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  1. FYI, check to see if your company does matching. I made a donation through my company portal to Chance for Hope and my company matched it.
  2. I guess that's what I'm not understanding. You mean they created and released a show that didn't make sense? Like I'd watch in release order and not be able to follow anything, or just those episodes will go back and fill in some of the blanks?
  3. Looked at the secondary market for the PS5 and holy crap what a markup. I'd really like to get one before Christmas but no way I'm paying those prices.
  4. Is that just chronological order? Because that generally doesn't matter to me.
  6. @bryhamm used to post these pretty regularly and I always thought they were good fun. Figured I'd bring it back this week as they are about to hit triple digits. If you know the film put the answer in a spoiler tag.
  7. You're cool, right?

  8. How's that tractor holding up?

  9. Wise yet cheeky.