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  1. Crazy shot. And to close out the biggest match/point of his life. Roger and Peyton going out the wrong way.
  2. The Matt MacConahey commercial where he didn't buy the Chrysler to be cool, but because he felt like it, is the greatest worst commercial ever. Jim Carey.
  3. I think it was when she farted doing squats that I really began to appreciate her. Big fan.
  4. Chicago fans are mostly excited about "landing" John Fox. John Fox to go along with Jay Cutler. Think about that a minute. Grampa and spoiled brat go fishing together. Actually, I can't wait to see it. It's like cars going down a hill that are about to hit black ice...everyone but the passengers know what's coming.
  5. His email is sean at I don't know about discounts but you should get some extra attention and great guidance/info. He's been at it a long time now and is so passionate about Peru and its history and culture, it's great. Ton of respect for him and the family he is raising down there. Pmail me your name or email if you want me to let him know you'll be contacting him. Otherwise, just tell him it's another magic football friend. Jesus.
  6. Disgruntled would be booing Santa or vandalizing cars. Pointing out attrocious coaches challenges or pathetic clock management would be called being objective. This thread is golden, btw. Too many posts to bump, but BassNBrew in particular, nails it all along. While SSOG goes to the mat and beyond for Grandpa.
  7. Uhhh not trying to win the game in this situation is indefensible. A lot is being made of the kneeling, which I agree was pretty bad, but I thought the far worse mistake was the previous possession. The Broncos get the ball with like 3:30 left after BAL failes to convert the 4th, and they made pretty much no attempt to close the game down. Run, run, run, right up the middle, mostly. They got a first down from two runs, which is great. Then run on 1st and 2nd down, fine. Then it was what, 3rd and 6 or 7, with like 1:20 left, BAl with zero time outs, and they have a choice - risk the 40 seconds to win the game. Put the ball in Peyton Manning's hands, and let him throw a pass to win the game. Literally, game is OVER if one of the best of all time can complete a pass for a first down. Instead, yep, dive up the middle. Ravens get the ball with like 1:20 left, and they leave 40 seconds on the clock after scoring the tying TD, lol.Sorry, but there was plenty that was indefensible. Fox cost them this game. I thought Manning was great, personally. The lack of a pass rush was also bad, but at some point you need to adjust, bring an extra rusher. I think DN rushed 4 the whole game, despite it not generating any rush, and Flacco having plenty of time to chuck these 60 yard bombs. Badly, badly coached game.Yes, there were other decisions that would have improved his team's chances of winning. Fox came up in a different era, an era where coaching rules were passed down from the heavens and considered inviolable. Taking a knee at the end of each half results in a lower chance for your team to win... but the world he grew up in said that's what you do, and he's far too old to let things like statistical analysis change his mind now. That's going to be a weakness of his for the rest of his career. That's also maybe 5% of the coaching job. A guy can be terrible there, and still be a phenomenal coach. It's the most visible 5%, so most fans want to can the guys who are terrible at that 5% and great at the other 95% in favor of a guy who is mediocre at the 95% but great at the 5%. And even then, most fans are too focused on outcomes, so they crucify even the guys who get the 5% right (witness Belichick when he went for it on 4th vs. Indy two years ago). I question how much of the calling runs falls on Fox and how much falls on Manning. The 3rd and 5 run was ludicrous, but iirc, Manning audibled into that one- hard to pin it on Fox. The constant runs at the end of the game were maddening, but Manning could have audibled out at any time, and those runs DID leave Baltimore 70 yards from the end zone with 40 seconds and no timeouts, a situation where they have less than 5% chance of winning. And, again, all of this is such a small percentage of a head coach's job. Bill Cowher was a guy who always had people calling for his head because he was too conservative and stuck in his ways. Tony Dungy got fired because Tampa was convinced he was too conservative to ever win the SB. Would I prefer John Harbaugh or Bill Belichick to Fox? Yeah, but those guys aren't available. I'd prefer Fox to any other realistically available coaching candidate out there, with the exception of Chip Kelly or Bill Cowher. Otherwise, I'd rather stick with Fox, who is a pretty darn good coach, and someone Denver can easily win with. :lmao:
  8. Wait, so my V plan is going from $110 a month to $60? Nice. And the phone was "only" $300, not including whatever I get for turning in my 4s. Sweet.
  9. People that keep saying you'll want the bigger one may be going too far here. That's been the case for the last 5 years or so, sure, but at some point, it's gotta just be too big for a phone. Certainly, convenience-wise. I have a feeling we've reached that point. I mean you gotta be kidding me, needing two hands to use your phone (tablet)? I understand it for gamers and movie watchers, sure, but if you don't do that stuff, then I'd rather not carry a typewriter around.