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  1. Uh-oh -- the top of FoxNews says "FOX NEWS POLL: 53 percent favor US military action to stop North Korea nuclear weapons program" It's only a matter of time before Trump sees that headline and send the troops into battle.
  2. "I'm not a spy! I just swore an oath of secrecy to a foreign government."
  3. Ren: Steele never said that. All he said was that one specific charge was unverified. How you got "gigantic pile of ####" from that is a mystery.
  4. I spent a year there one afternoon. It looked like the 1950s had never ended. It made me think that this must be what it feels like to be in Cuba.
  5. It's too bad Jim Mora doesn't work for ESPN. Layoffs?!? Don't talk about layoffs!
  6. I really like Van Halen's 2012 album with David Lee Roth ("A Different Kind Of Truth"). Most of the songs are remakes of old demos, but even the new stuff is very strong.
  7. Stat: This is all fine and dandy, but you've neglected the fatal flaw in the scenario: what if the real Jim Jones already voted? That's why this type of voter fraud almost never happens. No one wants to risk jail time just to make 1 fraudulent vote. (Also, it's not really possible to just say "I'm Jim Jones" and get a ballot. Even the most liberal state like California will require you to know the full name and address of the registered voter, in addition to showing some type of proof of residence like a utility bill or a voter card.)
  8. Wahoo wazoo!!
  10. "57 states" was way worse though.
  11. Wait, did Scott Baio almost say "I hope she had cancer"?
  12. Henry: Not only was the claim laughed off by Trump supporters, but they described it as "hysterical conspiracy theories" and compared it to pizzagate and 9/11 truthers.
  13. Cowboysfan8: We've discussed and debunked Obama's temporary visa ban a million times in these forums, and yet the Trump supporters continue to bring it up. At this point the only explanation I can come up with is "willful obtuseness".
  14. Because middle America wanted their bad boys to be sanitized and filtered through the oversight of network censors.