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  1. I feel like it would take a lot more than Juju to get that 1.02. Probably where that 1.10 would tie-in for me.
  2. At this point I'd be happy if he was half of Reek.
  3. Goodness, totally missed that it was superflex. I go Wentz as well.
  4. Unless I'm not understanding the salary cap enough, Demaryius easily here.
  5. Same
  6. Justin Rose came so close last year. He gets it done this year. Just hoping for a top 20 finish for Tiger and at least flirting with top 10 on the weekend. At least.
  7. I don't like Breida at 56. I'd have him more in the 40-45 range, certainly not behind some of those guys listed in front of him like Gillislee, Gallman, Darkwa.
  8. Reshad Jones was better in 2015 than Landon was in his blowup 2016 that everyone was so buzzed over. He missed most of 2016 but averaged 2 less points per game than Landon, and then returned last year and was the top DB again by a solid margin. So, his last three seasons he finished 1/2/1 in average among all DBs. Of course, this is all according to my league scoring but looking at their numbers, I don't think it would really matter what system is used.
  9. My response:
  10. Well, because I like Nuk that much more than either of them. Really the two Mikes are a toss-up in my mind.
  11. 10-team Best Ball PPR with deep rosters (size 50) and full IDP. Gave: 4.08, 5.09 Got: Marquise Goodwin We start 3 WR with potential for 4.