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  1. I think I'd rather have spontaneous fires than be surrounded by bees in the walls.
  2. No, we have those click wand lighter things, and there wasn't one in his room, or hers.
  3. One day actually, he had it in his room the other night. It had been out in the kitchen, my wife lit it earlier in the week. I get it, and if this becomes a regular thing I'll be more suspicious (the candle thing, not the burning garbage).
  4. I also think people are getting overly caught up in the candle thing. It wasn't lit, he had burned it over night previously. It isn't some new found love or some constant thing he is doing just suddenly. Someone tell me a plausible vaping scenario where he was doing that and it caused my daughter's garbage to catch fire and leave no evidence of any vaping paraphernalia.
  5. Still trying to figure out what you guys are thinking happened besides "OMG HE'S VAPING!?!@?!?"
  6. That is under the desk, it isn't a drawer. The charring is from the flames that were coming out of the trash can.
  7. You think they conjure it up out of thin air? What are you proposing started the fire?
  8. Usually the humane society has a program, otherwise see if there are other shelters around. They will round them up.
  9. Well, he's really the only one possible so I agree that it would have to be him if it was someone, but I don't have any evidence other than him being the only one up stairs, that he did anything. He's not always truthful so just because he says he didn't doesn't mean he actually didn't do something, but nothing about the timeline or the situation makes any sense for it to be him either.
  10. That was my first thought, hence the candle thing, but the candle wasn't lit. Possible he lit a match, but again doesn't make any sense that he would light one and then throw it in my daughter's trash when there is a trash can in his room.
  11. A.) The candle wasn't lit, he has used one in the past occasionally but rarely. B.) He had been home for maybe 15 minutes, could he have come home and immediately decided to toke up knowing I was downstairs and could come up at any moment, sure it is possible, but when I did barge into his room to see if he had lit a match he was sitting in his swing chair watching youTube on his phone. C.) There was no evidence of any vaping materials in the garbage I dumped out. D.) I'm very aware of what weed smells like. I'm struggling to figure out what happened, but the narrative that my son came home started vaping or smoking a doob, decided he was done and threw away the doob or vape stuff into my daughter's garbage, of which there is no evidence at all, within 15 minutes of getting home to be almost as implausible as spontaneous combustion.
  12. Well the great thing is that the main bath is currently demolished because the toilet overflowed during the night on Halloween and it leaked through the floor into the kitchen and into the basement, so there wasn't a close bathroom I could use.