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  1. Probably Barry Sanders. When I was in H.S. I worked in the produce department of a grocery story. In the summer after his rookie year he came into the store I worked at. Some older black guy in the department was super outgoing and was over there chatting it up with him and called me over. So we talked a bit about his season, the upcoming year, he bought his groceries and was on his way. I also talked to Ted Lindsay at the bank once, as well, but probably not as famous as Barry.
  2. A bear and a rabbit are taking a #### in the woods, the bear turns to the rabbit and asks "Do you have problems with #### sticking to your fur?" The rabbit said no, so the bear wiped his ### with the rabbit.
  3. Congrats! I was looking forward to having a .0001 percent stake in a bbq business though.
  4. He'd be a good hire, especially in the situation they are in right now.
  5. If Dantonio had left in the fall my guess is that he would have taken it. As it stands, if the Bearcats have another 10 - 11 win season my guess is he'll have better offers.
  6. This seems like a one off. Like the car got the upgrade when it shouldn't have at Tesla and then they auctioned it off. I agree they should honor it if those features were specifically listed in the Tesla auction. It doesn't sound like they are going to go shutting it off if you sell your Tesla to someone else.