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  1. I just ordered The Pivot for my bike. It seems a lot smarter than trading in for a bike+. The cost is about $70 with tax, title, dealer prep.
  2. Two pairs of original airpods: Battery life is tanking in the left. On one set, the left is noticeably less. Airpod Pro has been rock solid so far.
  3. Belichick: "Cam needs another week to recover, and our quarterbacking has sucked." Looks around the room and points to a ball boy "You, go get Covid." NFL: Game postponed. Evil genius.
  4. Looks cool, and has some good options, but will never be made.
  5. I was thinking I could do this myself, and I probably could. The important part is the preparation in detailing the car. I decided I am going to get a pro to do the work, because I know I would give it the "ol' good enough" half way through, and then seal in a poorly prepped paint job. If you like, and are good at detailing your car, then DIY is fine. Yours Truly, Youtube Watcher
  6. I'm trying out the acceleration boost on my long range Y. First time I smashed the pedal, I thought "Oh yeah, totally worth it!". I will most likely keep this option.
  7. I’m thinking about getting the Tesla ring
  8. Not painting the top and bottom edges of the door. That's how you screw it up.
  9. I bought pedal cages when I bought my bike. They clip in like a bike shoe, but you can wear regular exercise shoes. Call the local store. They do not advertise them, but they did have them back in December. I can't tell you how well they work due to using the regular bike shoes.
  10. Take the kid golfing and let them drive the cart. Sometimes just pick up the ball and drive around. I had to tell my son that I am not yelling because I am mad. I am yelling because I am scared.
  11. Peloton is offering "up to" $700 for trading in a bike for a new bike+. I think that is the number I would use to negotiate a used bike.