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  1. Surprised Coulter hasn’t been getting drafted in a lot of these.
  2. 10-team PPR gave Kenny Golladay, Christian Kirk, Parris Campbell, Antonio Gibson, 2021 2nd (late), 2021 3rd (early) got Michael Thomas, 2021 3rd (late) Had plenty of depth across the board, so I traded some depth for a stud.
  3. Mine will be starting here sometime today: 10-team PPR with IDP.
  4. Beat me to it. Not to mention, one would think that Lamar will ideally run less and less as he keeps growing as a passer and to also extend his career some. He will still run a lot and vulture TDs but if that offense is clicking on all cylinders, plenty of food to go around.
  5. It's probably just like all of the other dynasty content on here. Thrown together in 8 seconds with not much thought or effort, just so they can say it's done.
  6. 10-team PPR with IDP Gave David Johnson Got 2021 2nd (likely early, so top 13-14 pick) I have 10 picks in the first 6 rounds of this year's draft (7 picks in the top 3 rounds) so I was looking to free up a roster spot. Still have Kamara, Ingram, Sanders, and all of their current backups at RB.
  7. I assume that's Jared Cook and not Dalvin. I'll take Sutton here but I like him more than most.
  8. 10-team PPR start 1 QB Kyler Murray for Matt Ryan, 2020 1st-7th round picks (likely late)
  9. So torn on this, and it seems like the opinions so far are split as well.