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  1. Actual conversation with my boss just now: Boss: This is all Obama's fault. Me: Huh? How do you figure that? Boss: Trump said Obama knew about the Russian collusion and did nothing to stop it. Me: know what "collusion" means, right? Boss: What? Me: It's a secret agreement between two or more people. [Thank you fantasy football] It means that the Russians had a secret agreement with someone else, such as someone from the Trump campaign. Boss: Nuh-uh. [he actually said "nuh-uh" like a kid would say] The Russians could have been colluding with themselves! Me: Wait, what? That's not how collusion wo-- Boss: And Obama knew all about it!! Me: *sigh*
  2. How come nobody ever says gomorrahy?
  3. Latest Rasmussen poll: Trump's approval rating drops 5 points in 3 days, sits at 45% Somehow I doubt that Trump will be promoting that one on Twitter.
  4. "I'll take Things People From Opposite Political Parties Would Say, for $500, Alex." (P.S., Wyden = uber-liberal and uber-principled.)
  5. When I was in high school, our Government class attended a town hall by one of our local state representatives. He started the meeting by giving a speech about his background, biography, etc. He told us about his 20 years as a high school referee and how much it taught him about leadership and how it inspired him to run for political office, etc. Then out of the blue he randomly commented, "But I never did enjoy working the inner-city games. Too much N-word talk between the players."
  7. "considering perhaps" is just Trumpspeak for "float an idea to see how the public reacts". Sometimes he does it just to create a distraction.
  8. lodco: Making these losers bow to him in public
  9. Meh, I'm more of a Lord Sutch guy.
  10. Oregon State is a public school. It should not exclude students solely because of a juvenile criminal conviction. I'm sure there are dozens of students on campus who are registered sex offenders. They should be allowed to live their lives. However, the baseball team is not a democracy. The coach has a right to pick his players, and he has an obligation to pick players who represent the school's values. I'm not sure that coach Pat Casey did that in this situation. I'm not saying that the coach should sign nothing but choirboys (look at a typical football team), but I do think that a prior rape conviction should be a dealbreaker in most instances. (Now, I am assuming that Pat Casey knew about Heimlich's past. If he didn't know, then I'd say that Casey is probably doing the best that can be done under the circumstances. But I don't think Heimlich should ever play again for Oregon State.)
  11. LOL at that guy calling his website "Media". FAKE NEWS!!!
  12. Toe Cutter: Because you guys on the left told us not to question them. LOL What is the word that you guys use? "Cuck"?
  13. So, Fox has been caught at least 3 times publishing verifiably fake stories. What has CNN been caught doing? Maybe asking some protesters to move a few feet? That's the best we can find?
  14. I like when the pro-Trump/anti-snowflake crowd starts calling for lawsuits.