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  1. Ouch that's awful
  2. PPR Best Ball. 10 teams with deep rosters and full IDP. Not involved. Sterling Shepard, KJ Wright for Cameron Meredith, 2018 1st/2nd/3rd (mid-late)
  3. 10-team PPR Best Ball with deep rosters and full IDP. Start 1 QB. Not involved. Not an Earth shattering deal but thought I'd post it anyway. 4.10, 5.08, 6.02 for Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, Tavon Austin
  4. Seems pretty fair to me
  5. Thanks for the replies I really appreciate it.
  6. Well doggone it I wish you were in my league to give me that 2.08 for him. And I can't answer that right now but there is always really good value at that point in OUR draft. When GB drafts a RB I will not be able to flip him for that third, no chance.
  7. We start full 11-man defense. Due to that, many owners reach for IDP early, which pushes back many good offensive players. I can without a doubt get an offensive talent that goes in the 2nd in most non-IDP drafts, with that 3.10.
  8. Yeah they are question marks but I also have a couple studs. Tough to get 4 or 5 guys that have no question marks. TyMont would just be another one of them that has a bunch of concerns. Have plenty of guys already that are capable of having a 12-15 point week any given week on top of a couple 20-30 point weekly guys. Theo Riddick is a pass catching specialist and don't see that changing regardless who is the "lead back" there. Woodhead is old, sure, but not a lot of mileage and he is playing for checkdown-city Flacco. Again, in best ball, I am in fine shape at RB. We can only start a max of two each week. Have them all handcuffed too. But you are right, it has a lot to do with value. What happens when GB drafts a really good RB? What happens then?
  9. No just saying, I don't have to guess to start Theo, Woodhead, Ameer, Jerick, Perkins, etc. If they score well they enter my lineup. I think Ty is a safer start in traditional league but I don't see the weekly upside compare to some of the others in a best ball.
  10. It is a best ball league, these guys have a lot more value than you think.
  11. League is 10-team PPR Best Ball with deep rosters and full IDP. I am really deep at RB, I have David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Adrian Peterson, Jerick McKinnon, Paul Perkins, Danny Woodhead, Ty Montgomery I have tried to shop TyMont all offseason but haven't gotten much interest at all, however, finally may have received something worth doing. Would you deal TyMont for rookie pick 3.10? It is the 30th pick overall for a guy that I just am not that crazy about as far as volume. Yes he may get 7-10 carries and 4-5 targets per game but I do not see a case where he is their workhorse RB. I know the 3.10 isn't great but considering a smaller league and full IDP, that pick is not hateful. Thoughts?
  12. 10-team PPR Best Ball with deep rosters and full IDP. Not involved. Melvin Gordon, Branden Oliver for Kenneth Dixon, Terrence West, Charles Sims, Julian Edelman, 2.09, 4.09