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  1. That seems like a lot for Odell, but I do see why you’d be excited about him going forward.
  2. 10-team PPR Best Ball. Not involved. Joe Mixon + Stefon Diggs for David Montgomery + OBJ
  3. Unfortunate but consider me not surprised at all. All three rookie drafts are finished, just been checking in to see where my picks stack up on his board.
  4. Absolutely. Completely understand. But my point remains.
  5. Don't know but it's worthless if he waits much longer. Well, not completely, but loses a lot of its luster with all the leagues drafting right after the NFL draft.
  6. 10-team PPR with IDP: 12-team PPR with IDP: 16-team PPR with IDP:
  7. He just got shipped for a 2020 3rd in my league. Ouch.
  8. 10-team PPR with IDP gave 2.05 got Keke Coutee, 2020 2nd (likely late)
  9. Not involved, 10-team PPR. Odell Beckham for Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods
  10. Holy smokes Batman, I couldn't get half of that for Williams.