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  1. I'm giving both players the benefit of the doubt. Both guys are ranked 41st or better despite having nightmarish seasons in terms of production on the field and role in the offense (and yes, despite the TDs, Britt is having a nightmarish season- he's on pace for 560 yards and he got beaten out for a starting job by NATE WASHINGTON).And it is most certainly a bad thing for a 27 year old WR to see his role getting reduced. With that said, I think he's a talented player, I think he can ultimately succeed at the transition, and he's already put up very strong production once. People get hung up on his age as if 27 is old for a WR. It's not. I'm not downgrading him. It's sort of a weird time for TEs, as everyone else is either aging, injured, ineffective, or unproven. I've got Finley at #1 overall. Honestly, who would you put above him? Gates I could easily see... but, of course, Gates might be missing time with his own injury, now. Davis? Sure, I could see that, although I think Finley is the better talent. Clark? He's 31. I'd be hard-pressed to trade Finley for Clark straight up this year. It was always a down year for dynasty TEs (just like it was an up year for dynasty QBs), so there aren't a whole lot of guys waiting in the wings to step up to replace Finley in the rankings.He's 23, he's shown a lot of talent on the field, his coaches love him, his QB loves him... he's staying sky-high in my rankings.Losing Finley in 2 of my 3 dynasty leagues was painful but I still won't trade him for any other TE right now. This was kind of a fluke injury no ?He has the talent to be one of the greatest TE's of all time from what I have seen. He is almost uncoverable at times.I will lick my mounds and hope next year he can stay healthy.
  2. Torain is an interesting case. I think he holds the job for a bit, but his liabilities severely limit his upside. Specifically, the guy is God-awfull slow and has limited agility. What he does have is a brutally physical running style that can be very effective in specific situations.His running style is such that I can't see how he could survive as a lead back for more then a season or two. During those couple seasons, he'll be a feast or famine player, running over some defenses while being generally ineffective against other, more physical D's.Great short term value, but if someone is willing to part with high end RB2 value, I'd be selling. He has COP/goal line written all over him.Agree 100%. He is my #1 sell high prospect. He looks awful running the ball. He is slow, lacks vision, and quite frankly, looks dumb. He is not the long term answer in Washington. If you are competing, you might want to hold on to him, if you need him as a RB2. If you are re-building, or have enough RB talent to start without Torrain, I would be moving him right now.Someone offered the guy in my league 2 2nd round picks in 2011 for Torain and he turned it down. He just drafted him in the 25th round but he believes he is going to be the next T-Davis
  3. I would say his value is still very high. Case in point in a TD heavy league non PPR league I was offered Adrain Peterson for Foster, B-Marshall and Vick.
  4. What do you mean? I dropped him from 14th to 18th. I dropped his value from 77 in August, to 75 in September, and now to 70 in October. You can say that I'm not dropping him enough, but you can't say that I'm not dropping him at all. Not me. I'd still take Rodgers, Brees, and Romo over Rivers. I should definitely bump Rivers over Manning, though. It's important to remember that players are never as good as they look when they're on a hot streak. Over a full 16-game season, a 4-game hot streak will account for 25% of a player's production. 5 weeks in, a 4-game hot streak will account for 80% of a player's production. There's always a lot of danger in overreacting when a player opens the season playing out of his mind, which is why I still have Orton and Vick outside my top 10. Also, when last I checked, Norv Turner was still in town. I don't like placing my trust in Norv Turner.I have zero questions about Rivers' place as an elite NFL QB. I just have a few remaining reservations about his place as an elite fantasy QB. Rivers > Romo and it isn't even close.If you swapped teams giving Rivers all those talented WR's and gave Romo Gates and a bunch of stiffs Rivers would be light years in stats ahead of Romo
  5. Looks like I was wrong about Harvin. I was in panic mode when all the headaches hit him. Thanks to this link I took him in the 7th round of my new dynasty start up draft. A very great value in PPR league. Thanks to all involved helping me make that pick.
  6. It's not irrelevant. When I rank players, I either have the choice to rank them based on what I think of them, or to rank them based on what their team thinks of them. I go the former route, which is why Jamaal Charles is in my top 10. I think Ben Tate is bad and will not steal carries from Arian Foster. I rank accordingly. Agreed. I didn't mind so much the first time he solicited VJax/Colston comparisons, even though I'm sick of talking about VJax, mostly because I could use it as an opportunity to talk a little bit about Colston. The big problem was when Muto came back a second time and asked the exact same question because he wanted more feedback on it. ACF posts are poor form, but can sometimes result in decent discussion. Continually coming back with repeated ACF questions (or even worse, the same question multiple times because you want even more feedback) is just annoying, though.Well excuse me for asking about 2 players where they ranked going forward in 2011 and beyond and then telling you what I finally decided to do.I guess I had the wrong idea, I thought this is where the best dynasty players on the site came to discuss players. My mistake.
  7. Well no one can predict the future, so it's hard to gauge.I would say that Vincent is more talented.Now if Vincent goes to a team and is the clear 1, than he would have great value.But at this point, it's impossible to say who will go where and what the situation will be a year from now.So I'd go with the guy who you believe has the most talent.I don't believe Colston has more talent then V-Jax but I did the deal I got Colston, Ricky Williams and my own 1st round pick back while giving up his 1st back to him and V-JaxThis gives me a chance to compete this year and Colston and V-Jax are probably a wash anyway in a dynasty format right now.
  8. Colston vs V-Jackson who would you prefer in a PPR dynasty league going forward ? Colston is playing now in an elite offense and can you help my team now but man he has done almost nothing so far avg only 9 pts a week. V-Jackson is an elite talent but who knows where this guy ends up after this year. Does he end up on a team where he will become an elite WR or end up on a poor passing offense ? I am struggling on this decision. Where are the links to the updated rankings ? We really need some PPR rankings as well for dynasty around here.
  9. I think it is close, actually. Coltson is having a bad stretch, but he will put up some monster games this season. I like Jackson more as a player, but we don't know where he'll end up or when. Plus, his behavior is starting to be an issue, I think. But that is not the important part. The important part is that the other owner likes Jackson more. So make him pay more. Counter with a draft pick. Either a 2nd, or a 1st/2nd swap.I tried the 1st/2nd swap and he told me to pound salt.
  10. Is Colston no longer a top flight WR? I am curious as if you would prefer V-Jackson or Colston right now in a dynasty league ? I am being offered Colston for V-Jackson. Right now my team is tied for 4th-7th place. Top 6 make playoffs. Do I take Colston and try and win now or hold onto V-Jax ? I think coming into the year they would have ranked very closely going forward but with Colston struggles that has me worried but V-Jax situation is wierd as well.
  11. Not sure I can ask this question here but I will give it a try since this is where the best of the best hang out when talking about the value of the players in dynasty leagues. Would you do this trade based on where you rank these players for now and the future ? This is what I would get Tony Gonzalez TE, ATL Ricky Williams RB, MIA Braylon Edwards WR, NYJ Maurice Jones-Drew RB, JAC Marques Colston WR, NOR 2011 Draft, Rnd 1 (My pick back) This is what he wants from me Vincent Jackson WR, SDG Jonathan Stewart RB, CAR Dez Bryant WR, DAL 2011 Draft, Rnd 1 (His pick back) It comes down to trying to win the title now and getting Drew and Colston at the expensive of giving up 3 potential superstars. I have zero chance to win this year with no trade but I might have a great chance to win for the next 5 years without a trade. I am leaning toward no on this...thoughts by anyone is appreciated.
  12. How did Foster go undrafted in the NFL draft in 2009 ?
  13. With every passing game I want to on Foster 2 dynasty start up leagues and missed him on both. He went in the 10th round in one and last pick of the 6th in the other I had a shot at him in the 9th in the one (before Tate's injury) and a pick at 6.09 in the other and passed. (after Tate's injury) Man that freaking stinks Foster was ranked below players like Bradon Jacobs, M-Bush and Fred Jackson here before Tate's injury and below Tate himself. I guess you missed on that one.
  14. I burned a 3rd round start up draft pick on Greene and I won't be cutting bait with him. Lucky for me I drafted LT in round 14 so I am actually starting him while I will let Greene learn from the master. If you heard last night Greene talked about being taught how to run routes on passes from LT. It may look bad now considering the cost but unless your getting McCoy from someone (doubtful) then why trade him for Felix or Donald Brown ? Those seem like panic moves to me.Greene will not be a start this year unless LT gets hurt.Remember this is only his 2nd year.
  15. I think it's certainly at least 50/50, but I'm pretty much ignorant concerning this subject. I really don't have anything of value to add, but I would appreciate it if anyone could post links to websites that provide relevant information concerning the CBA and/or the lockout. I love that you brought this up btw. I have been trying to get my dynasty league to plan for this because it looks almost certain to happen. But no one wants to even consider it. One of the problems I see is that leagues use the previous year's fantasy results to determine rookie draft order. That's fine for determining 2011 draft order, but what about 2012? It doesn't seem right that the same team should draft #1 two years in a row. Meanwhile, the best teams will be aging and will not have a chance to cash in during lockout year. By the team 2012 rolls around their studs will be two years older and they will have had two consecutive years of not having good rookie picks to reload. I suggested the following: So if there is no 2011 to determine draft order for 2012, how do yo do it? You could: a) Use 2011 draft order. This seems to give a huge advantage to teams that do badly this year; can you imagine two first round rookie picks consecutively? Meanwhile, the better teams have aged and they haven't had a chance to win with them in 2011. b) Do a lottery for 2012. Risk here: someone who is perceived to have a great team gets #1 pick. c) Have each owner rank all teams (excluding their own) from 1-11, with 1 being best. Each team is then tallied with the votes of all owners. The team with the most ranking points picks first, and so on. Risk: someone could deliberately rank someone higher just because they don't like them or because they are in their conference. Personally, I wouldn't worry about this. Good: the draft is supposed to help out bad teams and this would do just that, at least based on the perception of the majority of the league. d) Use a reputable website's dynasty ranking (rotoworld or footballguys?) to assign a value for each player on each team based on player rankings. Team with the highest number (their players are ranked the lowest) drafts first, and so on. Advantage: no bias. Rankings like these tend to reflect the general value of players. Negative: none that I can see. This should determine a draft order based as much as possible on perceived strength of teams, which is the goal of the draft. e) Weighted lottery like the NBA, using 2010 results as a baseline for 2012, but adjusted so every team has a weighted chance for the higher slots. Example, the 12th team has a 50% chance of getting #1 in 2012; the 11th team 25%, and so on. Not sure how you would come up with the weighting system, but the idea is to give the teams that were worst in 2010 a slightly higher chance of getting a better pick, but the the better teams still have some chance. Problem: complicated; how do you program the selecting? Advantage: gives everyone a chance to get a good pick but gives the teams that were worst in 2010 a better chance. Personally, I like c or d. I think either one would give us as fair a determination of the worst and best teams as possible. First off, if there will be a lockout, is it a given that there will be a 2011 NFL draft? Will the current CBA stay in effect through April 2011? If not, there wouldn't be a draft, would there?You seem to be assuming there will be, and further assuming that your leagues will conduct both 2011 and 2012 rookie drafts. Is that necessarily required? I don't believe you addressed what seems to be the most obvious and appropriate option: hold off your 2011 rookie draft until it is certain games will be played in 2011. If that means drafting in late August because there won't be a lockout, great. Business as usual. If it means drafting in mid October after some games were missed, so be it. Use the 2011 draft order for the 2011 draft, as usual. Use the 2011 season results to determine 2012 draft order, as usual. The fact that it will be an abbreviated season isn't particularly relevant. If it means not drafting in 2011 if the entire season is missed, so be it. In that event, you don't conduct a 2011 rookie draft, and what would have been the 2011 draft order can be used in 2012, with the 2012 rookie draft pool containing all rookies from what would have been the 2011 and 2012 rookie classes. Yes there will be a 2011 NFL draft that is already written in stone.