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  1. I haven’t heard anything. I wasn’t touching him before his off field issue. Buf offense is horrid. Lost some OL , WR and Qb are weak. Older player. No thanks - he had an awesome run for many years.
  2. “Expert” field Yates just him 20th overall in 10 team ppr. Espn = joke
  3. I’m in a MFL slow auction redraft. Currently have him (I’m in the lead) at less than half his value (if healthy). Could go either way. If he out i lost funds. Will anyone bid? If not and healthy I’ll roster him for huge bargain!
  4. Bump
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  8. Wait on qb. Spend minimum on ranked 8-12 guy and only draft 1 qb and 1 Te. Get a stud top 4 rb. Petition your commish ditch k for another flex. With only 10 teams get balance everyone will have good team
  9. We are going to have to agree to disagree. guess u like Baldwin hill Hilton Diggs thielen over AJ (yikes)
  10. Aj had a down year and was still top 10 PpR Wr last year with Dalton and the OL stinking. He is being drafted at his absolute floor. I like Fitz a lot and think he is value but won’t duplicate last year.
  11. What’s your setting in this larger league ie ppr standard starters ??
  12. AJ green is a steal late 2nd Ppr . Also I don’t like the Rb2 you end up with if you take a round 1 WR.