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  1. looks like the big reveal here is that Biden was secretly working behind the save Trump from a potential scandal. That’s some pretty impressive 8D chess right there.
  2. Let’s blame Cuomo, but let’s also say that those people were going to die anyway.
  3. Aren't tests an inversely-lagging indicator? What percent of tests give you an answer right away?
  4. There's a third possibility here: that the number of trans people is relatively low, but that your child consciously or subconsciously sought their friendship as a way of dealing with their internal questions about their own identity.
  5. Enough with the hurricane analogy!!! [proceeds to continue using hurricane analogy, subverting his own argument in the process]
  6. How much professional counseling has Peter received about this, if you don't mind my asking?
  7. Whoa. Did you see any hints of this when Peter was younger?
  8. Might want to change the thread title to "Former staffer accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault"
  9. Trump made 125 tweets in a span of 16 hours yesterday. The vast majority had nothing to do with the crisis that he and his administration are supposed to be managing.
  10. How often is there face-to-face or skin-to-skin contact in a baseball game, vs. football or basketball games? I wonder if the NFL will start requiring plastic shields for all facemasks.
  11. Fauci: NFL games could be the perfect storm for spreading coronavirus even without fans
  12. Roy, from Siegfried & Roy. The original Tiger Kings. link Died from COVID-19.
  13. The drive might be toast. Plug it into a different computer. If it asks you to format, click "cancel" and see if the files appear. Otherwise, you'll need to download a program that recovers data from USB drives.
  14. 2nd half of Season 4 starts THIS SUNDAY. In the meantime, here are Pickle Rick outtakes to whet your appetite. (NSFW)