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  1. Washington Redshirts, because they aren't playing until next year anyways.
  2. I also bought the snow blower, so I have two batteries. I only used the snow blower once, but it did fine with 2-3 inches of wet snow.
  3. We did Aulani about 4 years ago. Great trip. The hotel is very nice, and it is basically a water park in the middle. Expensive, but would go back. Aulani was only part of our trip, as we also spent a few days in Hilo. I wouldn't go now (2020) due to quarantine restrictions though.
  4. I’m getting over an hour with my battery. If the grass is long, wet, or you run the self propelled speed up high, then that would cut into the time.
  5. If by the start of the season instead of "by Monday", I would say 50/50 right now. As a general rule, the production must outmatch the distraction. Even with everything going smoothly, Brees was going to be playing for another year or maybe two. Doubtful more than than two. I don't see Saints management letting their long term success to be impacted because they didn't take some kind of action against Brees. I hope this does not happen, but looking at the replies to his apology, it may be inevitable. As an example, watch ESPN's Louis Riddick's reaction to the apology. There is still justifiable anger in his voice, even while giving Brees credit for the apology. And Brees may decide that he's had enough physically of playing in the NFL, and enough of having a negative spotlight on him, and it is time to move on.
  6. Wild guess, but Brees will be released and/or retired by Monday. eta: NBC deal off the table too.
  7. Is this some kind of trick to get me replying to your post again? Dammit, it worked.
  8. Just tried Echo VR game. Think three on three person Frisbee basketball in zero g. Very fun.
  9. Search YouTube for hunter fan light flickering. It is an easy fix to open it up and remove a resistor block in the fan. My light started to flicker, then wouldn’t turn on. Once I removed the module, it worked fine.
  10. Already taken. How about Koko?
  11. I am assuming that a lot of people calling me @$$hole doesn't count. It just happens to be a personality flaw that people have noticed.