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  1. Exactly. Just tell your buddy that this particular gift is making your wife uncomfortable, try to figure out something else your buddy can do instead. Just redirect him, you don't have to let it just be a rejection.
  2. Everything is just a few in one direction or the other. The AWD gets 15 fewer miles. The AWD lets you go 5 mph faster (145 vs. 140), I'm not going anywhere that fast anyway. 0-60 is 0.5 seconds faster on the AWD vs RWD. I don't know if you can switch the AWD to RWD and if that would give you more range or not.
  3. Decrease in range supercedes those for me, but I can understand how others might weigh those higher.
  4. I can see the appeal there, but even the RWD performs well in the snow from what I understand. I'm just saying there appears to be a limited use case for it.
  5. From the time I finalized until they set up an appointment it was around a week.
  6. My delivery is set for Sunday, no one has contacted me about an AWD discount but not sure I would go that route anyway. Not seeing a big need for AWD, it's less range and what? The piece of mind of AWD? Meh.
  7. The only way he comes out with unchanged risk is if he wasn't in the house when the kid's arm was broken (If that report is accurate). Any other situation still has a cloud over him imo and shortens the leash even further.
  8. Agree. I just think that is a hard thing to change about yourself. I sincerely hope he can do it, but I'm doubtful.
  9. Just put in my order for a Model 3 LR RWD