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  1. I'm sure there are thousands of volunteers eager to work a job where the best case scenario is that only a few kids get killed on your watch (instead of dozens) and the President doesn't call you a "coward" on national TV.
  2. Leave it to Donald Trump to break down the "Police never make mistakes" conservative talking point.
  3. Then why the hell are you making the comparison with posters who say "This is the end"? Do you think that all the people who say "This is the end" are being ironic?
  4. Probably because the John Oliver clip is an ironic comedy sketch.
  5. Conservatives seem to live in a world where crazy people are somehow capable of understanding the concept of deterrence.
  6. Only a lib would refer to a guy with a Political Science PhD as a Doctor.
  7. It's difficult to answer the question without knowing why the military draft was enacted in the first place. Generally speaking, America doesn't draft soldiers unless we're on the brink of a major war. So, if your question is "Would you dodge the draft after Russia started a major war against America?", my answer would be very different than if the question was "Would you dodge the draft to avoid being sent to preemptively attack Mexico?"
  8. Szechuan sauce is back baby!!
  9. And why else would you want to discuss the violence in video games, if not to blame it?
  10. There's something wrong with society when Cuban is fined $600K for making a reference to tanking, but is not fined at all for harboring a serial abuser.
  11. Proclaiming that the friends of a dead child could only fit into one of two possible categories, and if they didn't fit into the category that you approve of, then they must be "emotional screamers". My God, man. I used to think that you were a David Dodds alias but I can't imagine that even he would have said that.
  12. If your only remaining argument is "You should have protested in a manner that was easy to dismiss", then you've already lost.
  13. The Children's Crusade - Birmingham, May 1963 - Martin Luther King Jr tries to convince blacks to protest discrimination, but all the adults are afraid to protest because they'll lose their jobs. - several children volunteer to protest. Dr. King says it's a bad idea and it will send the wrong message. - the kids decide to protest anyway. - Day 1: thousands of kids leave school to protest. Over 1000 of them are ARRESTED AND JAILED. - instead of generating sympathy, the protest backfires and mainstream society condemns the adult leaders of the movement. - Day 2: instead of giving up, several thousand MORE children protest. Since the jail is still full, the police chief comes up with a new plan to defeat the child protesters: attack dogs and fire hoses. - Day 3: nationwide outrage. The tide turns. The protests inspire President Kennedy to call for a Civil Rights Act, which leads to civil rights leaders organizing the March On Washington later that year. If not for those child protesters, "I Have A Dream" probably never happens. So, yeah, don't dismiss large groups of kids who peacefully assemble.
  14. Trump: "What empty phrase can I say to them, that will make them think that I care, when actually I don't?" Aides: "How about, 'I hear you'? It's a statement of basic fact, yet it is completely neutral and conveys neither agreement or sympathy." Trump: "Perfect. But, uhhhhhh.....could you write it down on a piece of paper, just in case I forget it?"
  15. "I wish that parents in the NRA would have forced their kids to do a counter-protest," says the guy who thinks that child protests aren't legitimate.