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  1. I'd rather cut off my left... ummmm... hand than to admit to this whiny kid I was his father.
  2. Are we sure this is true? We need a FBG in Omaha to check out the local Cinnabons in a few weeks for a new employee.
  3. DW to wife: "Tell your sister that I don't clean pipes. I only soak the walls".
  4. Went to Europe a couple of weeks ago, and flew into Amsterdam (boy, are my arms tired... bada bing). Went to get a taxi and it seemed about 40% of the taxis were Teslas. I was bummed when I had to get into a Mercedes. I just thought it was interesting how many of the taxis were Teslas, and how well dressed the drivers were.
  5. If I don't have keys in my pockets, then I don't have a real good excuse for having my hands in the pockets all of the time "looking for something".
  6. This has been within the last 5 years. They just don't like using computers or smart phones.
  7. I have kids in their 20's and I'm still the IT and AV guy in the house. I did have clients in their 50's who said that they don't use a computer and don't even have email. I told them that they had at least another 20 years of life ahead of them and that they are already 20 year's plus behind the curve. If you are unwilling to even get an email address, there is no hope for you going into the future.
  8. 1. Check with your insurance agent/company for the definitive answer Generally a car rented in your name will be covered by your insurance company as if you were driving your own car. Assuming you have Comprehensive, Collision and Liability at a minimum, you shouldn't need to purchase insurance from the rental car company. If you have an accident in the rental, just turn it into your insurance company. Your deductibles will apply, but check with the credit card company that the rental car company has on file for you. Also, enjoy being a vehicle that BigTex's wife won't recognize following her.
  9. In 2001, my father came down with Guillain-Barré (basically made him a quadriplegic for about a month) and one of the suspected causes at the time was flu shots. Concerned about a genetic trigger, I stopped getting the flu shot until 2018. My wife had a liver transplant and is on anti-rejection meds, so she needs the shot and anyone living in the household now needs to get the flu shot each year.
  10. Large service elevator if you have multiple floors or a basement.
  11. Uninsured / Under Insured Motorist (UMBI) covers in the case where the other party is at fault in an accident, and they don't have any, nor enough coverage to pay for your injuries, your lost wages, and your pain & suffering. If you are going to cover the other person for $1 million, why not have that protection for you in case the other person is at fault. It doesn't mean you will collect that amount, but it at least gives you someone to sue with deep pockets (your insurance company). Last time I heard, the statistic of uninsured drivers was 1 in 6 (16%). Think of the % of drivers who only carry minimum coverage. 30% maybe?
  12. If you get an umbrella, make sure you extend your Uninsured/Under Insured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage to the policy.
  13. ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide overnight in his jail cell, officials tell @ABC News.