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  1. Very close but think I like Nuk here
  2. Yes, you definitely won.
  3. Definitely prefer 1.07 here
  4. I think you forgot to include someone that team A is receiving.
  5. I honestly don't know what that means, either. I left them blank. I'll leave them blank until it doesn't work, then play with that if something is off.
  6. That's weird, mine kept the same two columns, one taking up 1/3 of the page and the other taking 2/3. So weird how different leagues are having different problems. Not good. Not good at all.
  7. It converts to one when using mobile, but should still show two on desktop. Don't know why it does that for mobile but it does.
  8. As soon as the commish clicks the link at the top of the 2016 page to switch it over.
  9. They are out in my league.
  10. Yeah, my league is very similar and I figured out how (I think so, at least. Won't know for sure until it happens correctly.) Here is what I got, and you can let me know if something feels wrong here. Under Commish Setup, click on General Add/Drop Setup. Then make sure you check mark 'Blind Bid Requests for Locked Players, First Come/First Serve for the Rest' This will allow you to have both Blind Bidding and First Come First Serve. So, since blind bidding is for locked players, scroll down to where it says 'Lock all Free Agents each week on:" and enter Sunday at 1 pm, if that is when you want blind bidding waivers to begin. Under the calendar, you can add 'Process Blind Bid Waivers' and set that for Wednesdays at 11 pm each week, and those should process. Then, you can go to the calendar again and add 'No Add/Drops Allowed' and set that from Wednesdays at 11 pm until Thursday night at whatever time you want to open first come/first serve. Just be sure to then add to the calendar that on Thursday nights, 'Unlock All Currently Locked Players.' Then have that end on Sundays at 1, where the cycle should be complete. I would assume that the system will immediately kick over to FCFS, since that is what you check-marked under general settings. Now, it doesn't make sense to not allow drops during that time (IMO), so perhaps you could just get on as commish and turn off waiver abilities or even leave them and monitor that nobody makes any adds until whatever time is specified on Thursday. Should go pretty smoothly as long as you don't have any chumps in your league that try to sneak something. If that happens just don't allow and adds/drops for that 24 hour(ish) period. Hope I didn't confuse you. This is what makes sense to me, but perhaps there are easier ways.
  11. It isn't sending the texts with the validation codes so that we can activate our cell phones and receive notifications via text. Also, trading is not working. We can pull up the page that allows you to check mark the players in the trade but when you actually send it, you get an error.
  12. I forgot to even mention college football. 9 am start in the west coast = gross. I think you have to go either mountain or central, probably central if you don't mind missing part of the late basketball/baseball/hockey games.
  13. NFL season is very doable in the eastern, aside from the late Monday night game on the opening weekend, think it starts at like 10:30 EST, but could be wrong. Speaking for myself, I love being able to go to church, then go out for lunch, and still get back at least an hour before the 1pm kickoff and have time to research my endless list of questionable players each week. Staying up until 11:30 for the Sunday/Monday night games to finish isn't a problem for me. As for basketball and baseball, I couldn't imagine being in the pacific and having many of those games starting at 4pm each day. That is too early. However, on the east coast, it sucks having the late games starting at 10 or 10:30. Those games I can usually only watch the first half or maybe the first 3 innings. Definitely hate that, so somewhere in the middle would be preferred, either Mountain or Central. Obviously, being retired, you would have your own preference and probably wouldn't be concerned with missing the games that start earlier, say 4 or 5 pm, but sounds like you aren't trying to stay up too late. Sounds to me like you have to consider either Pacific or Mountain. I think Central would be my own personal choice for myself, giving me another hour to watch the late basketball and baseball games and still giving me time before NFL games.