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  1. I think it’s hard to keep that pace. Regression
  2. Great points 1-3. Hill imo is overvalued. While he was #6 wr ppr last year he only had 105 targets. And KC added Watkins. Not enough targets and efficiency is not sustainable.
  3. Any openings left? Daniel Tread Lightly nflman69@gmail.com thanks !
  4. I think your calculations above give him 227 ppr points which I agree except his rec total maybe even higher.
  5. Still need 2 ..
  6. 2 spots ... his league has 4 drafts in one !!!!!
  7. my bad DRLRPH@aol.com
  8. Only 2 spots left !!
  9. Just 3 spots remain
  10. 4 spots left !
  11. Bump
  12. Still have openings !
  13. Joe Thomas did retire and these QB needy teams aka Jets and soon Bills are giving up the farm- so better to stockpile picks when you are Browns are need lot of players. If you don’t like the G pick then take Chubb.
  14. Since CLE signed QB Taylor I think they should have made these moves: - pass on bringing in RB Hyde - get RB in draft - traded down 1.01 to 1.06 with Jets (need QB) for a haul - draft OG Nelson with 1.06 (or DE Chubb) - trade 1.04 to Bills (need QB) - should get their later 1st plus a bunch more - later in 1st/2nd with multiple picks 2018 draft get a QB Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph and get your RB in a rich class. Barkley RB is a stud but CLE needs much more .... imo there is no Watson/Wentz/Goff type QB in this draft (over-rated) my 2 cents !