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  1. 10-team PPR with IDP gave 2.05 got Keke Coutee, 2020 2nd (likely late)
  2. Not involved, 10-team PPR. Odell Beckham for Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods
  3. Holy smokes Batman, I couldn't get half of that for Williams.
  4. 10-team PPR with IDP. Not involved. Hunt for Hyde, 2020 1st, 2nd, 4th (likely from a playoff team, so 1.05-1.08 range)
  5. Romo was spot on. Gostkowski had already missed from 46 and looked pretty shaky all game, even the kick that basically sealed it. Their only shot is really a missed FG. Plus, even if they take the penalty and back them up, who is to say that they wouldn't have gotten back to FG range and kicked a FG to go up 10 with like 30 seconds left? There are a ton of scenarios where they have an extremely slim chance of coming back, but the only situation where they actually have a reasonable chance is if they take the loss of downs, save some time, and Gostkowski misses.
  6. Not involved. 10-team PPR. Robby Anderson, Zay Jones, 2.08 for 1.07, 4.05
  7. I have a 10-team IDP league and I see the points on preferring the Chubb side. Assuming you are deep, an argument can be made for Chubb. But, assuming average depth, I'd take that return all day. The dynasty trade value chart shows it as a free 1.07 basically (actually 1.07+ for free), although the fact that it's a shallower league would make it closer.
  8. Nice return for Chubb. I'll take Jones, Williams, Njoku, and the 7th overall pretty easily.
  9. Then I watch him play like he did today and I wonder if I sold him too low. He’s a tough guy to put a price tag on but he passes the eye test.