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  1. I wonder if Trump is just going to avoid making speeches for the next 4 years. Just do everything in "rally" form. For the State Of The Union address, he'll bus Congress to a hangar at Reagan National Airport and do the speech with Trump Force One in the background.
  2. Granpa: Actually, it's NOT easy for illegals to vote in California. In order for an illegal immigrant to vote in California, they must not only know the name and address of a registered voter, but they must also know that the registered voter has not cast a ballot yet. This is almost impossible to do in large numbers. Because once the registered voter attempts to cast a duplicate ballot, the authorities would be notified and a Voter Fraud investigation would immediately begin. Since that did not happen 3 million times last month, we know that Trump's claim is therefore false.
  3. Trump believes that 2-3 million illegals obtained the necessary ID to impersonate legal voters (or they just went to places that only require that you know the name of the person you're impersonating, such as California). Trump also seems to believe that NONE of these 2-3 million illegal voters were questioned by authorities, let alone caught. What Trump and his followers fail to comprehend is that for every illegal alien voter, there must be an equal and opposite citizen who is prevented from voting. But Trump has not been able to provide a reasonable explanation (let alone any evidence) why NONE of those 2-3 million citizens have come forward to report that their identities have been stolen. This is what our President-elect believes, folks.
  4. I've seen reports that upwards of 10 million Trump supporters voted for him twice. Some may have voted for him up to 10 times. And so far neither Trump nor any of his supporters have been able to provide ANY evidence to refute that claim. It's really shady. Hillary would have won in a landslide if not for all the illegal votes for Trump.
  5. Yeah. It's almost like they were never really planning to leave in the first place and they just wanted to see how much free money they could get.
  6. "already allowed one company to use extortion to get $700,000 in tax breaks"
  7. More like CHUNK-lee, amirite?? Hey-oooooooooh.
  8. "I don't understand a single word of what I just read, so I'm just going to call it a 'rant' and see if anyone notices."
  9. Granpa: And when Trump announces that Hillary won't be put on trial, you (and every other Trumper) will fall in line like a good little Stormtrooper. Obi-Wan Trump: We're not putting Hillary on trial. (waves hand) Trumpkins: We're not putting Hillary on trial. Obi-Wan Trump: It's what's best for the country. (waves hand) Trumpkins: It's what's best for the country. Obi-Wan Trump: Planned Parenthood does some good things. (waves hand) Trumpkins: Planned Parenthood does some good things.
  10. That's just what the fake news companies want you believe. But the REAL NEWS companies told GrandpaRox and David Dodds that Wikileaks was being suppressed. Remember folks, only a truly crazy person would believe what the fake news tells them.
  11. Also, since the Clinton Foundation donations actually decreased in 2015, doesn't that shoot a hole in the argument that big donors were trying to buy favors during Clinton's campaign run?
  12. boots, you said that "many people / organizations / companies / countries no longer give at the levels they were giving before she lost". The article referenced above does not address your claim at all. It only addresses the decrease from 2014 to April 2015. Can you provide a link to any data about donations since she lost? Failing that, can you at least provide data on donations between 2015 and 2016? Even that might help to corroborate your claims. Relevant links would be very helpful here.
  13. The emails were at the forefront of Hillary coverage long before WikiLeaks got involved.
  14. First off, every major media outlet and every national pollster "botched" the polls (even Fox, which predicted Hillary with more electoral votes than Nate Silver did). So to use that as an excuse to discredit the media is, at best, willful ignorance. Not one pollster correctly predicted this election. None of the media outlets came close. Second, there is no connection between "botching the polls" and "becoming shills for Hillary". Again, this is proven by the coverage provided by Fox News, which was heavily slanted towards Trump even as their own polls showed Clinton with leads all over the country. Third, your idea that the media should be forced to "share diverse viewpoints" is beyond the pale, quite frankly. That's not the media's job, nor has it ever been the media's job. Even Fox News' slogan ("we report, you decide") is basically a middle finger to the idea that the media should share diverse viewpoints.
  15. "The media is dropping the ball, so they should have their access limited until they start behaving like the President wants them to behave." Imagine if a Democrat had said that. Hell, imagine if a Republican had said that prior to 2015.