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  1. A Peterson or M Davis as RB2. TD Heavy: 10 pt per TD. 1 pt per 10 yards. Worried about both in terms of volume for different reasons. Thanks
  2. Had DJ last year. Have Rodgers this year. The feeling is same.
  3. Great stat line. Source? not that i’m doubting, but i want to find more meaningful stats like this.
  4. I dropped Balto for NO also. I’m thinking the weather might play in favor of more mistakes like fumbles and interceptions.
  5. Who gets the bulk of the carries? Unless Williams is out, I feel like this is an avoid. Thoughts?
  6. FWIW, I am starting M. Thomas over him. The last few weeks has been brutal
  7. Opportunity was there, but play calling (wildcat?) and no offensive line push doomed chances.
  8. Picked him up after learning that Charles has swelling in his knee. Literally no other choice on my team. Fingers crossed.. From Rotoworld via CBS... Washington is listed as questionable after logging three straight limited practices, but reports hinted he was almost able to play last week, which suggests he should be ready by Sunday. Prior to spraining his ankle, the seventh-round rookie was part of a timeshare with Theo Riddick (ankle), who has already been ruled out for Sunday. Assuming he plays and isn't too limited by the ankle, Washington could serve as the lead back ahead of Zach Zenner and Justin Forsett. The Lions still figure to go with a timeshare, making any of the three a speculative Week 7 option. Mike Davis still out there. ?
  9. Darn the Cbs Breaking News text alerting me that Grant was playing. Would have rather been oblivious and gone with Rudolph. Sigh.
  10. The time I wasted reading the drivel on this thread makes me reassess the so called wasted time on Candy Crush as quality time spent.
  11. The embed old code trick does work. I used it last week.