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  1. "I don't know how to link and I don't have time but I'm absolutely certain that I've disproved everything that's ever been thrown at me" LOLOLOLOL
  2. Censure A censure is a pretty big deal when it happens to a member of Congress (because you can be stripped of your duties), but it doesn't mean as much to the President because Congress has no legal authority to levy a punishment on the President. All they can do it publicly shame him.
  3. Wow, that number is a lot lower than I expected. I mean, geez, 80% of people with student loans are able to buy a house! That seems like a pretty big number to me. Also, how do we know that the other 20% would even qualify for a loan if they didn't have student debt? Maybe the reason they got denied is because they have credit card debt, or a low-paying job, or a criminal record, or some other reason.
  4. In all fairness, a generic college education used to be a ticket to a "higher than average white collar living wage". You didn't have to weigh the cost vs. the return, because the return was practically guaranteed. I don't fault people for having had that mentality for the past 60 years. But times are changing. I think people have already started to realize that there are other ways to earn a living wage, and a lot of colleges are going to discover that their enrollment numbers are suddenly dropping.
  5. What I have noticed is that the highest rate of return goes to those who borrow the most (top-tier business schools, med school, etc.) and those who borrow the least (trade schools). Those stuck in the middle are the ones who still borrow a lot of money and go to a fairly expensive school, but end up with a degree that has a salary ceiling of $50K/year. Anyway, it seems to me that eventually the "middle" group will realize that the "college experience" isn't worth the price (relative to the potential salary), so you'll see more and more kids going into trade schools or community colleges.
  6. "it's an open press event sponsored by the government" (except that it's not open, and it's almost entirely controlled by private entities)
  7. We should be discouraging bad debt, not encouraging it. We should be encouraging college students to work hard, not discouraging them.
  8. "Warning: this email contains a trigger warning. Those who may be triggered by trigger warnings are advised to proceed with caution."
  9. I am a hodge podge of mistaken identities. One grandfather thought he was half Irish and half English, but he was actually 1/4 Scottish and 1/4 Welsh plus various Euro ethnicities (no Irish or English at all). One grandmother thought she was Jewish, but she was just German with a jewey name. Another grandmother never knew her grandparents but was pretty sure they were English (but DNA tests indicate they were French).
  10. Change the locks on MIL's house, because it's almost a guarantee at this point that the BIL's wife is going to try to take stuff.
  11. If you had read the last 10 pages (let alone the last 100 pages) you would have realized that this talking point has already been debunked and you would have saved yourself from being embarrassed.
  12. FBI arrests member of armed militia group who has been detaining migrants at the border Guy calls himself a "Constitutional Patriot" but thinks he doesn't have to recognize U.S. laws.
  13. Start with his buck teeth, his Spock hair, and the fact that he's 4 years younger than Dan Quayle was in 1988.
  14. Well well, here's an interesting followup: I just got a phone call from the manager that I had referenced above. He wanted to know if I was interested in re-joining the company. It seems that they have had quite a bit of turnover in the past few years, which has resulted in this manager having to absorb most of the workload that used to be on my plate. He complained that he "didn't sign up for this". I thought about responding with, "Perhaps you just need to do a better job managing your time," but I didn't want to be a jerk. So I just politely declined his offer. Then he asked if I would at least be willing to train a new hire so that it might reduce the chances of another employee quitting after just a few months. I said I'd think about it. I'm happy where I'm at right now, and I don't need a part-time gig. There was a time when I felt a fair amount of loyalty to the company, and a fair amount of respect and regard to the owner. But after the owner accused me of "screwing him" (even if it was said in the heat of the moment), it left a bad taste in my mouth that still hasn't gone away. It'll take more than a few hours of consulting work to make that feeling go away. Does that make me a petty person?