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  1. 100 days tomorrow. Not a cheat. Lost weight during the whole thing. Exercising really knocked me out of my habit and into another.
  2. One day, smoke free. I think I'm addicted to Chantix. I ran my dog around the block and didn't stroke out.
  3. I benched Addai for the first time this year for Fred Taylor. I didn't know Addai would get 20 carries.
  4. They are going to do 2 2 hour movies to end the show properly. Thats the last I heard. It will be a big blowout.
  5. Pipe burst damage is covered by Homeowners almost always. Anything waterwise that comes down is generally covered. If it comes through the pipes (toilet/sewer) the it is not covered, but most insurance have an expensive backup rider to atatch to it. You can't get "flood insurance" without being in a government flood plain.