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  1. Martin, Williams, Early Chase, Crystal, Current Chase
  2. Didn't see this one listed in here: Abducted in Plain Sight Disturbing. If it were a movie, you would call BS on some of the things that happen.
  3. Woke up at 12:23 today. PM. So, yes.
  4. What if Wardog is losing on purpose? To be the first out at almost every challenge you either have to be inordinately bad or really smart. And he seems like a smart player. Also, could he really have no self-awareness to nickname himself "Wardog"? Everyone knows he sucks at challenges which takes a target off his back ("we can vote him out whenever 'cause he's never going to win immunity"). What if he is slow playing it and will turn it on and win the last few challenges to get him to the final three? That'd be genius.
  5. I think the feed was off. Early in the episode Michonne was looking at some people riding a horse. All of a sudden there are people dancing to latin music and then she's out in the wilderness. Then later Michonne and Daryl are sitting on the swing talking, some commercial interruption happens, and then they are in some building facing the kids. At least that's what was happening on my tv. I thought maybe it screwed up me seeing how they freed themselves, but apparently not. ETA: Apparently it was DirecTv. Glad it wasn't me
  6. If you have any more PM's laying around, I'll take one too. TIA
  7. That's what I'm thinking. After her "I lost my job, my house, etc." I'm thinking the jury gave her charity votes. Jury's often don't pick the better player, but to have a unanimous vote for someone who was not the most pleasant of people is unusual. I didn't watch the after hours stuff, but Ricky could not have been as annoying and over the top as Tamar.
  8. I'll second this. The wife wanted to go and I went somewhat unwillingly. Turned out to be a great show. Would recommend.
  9. Good catch, Deamon. I saw 'm-dog' and salty Cowboys talk and immediately went to modogg. My apologies, Moondog. And I would have correctly quoted it if it didn't require an advanced PhD to figure it out. Sorry for the confusion everyone.
  10. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  11. are in third and attempting to talk trash. Perspective, here.
  12. We have five Super Bowl rings in 2018. And you are 4-6 and in third place right now. But hey, congrats on being able to point at the Cowboys struggles to make you feel better about your train wreck. Typical Eagles, love it.
  13. What does that have to do with today? Your buddy said we shouldn't call it a successful game and we shouldn't be bragging about anything. I was merely pointing out that winning is the goal and Prescott won. I call that successful. Eagles fans. Always bringing up the past...