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  1. 8 of 16 slots taken...we are rolling!
  2. The Man Cave is a duplicate of the Insane League, now entering its 4th season....so the format is owner tested. Key features; 1. A unique scoring system that is performance based, what happens in the real world, so if your QB has a bad game, he may have negtive points. 2. 45 man rosters, 5 man practice squad, 10 man IR 3. 16 teams, 2 conferences-4 divisions 4. Competitive play off system-Division winners, top 2 league wide make play offs. Consolation round for remaining team for additional draft pick 5. Total contract years are used 2.5 x # of players on roster. You then assign as desired to each player. 1-4 year contract years. 5 yr. Rookie contracts. No salaries are tracked. 6. Franchise/transitional tags for off season auction 7. Prize league-$400.0 payout to league champ 8. Experienced commishes The initial acquisition of players is done through an auction, this gives all teams to have equal access to all players! Click to access league site, if interested send email to Commish via the "Communications" menu at the league site.