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  1. We'll all have different ideas of what those the "some things" that need to be spoken often and everywhere are I suppose. I wouldn't put those topics in that category.
  2. For those that say "stick to football", I would say there are some things that need to be spoken often and everywhere. When you shut down people's outlets for discussion then it leads to frustration and will boil over at some point.
  3. I was on our board for about 3-4 years. We had an executive session where we would talk about the private stuff and an open session that any homeowner could come in and bring anything up they wanted. We had a managing company that helped with the day to day operation. The biggest thing was applying the rules consistently, when you started allowing exceptions then it just opened the door for anyone that got denied their exception to complain and if it got to the legal stage we'd have no firm ground.
  4. Price drops on Model S, Model X, and Model 3. I wonder if it has anything to do with an upcoming battery announcement that would make people be willing to wait, or if it is just to spur slow sales because of Covid.
  5. I use them all pretty interchangeably but probably trunks the least.
  6. It upsets me more because of where it is. Lake of the Ozarks is out in the middle of nowhere. That means that everyone from KC and St. Louis and such were coming down. They'll go back and hopefully if there is a spike those systems will be able to handle it. More concerning is if they spread it around to the locals, there isn't much of a hospital system down there and it takes a long time to get around the lake.
  7. Having seen Foo Fighters in concert there is no doubt in my mind that Grohl is a front man.
  8. I would doubt it, they are going to have all they can handle with the M3 and MY orders, and I would think the profit margin on a 25k model would be almost non-existent. Plus they need to refresh the S and X models.