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  1. 12 team dynasty PPR IDP I traded Fred Warner and 2019 1.03 for Devonta Freeman and 2020 1st. Salary ;league so somewhat of a cap move for the other team, but still I think I made out pretty good.
  2. Then turned that 2020 1st, Damien Williams, and 2019 3.10 into Deshaun Watson and Justin Houston. This is a 12 team super flex IDP and defensive big plays are highly rewarded. Houston is now a DE.
  3. In his case, this isn't true, but at present he is in a rebuild, so.....we shall see. The main reason I made the deal is because there is no player I felt was worth the salary at that pick, even on taxi squad. And like many of us, I think the 2020 draft will be a gold mine.
  4. 12 team superflex, IDP salary league I gave up 1.10 for 2020 1st, likely a top 5 pick.
  5. 12 team PPR IDP Salary league Traded Ezekiel Elliott for Nick Chubb, 2020 1st and 2019 3.04 I know Zeke is worth a little more than that but his salary is getting up there and I needed cap space. I felt like Chubb and his low salary plus the 1st was worth the sacrifice.
  6. 12 team PPR Traded Damien Williams for Kenny Golliday and 2020 2nd
  7. 14 team PPR Traded Tyler Lockett for 2020 1st. His 1st this year is the 1.02.
  8. 12 team PPR IDP salary league I took a chance on Gurley and traded 2019 1.09 and 1.10 for Gurley and Hunter Henry. I needed a RB and felt like Gurley was well worth that price along with Henry.
  9. Yea, my RB's are Howard, Ronald Jones, and Lamar Miller, so not exactly stellar and we start 2. But I do have 4 2020 1sts. So I just need to decide if I can win this year with another RB or just let it play out and see what happens. OBJ, Tyler Boyd, and Marvin Jones at WR along with some WR 3's and 4's who could do in a pinch, with Kelce at TE. It's an IDP league and I'm pretty solid there.
  10. I agree that Barkley, CMC, Elliott, and Kamara would cost much more than 1 1st rounder. I had 1 owner turn down a 2020 1st for Bell. Another turned it down for Mixon but he is in a RB pinch. It seems like there are a lot of owners that don't realize yet how good this 2020 class is going to be.
  11. Other than the obvious guys, which current RB's would you give up an early to mid 2020 1st for? I'm thinking Chubb, Mixon, although they may be part of the obvious. Any others?
  12. Also should have mentioned this is a salary league and many owners cut bait when salaries get too high of course. But with a total cap of $400 for a 32 player roster and Hopkins salary at $55, he is still well worth that price. Even more so when you consider that the 1.02 salary is $18, the 2.02 is $8 and Lockett is $15. Pretty much a no brainer.