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  1. 100 days tomorrow. Not a cheat. Lost weight during the whole thing. Exercising really knocked me out of my habit and into another.
  2. One day, smoke free. I think I'm addicted to Chantix. I ran my dog around the block and didn't stroke out.
  3. I have a Tivo HD and I like it a lot. I was in love with my first Tivo that I used for 4 years. Other than adding HD it seems to be getting long in the tooth. The Netflix option works, but its a little buggy. The DVR interface and options is the best out there, and I can program from the computer which is huge. Entering text on the remote (or any remote) sucks. The worst part was getting Comcast to try and figure out how to program the Cablecards. That was painful. Multiple phone calls and 3 trips to my house. I think I just made them do it out of spite.
  4. I benched Addai for the first time this year for Fred Taylor. I didn't know Addai would get 20 carries.
  5. They are going to do 2 2 hour movies to end the show properly. Thats the last I heard. It will be a big blowout.
  6. Pipe burst damage is covered by Homeowners almost always. Anything waterwise that comes down is generally covered. If it comes through the pipes (toilet/sewer) the it is not covered, but most insurance have an expensive backup rider to atatch to it. You can't get "flood insurance" without being in a government flood plain.