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  1. I’m not looking forward to the love scenes with Kelly McGillis in this one.
  2. Continued prayers for Jack and your family.
  3. See if she would be willing to buy a life insurance policy for the expected amount of the estate, with the kids or a trust as the beneficiaries. That way there would be an understanding that the deadbeat gets the house, cars, cash without a fight, and the kids get their expected inheritance.
  4. My wife was battling recurring bouts of C-diff for about 6 months. The doctors performed the stool transplant, and it cleared it up. It seriously did make a huge difference and allowed her to get her liver transplant the next week.
  5. I subscribe to a small town newspaper to support a local business. I read the front page, obits (yeah, I'm getting to that age), and then local sports.
  6. I’m confused. Is it the big corkscrew thing protecting your stuff, or is it the person who you leave laying on the corkscrew thing protecting your stuff?
  7. It took about 10 minutes (oh, who am I kidding, two weeks) to figure out that X wasn't scared of anything, and he was talking about X2
  8. Looking forward to live action Toy Story.
  9. It does not need painting, and I am unsure if it can be painted. I'd imagine it would be like thick vinyl siding. I am waiting to see a physical sample of the Celect to make a decision, and I was wondering if anyone had used this before.
  10. You have to balance what is most important to you. Getting the vehicle fixed fast and getting a rental car now versus not paying out the $1,000 for a period of time. My gut tells me USPS will take a long time to get the claim settled. I would just turn into SF, and also have your GF (not you) fill out the paperwork for USPS.
  11. The adjuster will decide if your deductible needs to be paid, not the office lady. Start the process of getting the work done, and it is possible that before the work is completed, USPS may be willing to take over the claim. Also, is the gf's car on your policy, or her own?
  12. Residing my home. Taking off cedar and trying to decide between Hardie board or Celect Siding. The final cost is the same.
  13. D-Day


    Don't you mean "soak her sash"?
  14. Are you War Dog from Survivor?