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  1. This is about as bad as it gets.
  2. Right, was referring more to this trade. You said I could get more if I waited til Landry signed elsewhere.
  3. Do your thoughts change if Jarvis stays? I think he stays.
  4. I think you’re probably right, but I know I’m not getting anything better and a year from now his value could plummet. With all the IDP that gets reached for in our drafts, a lot of the top offensive talent slides into the late 2nd or even 3rd.
  5. I'm sure I know which side most will prefer, but.... 10-team PPR with deep IDP (start 11 defensive players) Gave Devante Parker Got 2.09 (Pick 19 overall) Extremely deep at WR and taking a chance that Parker never reaches his ceiling.
  6. 10-team Best Ball - Start 1 QB - Not involved Cam Newton + Curtis Samuel for Case Keenum + 2019 1st + 2019 2nd (picks likely mid-late) Team getting Keenum and picks is in total rebuild.
  7. 10-team PPR Best Ball Gave: Jared Goff, Robert Woods, Jamison Crowder Got: Derek Carr, Brandin Cooks, Donte Moncrief
  8. 10-team PPR Best Ball Gave Kelvin Benjamin Got Robert Woods Own Goff and loved the chemistry between he and Woods.
  9. These forums are the only thing that keep me using this site. Dynasty content has gotten worse every year and even a lot of the rankings are absolutely bizarre and seem to be only submitted so that they can say they are done.
  10. Really? I'd go the other side without hesitation.
  11. 10-team PPR with IDP Gave: Tarik Cohen Got: Robby Anderson + Pick 5.08 5th rounders aren't entirely useless with deep rosters and 11 defensive starters.
  12. I'm torn on this one but lean Nuk. Close trade.
  13. First off, this belongs in the Assistant Coach Subforum. Secondly, heck no.