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  1. Saints: the Trump supporters aren't the condo buyers in this scenario. They're like the subcontractors who are kind of in on the scam but are just hoping to get some kind of piece of the action before everything falls apart.
  2. Border Patrol changes story regarding fatal shooting Original story: "migrants attacked with blunt objects.......assailant was fatally wounded" New story: "migrants rushed.......member of the group was wounded" Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.
  3. Steve Scalise supported Bernie Sanders and shot Antonin Scalia? What the heck is going on inside Opie's brain to make him think that??
  4. Anytime I'm making a long putt to win a skin, I'll say (as the ball is rolling towards the hole) "From hell's heart....I stab at thee!" Not sure if that counts as an obscure '80s reference or an obscure '50s reference (1850s, that is).
  5. George Takei accuser changes story "drugged and assaulted" has been watered down to "drinks and a proposition"
  6. Listening to conservative talk radio the last couple of days, it's a constant stream of rationalization/justification, basically some variation on "We've just got to trust the process.....I'm sure the President has access to inside information that the rest of us don't know about.....Of course he's going to back out if we're not getting a great deal....This is all just a ploy to motivate Kim Jong Un....." Reminded me of Jets fans on draft day.
  7. Of course the union president is going to call it a colossal waste of resources. He wants to increase the number of Border Patrol employees in his union.
  8. Now that I am more familiar with Trump's personality, I think that it's less likely that Putin is blackmailing him. Trump doesn't respond well to hostile threats. Plus, he has shown again and again that he's incapable of being embarrassed. He would just call the pee tape "fake news" and claim that Russia "rigged the electronics." But then again, Putin is much too smart to make threats. So, I think that a more likely scenario is that Putin approached Trump with a friendly quid-pro-quo proposal, and Trump -- motivated more by greed than by fear -- readily agreed.
  9. Funny how matuski wasn't saying "All politicians do this" 1500 pages ago.
  11. LOL "It doesn't apply to me but watch me act as if it does"
  12. Puh-lassstic parsley ("I like it") A-lassska?? Along the same lines..... Ever heard of origami?
  13. Where's Chuck Berry's pardon?!
  14. Abdul-Rauf was allowed to say a Muslim prayer during the anthem. Other players were allowed remain in the locker room during the anthem. Players are also allowed to express themselves and/or protest prior to the start of the anthem. And like Tobias said, the NBA has been very receptive and proactive to social concerns brought up by the players. If the NFL had done that 2 years ago, maybe Kaepernick and the other players wouldn't have kneeled.
  15. The NBA has some of best compensation/retirement plans in all of professional sports, has partnered with players to address social concerns, allows players to protest prior to the national anthem, and has also allowed protests during the anthem (in the form of remaining in the locker room).