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  1. It's funny how he has basically turned into a slightly better version of Sam Bradford.
  2. More psychological projection from the sociopath-in-chief.
  3. How long before Trump supporters change their talking point to "It's unfair to pick on an old man who may have dementia!"?
  4. Joe Summer

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    ...which just proves once again that a wall is not necessary.
  5. Person Of The Year needs to be "Individual-1". Because you know Trump won't be able to resist bragging about how he was put on the cover of Time again.
  6. Joe Summer

    Fox news cracks me up...Benghazi! Hillary! Comey!

    I imagine that most Trump supporters will respond to this with "So? Hillary needed to be stopped. I'm glad he did it."
  7. You are a lawmaker, Senator Hatch. If you are truly concerned that "you can make anything a crime", then why don't you work to revise the laws?
  8. It sounds like Ayers were perfectly willing to stay on the sinking ship for a little while, but Trump demanded a 2-year commitment. When Ayers declined that request, the #### hit the fan and now suddenly Ayers is gone. What I want to know is: did Trump say "Give me 2 years or you're fired", or did Ayers say "Give me flexibility or I quit"? It just seems strange to me that Ayers is suddenly not interested in returning to his old job.
  9. Joe Summer

    Steelers vs Raiders

    What a catch.
  10. Ayers went from "meeting with Trump to negotiate terms of the COS job" to "quitting in 3 weeks" in the span of about 30 minutes.
  11. They'll just say "We lied about it because we knew it would look bad. But we didn't think that it was an actual crime." (Not unlike Bill Clinton's excuse for lying about Monica.)
  12. Joe Summer

    Ravens vs Chiefs - Week 14

    Deactivating a healthy Flacco in favor of a guy who hasn't been a legit NFL quarterback since 2012 seems like a bad idea in retrospect.
  13. Of course we should have higher standards than a poorly-researched opinion piece at FoxNews.
  14. Joe Summer

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Nah, the economy was a disaster. Trump inherited a mess. And he completely fixed it by October of 2018. Then Robert Mueller and the (angry) Democrats -- aided by the Fake News liberal media -- came along and meddled with all of the winning and ruined everything. [/TrumpSupportersin2019]