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  1. I only play PPR but seems cheap for OBJ.
  2. In PPR? Allen, Tate, Parker, Fitz, Cooks, Watkins for me. Also, OBJ.
  3. So 100 and a TD? I like your chances.
  4. Congrats on the win 85% chance
  5. Like your chances Meh As in BJ to outscore JPP by no more than 4? Depends on league settings but without knowing, I give you worse than a coin flip. Just so tough to say what we are going to get from Beckham, so I'll take Sterling and the 8 point spot.
  6. Should be fine but never know and also depends on scoring.
  7. Don't know your scoring but as long as you get more than 1 pt per tackle you should be fine.
  8. 30% chance due to the unknown around him.
  9. I feel similarly about both guys. Obviously OBJ is better but just never know for sure what we will get, so that drops him a little bit. Probably prefer the safer Tate tonight but since you have to swing for the fences a bit, would be hard to sit OBJ if he is active.
  10. 50% chance when you factor in the chance that he doesn't play. Or he can also play and be decoy or re-injure it.