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  1. How will Rudy be able to lock up Hillary from his position on Trump's defense team?!?
  2. "I don't want to talk about how badly the Republican party has screwed up their anti-voting scheme, so instead I'll try to distract people by starting a completely unrelated debate about felons voting."
  3. Slavery wasn't human trafficking. It was just another form of immigration.
  4. What the hell is he saying?
  5. Psst, "expected to go" does not mean the same as "assumed to have gone".
  6. Psst, jon, the negative comments are being directed at the college professor, not at Mrs. Bush.
  7. I like how he's described as an "elected President", as if he has no other redeeming qualities. It's like going to Best Buy and seeing the budget brand TVs being advertised as "Includes Remote!" and "Comes with On/Off switch!"
  8. A passionate minority who acquires allies is no longer a minority.
  9. I'm not well versed on Trumper-to-English translation, but it looks like he thinks that Congress has arrested Hillary Clinton.
  10. Hmm. All those times that Hannity promoted diGenova on his show.........did he ever disclose that he had a legal relationship with diGenova's firm?
  11. It's racist to call people white when you don't know a damn thing about their ancestry.
  12. Looks like 49% to me, with a -8 Approval Index "Try harder", indeed. :lol: It's like you just assume that nobody would ever check your work.
  13. Guys, Nikki Haley is just a girl. She gets confused sometimes.
  14. MSNBC is defined by its left-leaning filter. FoxNews is defined by its sexual harassment scandals, its advertising boycotts, and its failures to disclose major conflicts of interest. From the perspective of mainstream America, FoxNews is no longer defined as just "the right leaning news network" anymore.