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  1. This. Wendell was one of my favorites the year he won. After last night, I'm hoping he goes next week. He must have been extremely confident in his alliance with Yul and Nick (or told them what he was trying to do). Offering to flip on one of your alliance members, in front of your alliance members?! It was like he was trying to get voted off.
  2. I"m sure they will just transition to online. Can't imagine they would cancel them...
  3. UCLA. "Live" classes suspended until April 11. Finals next week will be online. Then a week of Spring Break. The first two weeks of the new quarter will be online only. They'll make a decision about what to do at that point.
  4. I like how when he broke it off with Victoria he said something to the effect of, "I'm just not as far along with you as I am with them". Hmmmm. If you aren't as far along with her now, you certainly weren't as far along with her when you bumped uglies in the fantasy suite. So he clearly was just sowing oats and didn't care too much about what Madison thought. As much as I like Madison, I was disappointed in her for showing up to the rose ceremony and even moreso for accepting the rose.
  5. For the most part, all the nightclubs are over 40 friendly. If you are a drinker, I'd suggest the Hakkasan VIP Bar card. Hakkasan is one of the top clubs. It's $100, but that includes your cover (at least $40) and then your get $100 worth of drinks. Or, also for drinkers, is the VIWe card at TAO. It's like $125. You get, basically, unlimited vodka, tequilla and champagne and a reserved table section where you can meet a lot of other people. This is particularly good if you are single men. When I did it it was probably a 60/40 women to men split. And being as you are sharing tables/bottles everyone was very friendly.
  6. How about we wrap this thread up with this one: Garrett Giants O-Coordinator
  7. I agree with your first statement. He needs to be more reliable and needs to improve. Perhaps I read your statements more literally than you intended them to be read. A QB that can't hit the side of a barn or make throws a high school QB can make sounds like a gross exaggeration of Dak's faults. And, although I don't know much about you, I know that you pop up in discussions about the Cowboys more than most non-Cowboy fans. 99.9% of your comments are negative and derogatory in some fashion (perhaps that percentage is a slight exaggeration). So it is very difficult to read your comments without seeing a bias or attempt to troll Cowboy fans. I do find it interesting that you say it is a result of not being able to produce a defense of a position when I linked to his percentage completion. That directly counters your claim that he can't hit the side of a barn. And your defense of your position is that you are sure that in a Buffalo game that you couldn't be bothered to look up, he missed at least five throws by a barn including a one yard pass. Hmmmmm....
  8. I'm not here to defend Dak. I don't think he is great. But he is no where near as bad as you try to paint him out to be. Take off your anti-Cowboy glasses and stop embarrassing yourself. You said he "could not hit the broad side of a barn". Having the fourth highest completion rate in the HISTORY of the NFL says you are a flat out wrong. Does he miss throws? Yes. Does he airmail them sometimes? Yes. But every QB throws a handful of passes "that a high school QB wouldn't miss". We get it. You don't like the Cowboys. You don't like Dak. But know when to stop.
  9. He has the fourth highest completion percentage in NFL history. Link I'm pretty sure his receivers hands are smaller than the broad side of a barn.
  10. I'd start Diggs, Allen and Parker for your 3 WR and then Kittle as the TE.
  11. My guess is they want to have time to edit around the discussion of the creepy molester guy. I could see the discussion going in ways that CBS wouldn't be comfortable with it going.
  12. Avoid Nacho Daddy. They advertised something like $75 tickets, but when we got there Sunday afternoon they charged us $100 (we paid because we had no where else to go). All you can eat Nacho Bar, but as the game wore on things got colder and less appetizing. If you are on Facebook, there is a group: VegasBigGame that you can find some pretty good descriptions of parties/reviews and a lot of the planners post on there.
  13. Deebo for sure. I'd go Sanders, but not as confidently.