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  1. Doyle and Baldwin.
  2. Not involved. 10-Team PPR with deep benches. Start QRRWWWT with one R/W/T flex. AJ Green, 2019 2nd (early) for Rashaad Penny, Devin Funchess, Josh Doctson, 2019 4th (early)
  3. 10-team Best Ball PPR. Deep rosters. Start QRRWWWT W/R/T Not involved: Cam Newton, Paul Richardson, 2019 4th + 5th (late) for Matthew Stafford Involved: gave Dallas Goedert, 2019 4th + 5th (late) got George Kittle Have a bunch of young guys at TE (Howard, Shaheen, Hooper, Andrews), most of which are splitting time, so was looking to flip Goedert for someone with a better short-term outlook.
  4. Have you played Best Ball before?
  5. It does matter. So I should drop for a 3rd string QB that has a .00000001% chance of ever making an impact? Not like Lamar Jackson is chilling on the waiver wire. This is water under the bridge and not even the discussion here.
  6. Where my optimism lies with him is the fact he's still as young as some rookies and has spent a lot of the offseason working alone with Matty Ice. That doesn't mean he's going to suddenly be great just because he worked with the QB, but I think there is reason for a little optimism. Plus, he's in a great situation with nothing behind him. This year will determine everything with him. He needs a 60/600/6 type year to give me any hope moving forward. I'd have him about where you have him at this point.
  7. It says deep rosters. We carry 58 guys on each roster. Those guys are not even close to being drops. And I have 5 because I feel confident about exactly 0 of them, so being best ball, I will likely carry 4/5 into the season.
  8. League is 10-team PPR Best Ball. We start QRRWWWT W/R K. We also have deep rosters. I finished first in points last year before an unlucky elimination in the playoffs. I like my roster a lot, but I hate my TEs. Here is what I have: QB: (Start 1) RB: (Start 2-3) WR: (Start 3-4) TE: (Start 1-2) Rodgers David Johnson/Edmonds (ARI) OBJ OJ Howard Trubisky Kamara/Ingram/Scott (NO) Keenan Austin Hooper Alex Smith Melvin Gordon Adams Adam Shaheen Shady McCoy Thielen Dallas Goedert Collins/Allen/Dixon (BAL) ARob Mark Andrews Sammy Crabtree Robby A Chris Godwin Anthony Miller John Ross Basically, would you look to flip a 2019 2nd (Would be my own, so probably in the 2.08-2.10 range, also have a separate 2019 2nd that should be early) for a TE? I've reached out to the owners of Burton, Rudolph, and Kittle, and have received some interest there. Do I do what I have to do to shore up my TEs with this championship or bust roster? Or, would you stay patient since it is just a start-one TE league with no TE premium and these guys will do enough to get me by most weeks? Being best ball does help, so if Shaheen is more of just a red zone guy or if OJ is TD-dependent as well, I don't have to guess one to start each week. I just don't think any of my TEs will be getting much volume, and that has me worried.
  9. Brown by a mile. That 2.04 would need to be a top 5 pick to make it even remotely close.
  10. Cook, Guice, and 2019 2nd for Barkley? Think I do that one.
  11. This.