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  1. Sorry if this was covered earlier in the thread, but Trump speechwriter fired after being linked to white nationalist conference No it's not Stephen Miller. Just some other guy who went to Duke and likes to use white supremacist rhetoric. BTW, the only reason this guy was fired is because CNN (and other mainstream media outlets) found out about the guy's history and asked the White House for comment.
  2. 1. Top Jimmy 2. Top Of The World 3. Can't STop Loving You
  3. He's making an accusation based on facts. (i.e., the fact that at least 2 wrestlers stated that Jordan knew of the abuse and failed to do anything about it.) Now, you can argue about whether those wrestlers are telling the truth or not, but you can't argue about whether they stated that Jordan knew. Meanwhile, the people promoting PizzaGate do not have any similar facts to back up their claims. (i.e., none of John or Tony Podesta's coworkers are claiming that they are part of a pedophile ring; none of Seth Rich's coworkers are claiming that he was about to blow the lid off of a sex trafficking scandal, etc.) There's no comparison between the two stories. You can complain that Jordan is being treated unfairly (and I would agree with you to a certain extent), but it seems disingenuous to try to compare that to the PizzaGate story.
  4. But where will you go to copy-and-paste your material when FreeRepublic gets shut down?
  5. What is the "made up" part of Pizzagate that sho nuff was promulgating?
  6. 1889 is before 1890!!!!! Nevermind the Land Rush Of 1893 or the Land Run Of 1895 or the land lotteries of 1901-1907. Because they don't, the narrative
  7. Trump acted like a whiny crybaby with a victim mentality long before the election. There's no way that the voters didn't know this.
  8. Wait. How is the OSU scandal related to pizzagate? Do you think that because someone exaggerated the OSU scandal, it must mean that the pizzagate story was also exaggerated? Please explain the logic there.
  9. Those tired huddled masses were HAPPY to be working in sweatshops because it was still better than living in Ireland or wherever they came from. They worked and they saved and eventually they got better jobs and better houses and then the next generation didn't have to work in sweatshops. Those people were the very epitome of what that poem represented. You tried to make an analogy that discredited the poem, but instead you proved the exact opposite.
  10. This guy has all the power to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate Hillary, and yet he rants incoherently like a commenter at InfoWars.
  11. The opposite of that would be if the President TURNED on the White House Counsel. (Which you probably did, or will soon.)
  12. It's ironic that a guy who once voted for a Communist has done more to oppose Russia than the current POTUS has done in his entire life.
  13. I accidentally answered this one in the Qanon thread but I'm not going to move it here because we really should try to keep the crazy confined to a single thread.
  14. It's weird that Twitter/Facebook/YouTube have become so ingrained into our consciousness that we forget that they are still private businesses and the users are their guests.
  15. People Magazine was purchased by the Meredith Corporation, with 25% of the financial backing provided by the Koch brothers. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but I thought I would post the answer to save the rest of you from having to Google it.