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  1. Mr. Landry


    I'll second this. The wife wanted to go and I went somewhat unwillingly. Turned out to be a great show. Would recommend.
  2. Good catch, Deamon. I saw 'm-dog' and salty Cowboys talk and immediately went to modogg. My apologies, Moondog. And I would have correctly quoted it if it didn't require an advanced PhD to figure it out. Sorry for the confusion everyone.
  3. Mr. Landry

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  4. Mr. Landry

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11 are in third and attempting to talk trash. Perspective, here.
  5. Mr. Landry

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    We have five Super Bowl rings in 2018. And you are 4-6 and in third place right now. But hey, congrats on being able to point at the Cowboys struggles to make you feel better about your train wreck. Typical Eagles, love it.
  6. Mr. Landry

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    What does that have to do with today? Your buddy said we shouldn't call it a successful game and we shouldn't be bragging about anything. I was merely pointing out that winning is the goal and Prescott won. I call that successful. Eagles fans. Always bringing up the past...
  7. Mr. Landry

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    Wins today: Dak Prescott: 1 Carson Wentz: 0
  8. Interesting. Here was your take when he was drafted: "he was potential for the Eagles. i think a lot of drafts had him in the 30 range. Terrible pick for a terrible team. SO no surprise i guess. salivating waiting to bet my house on Cowpokes under wins for the year"
  9. Mr. Landry

    Cowboys vs Falcons - Week 11

    And how embarrassing is it that the Eagles lost to one of them last week?
  10. You have to forgive him. His "dynasty" is crumbling before his eyes and taking swings at the Cowboys makes him feel better for some reason.
  11. I'm still on board. Been a fan for over 40 years and hope I have another 40 in me. Not a huge fan of Garrett and am thinking Dak is not the answer (although every weekend I hope he proves me wrong). I do like what the front office has been doing on the drafting side since Jerry got out of his own way. I'm kinda neutral on the Cooper deal. He's young, talented and better than what we currently have. The fact that we gave up a first rounder for a guy that could be gone in a year makes me queasy. I think we probably overpaid. But those that are saying we could have just used that first rounder next year on a WR with equal or better talent are just taking pot-shots at the team they love to hate. Who's to say next years first rounder is any good? Coleman, Perriman, Kevin White, Dorsett, Treadwell are just some of the recent first round WRs. None of them bring to the table what Cooper does. As is the case with most of you, the team just frustrates the bejesus out of me. So much potential...
  12. Mr. Landry

    The Keenan Allen Hype Train

    From The Sporting News: Allen (knee, tooth) is expected to play on Sunday against the 49ers, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Whether he'll see his usual amount of snaps/targets is another story, but as long as Allen is active, it's tough to not have him in your lineup -- especially with San Francisco missing two starters in its secondary.
  13. Mr. Landry

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    Spoke with someone last week and said I was thinking about cancelling if they couldn't get my bill down. She said the retention department was closed, but they would call me back tomorrow. Waited five days and never got a call. Called the 855 number. Explained the situation from last week and she said she couldn't help me until I cancelled. Gave me her number and told me to cancel my service, call her back and ask for her. I did as I was directed. Avoided the sales pitch to stay with the company (although I did accept the $20 a month discount off my internet service) and cancelled (about a 10 minute phone call). Called her back and she pushed a few buttons. Said she could knock off $70 a month. I asked if she could do anything about the Sunday Ticket bill and she waived it. Total of 20 minutes all together (10 with the guy trying to keep me and 10 with the angel who got my bill down to $63 a month). No contract.
  14. Can someone explain the logic behind sending Sam home? I'm not sure she knew she was playing a game. There is no way she beats those three at any competition.