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  1. So torn on this, and it seems like the opinions so far are split as well.
  2. I'm struggling with my last pitcher keeper. Other keepers are Bieber, Flaherty, and Clevinger. Our pitching categories are W, L, S, K, ERA, and WHIP. Would you keep Kershaw or Corbin? Leaning Corbin.
  3. 10-team PPR with IDP gave Miles Sanders, OBJ, 1.07, 1.09 got Saquon, Devin Singletary, Mike Williams
  4. 10-team PPR. I'm prepared to hear that I gave up too much, but I really wanted Sanders and I have a ton of draft picks and need to trim some fat to make room. So, the roster spots hold plenty of value to me. Gave: Melvin Gordon, Emmanuel Sanders, Nick Foles, 2020 1.10 Got: Miles Sanders, 2020 2.08
  5. I've been trying to sell Ertz since the fantasy season ended and haven't had much luck. Not only did I feel overloaded at TE with Kittle, Ertz, Andrews, and Howard, but I also worry about Ertz starting to decline and/or Goedert stealing targets from him. I like Kirk as a player and in that offense, even if he won't ever be a WR1. Don't need him to be.
  6. 10-team PPR gave Ertz got Kirk I still have Kittle, Andrews, and Howard at TE.
  7. Zimmer did take a timeout at the start of the 4th after unsuccessfully trying to get GB to jump offsides on 4th & 1. They were at their own 45 yard line, would think a timeout in that situation is much more valuable than the 5 yards from taking a delay.
  8. Considering a 43-yard FG is hardly even a sure thing, I would have tried to pick up a yard to end the game. He was 4 for 6 on the year from 40-49 yds, so I would also factor that in. I'm getting a yard there, but I guess I'm the moron.
  9. Shanahan kicking a 43-yd FG on 4th & 1 to go up 5 with just under 2 mins left. One yard ends the game. Instead gave them the ball with plenty of time and I believe two timeouts. I might be wrong, but even as it was happening I was thinking how stupid it was to not try to end the game by getting one yard. Maybe I’m the stupid one, or maybe Harbaugh has rubbed off on me too much by going for it on 4th so many times.
  10. 10-team PPR. I didn't want to deal Montgomery, but.... Montgomery for Ertz, Latavius Murray, late 2020 1st I own Kamara and also have Gordon, Ingram, David Johnson (yikes), Chase Edmonds, Jamaal Williams. Loaded at TE now with Kittle, Ertz, Andrews, OJ.
  11. Still regret trading him for Pettis in the offseason, but at least there's hope that I didn't get beaten too badly with that trade.
  12. 10-team PPR Best Ball, start 1 QB Hurting at QB, so I gave Dante Pettis, 2020 2nd (mid) for Tom Brady I'm a contender and still have a bunch of picks next year.