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  1. McGloin benched. The new QB's claim to fame is that he beat out Mitch Trubiski at North Carolina! LOL
  2. Come on, guys. Everyone knows that a sleazy liar who hangs out with porn stars could never become president.
  3. Christians are sick and tired of turning the other cheek all the time.
  4. LOL, he’s trotting out the same scam that he pulled out of thin air in 2016 and trying to convince people that it wasn’t already a total failure.
  5. Dead Bird Soup has long been rumored to be an aphrodisiac.
  6. Trump has had multiple opportunities to bring the country together to prevent these types of violent attacks, but instead he has used his addresses to fan tensions.
  7. Obama failed to solve a problem, therefore it is exactly the same as causing the problem in the first place.
  8. It meets the legal definition of "violent crime" because he was charged with aggravated assault. But from a national media point of view, this isn't considered to be a "violent attack" because no one was injured.
  9. The reason why it's not a huge national story is because it wasn't a violent attack. Simple as that. It's not even the top story in Jacksonville right now.
  10. It's a little bit strange for Oliver Luck to go public about salary discussions. Why risk potentially offending Kaepernick's supporters? What's the upside?
  11. The product on the field was........not great. Lots of incomplete passes, lots of plodding RBs with a 3.x YPC. Not very many points being scored.
  12. I'll pick up pennies. Not because I need a penny, but because my grandfather taught me to respect money, and it seems disrespectful to leave money on the ground. I'll drop it into the nearest charity container at a store.
  13. I used to get Robert Conrad confused with Robert Culp.
  14. I haven't been this outraged since the last time a major presidential candidate praised some foreign dictators. In 2016.