I'm not in the mood to see them cheering the video and saying "It was just a joke, lighten up!"
  11. Both sides are equally bad, amitie? One side wants to eliminate far-right militant groups, and the other side wants to eliminate Jews.
  12. Ugh. I hope she doesn't lose her job over this. What's the minimum age for a babysitter in your state? Can you say that the 11-year-old was babysitting?
  13. What? You don't think any business owners or managers would ever turn on the TV news and see their employee at a Nazi rally?
  14. Why did the guy wait 2 years to sue? Why did the guy sue at all? Just take your lumps and move on to the next town like every other wack-morning-radio-DJ type.