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  1. I only wish you guys would blame the terrorists at Benghazi as much as you blame Hillary.
  2. I'm sure President Trump has nothing to hide and did not assist China in their coverup in any way, shape, or form.
  3. If only Trump had known that China was lying, then he could have not done something sooner!
  4. Funny how Republicans used to love absentee voting.
  5. Ellis Marsalis, New Orleans jazz pianist, and father of Branford and Wynton. Another coronavirus casualty.
  6. Young female newsreaders are a dime a dozen. Hannity, Igraham and Judge Jeanine aren't as easily replaced.
  7. I'm spending more on soap, but less on shampoo, razors, shaving cream, etc. And the water bill is down because I'm only showering every other day and I don't do laundry unless I run out of underwear. On the other hair is getting scraggly and the barbershop is not considered to be an essential service. (Grrr.) Can anyone recommend a cheap hair trimmer?
  8. This thread took a weird turn towards Art Bell territory.
  9. Your question is based on several flawed premises, starting with the fact that this story is global and most of the world media is not liberal. Also, the liberal U.S. media is allowing the Republican government to lead them around by the nose, airing daily press conferences live on every major news station. Remember the days when CNN used to fact-check Trump live-on-the-air? They've completely abandoned that idea, which now gives Trump free rein to inject misinformation and miscoherence directly into the public consciousness. That counts as a victory in some Republican circles. At any rate, if our Republican leaders really believed that the liberal media had gone too far, then they'd still be crying "hoax!" and "just a flu, bro."
  10. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the next article on that page.
  11. Voters don't need to see much to convince them to vote for "their guy" again. A thousand bad things might put them on the brink, but then one moment of "acting presidential" will suddenly bring them right back into the fold again. That's just human nature.
  13. The stock market wouldn't have crashed, because we weren't as heavily dependent upon the service industry back then. And there wouldn't be a shortage of medical supplies, because all that stuff was made in the USA back then. And since international travel was still a bit of a luxury back then, it would have been easier for us to isolate people who had the virus. Nonetheless, I'm sure that thousands more people would have died. But we would have just accepted it as a fact of life.
  14. I wonder if this guy drank from the same Kool Aid that poisoned Rudy Giuliani?
  15. I get where you're coming from. And if this was a regular strain of the flu, I might be nodding my head at what you've written. But at this point we have no idea how deadly this thing is going to be. And it doesn't just affect 85-year-olds who have emphysema -- the cutoff is much closer to 50 years of age. That's young!! Then again, my opinion might change if I'm still quarantined 6 weeks from now.....
  16. Reschedule for May, check everyone's temperature at the door, and have handwashing stations everywhere.
  17. Depends on whether the curve has been sufficiently flattened. If YES, then most people resume a relatively normal life (but with more hand-washing than usual). If NO, then everything goes online for a while and sports as we know it are suspended until further notice.
  18. You know that some Republican operative scooped up,, and a dozen other domain names last year.
  19. This is like Blexit or Women For Trump, right?
  20. If your wife wasn't on hormone therapy, I would say that it's probably safe to go out (as long as you thoroughly wash your hands, etc.) But with a vulnerable wife........I vote for staying home. (And don't stop taking your meds.)
  21. Since 2017, everything Trump has done regarding China has been aimed towards an ultimate goal of expanding trade with them. The trade war isn't about making our own medicine. It's about getting China to buy more of our stuff. Trump still wants us to get our medicine from China.
  22. Trump was right to not trust China, even though he totally trusted China!
  23. This wouldn't have happened if Hootie Johnson were still alive.