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  1. "I heard on FoxNews that the liberal media was spreading rumors about Trump's phone call!"
  2. Maybe we should start requiring that the National Anthem is played before every single TV show? And maybe have it sprinkled throughout every radio station's playlist. ("And that was the latest hit from Taylor Swift! Coming up next is the National Anthem for the 20th time today, followed by a track from Lady Gaga...") You know...for military recruitment.
  3. I think it's really Melania but she's wearing Groucho glasses to hide a recent nosejob.
  4. Wait.....are you saying that the purpose of playing the National Anthem at sporting events is to foster military recruitment?
  5. Sure, just tell my company to unblock Footballguys and scripting so I don't have to use an outdated proxy service to get around the firewall.
  6. You've posted a variation on this response several times over the past two years. They never acknowledge you. They have no interest in hearing the truth. They just want to hear whatever makes them feel good and whatever confirms their bias. A month from now Rove/Ren/Dodds/Max/etc. will once again claim "THERE IS A BAN ON URANIUM EXPORTS!!!" and you'll once again write, "Dude, I already told you that was false last month". But they'll be on to the next squirellghazi and once again you'll be ignored.
  7. I think it has less to do with the color of the soldier's skin, and more to do with the fact that Trump was pressured to make the call in the first place. He was in a pouty mood because the press called him out.
  8. Conservative media is blaming the Democratic congresswoman for leaking the story. SHE is the one who is disrespecting the memory of Sgt. whatshisname.
  9. Huh. Maybe that's the reason why HellToupee deleted the other Weinstein thread. Because it was dozens of pages long and filled with liberal outrage at Weinstein.
  10. Liberal posters have led the charge in denouncing Weinstein. (See: Henry Ford, who has relentlessly denounced Weinstein from the moment the story broke.) But unfortunately those facts don't fit the pre-decided narrative of other posters. I guess they're so used to defending guys like Ailes, O'Reilly and Trump that they're just completely blind to integrity and conviction when it's right in front of their eyes.
  11. On the bright side, at least Trump told the truth.
  12. Freedom is a gift from God. Freedom is only achieved through violent revolution against the government. Therefore, God approves of violence.against the government.
  13. Everyone who heard a rumor about Harvey Weinstein should have called the eff bee eye. But all those women who accused Trump and Bill O'Reilly were liars who were just looking for a payday.
  14. And tomorrow he'll say something to the effect of "Why did that widow say such nasty things about me? Very unfair, many people are saying."