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  1. 10-team PPR. I didn't want to deal Montgomery, but.... Montgomery for Ertz, Latavius Murray, late 2020 1st I own Kamara and also have Gordon, Ingram, David Johnson (yikes), Chase Edmonds, Jamaal Williams. Loaded at TE now with Kittle, Ertz, Andrews, OJ.
  2. Still regret trading him for Pettis in the offseason, but at least there's hope that I didn't get beaten too badly with that trade.
  3. 10-team PPR Best Ball, start 1 QB Hurting at QB, so I gave Dante Pettis, 2020 2nd (mid) for Tom Brady I'm a contender and still have a bunch of picks next year.
  4. 80% win So Robinson needs 11.5? assuming PPR, 60% win. That offense worries me. Second one, depends on the scoring but that's about a 50% win 60% win 0% win 50% win, 100% win 1% win PPR? 65% win if so. 70% win Assuming PPR 80% win 98% win
  5. Didn't Brady just throw a TD while up 36-0 with like 2 minutes left?
  6. Looking at snap counts, he had 7 touches in 28 snaps week one, and 19 touches in only 27 snaps week two? Over 2/3 of the time he was in, he touched it.
  7. Even though Holcomb only registered 2 solos and 4 assists, he played 90% of the snaps in week 2. Arrow still pointing up for him.
  8. I'm a dum dum, was looking at week 1. My apologies. I'm seeing a PFF grade of 60, so not great but it could have been worse for a guy making his first career start and who was pretty much unheard of beforehand. I added him back when Foster was released, so I had been keeping an eye on him.
  9. Cole Holcomb not even listed in either set of projections this week, yet Harvey-Clemons and Dion-Hamilton both are. Dude played almost 70% of the snaps last week and excelled with 8 tackles, yet nowhere to be seen in projections this week in a juicy matchup vs Cowboys (Zeke). If he can push 70% of the snaps again, I expect another solid week by him.
  10. You are all welcome. I traded him this offseason for Dante Pettis after drafting him and having him his whole career to this point. 👍
  11. DYNASTY 10-team PPR Best Ball. Deep rosters (58) with full IDP. We start QRRWWWTF on offense. Flex can be RB/WR/TE. A little background info. I am a Ravens fan and would love to flip OBJ so that I can root against him in CLE (poor reason, I know). I am already deep at WR. I have: Adams, OBJ, Keenan, ARob, Godwin, Pettis, Fitzgerald, Anthony Miller, Parris Campbell, Enunwa. I have a secret little crush on Christian Kirk, think he’s going to be really nice in that offense in Arizona and is one solid year (75/950/8 ish) from making a leap into the top 20 dynasty WRs. I have been offered: Stefon Diggs + Christian Kirk for OBJ Thoughts on this offer?
  12. That seems like a lot for Odell, but I do see why you’d be excited about him going forward.
  13. 10-team PPR Best Ball. Not involved. Joe Mixon + Stefon Diggs for David Montgomery + OBJ