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  1. Didn't see a Tom Steyer thread. Heard him interviewed on NPR a couple of weeks ago, and liked what I heard. Get rid of dark money funding and empower climate justice. His 5 'rights': 1. The right to health 2. The right to an equal vote 3. The right to clean air and clean water 4. The right to learn 5. The right to a living wage I'm kind of puzzled why he hasn't done very well. What am I missing?
  2. This. I thought this is how everyone does it. Whoever does it differently are base savages.
  3. My wife and I did this 11 years ago. Out of NJ and moved to SC. Completely blind. No jobs lined up. No family. No friends. With a three year old and a one year old in tow. With neither of us having more than a high school diploma. In July of 2008. So stupid on so many levels. It made us stronger though. Point being: don't let an obstacle like no family in the area or whatnot stop you from venturing to points unknown. Trust me, you'll look back on it years later and see it as a great step in your life.
  4. I was a Lego master from about 1974 to around 1987. Remember the Space Lego guy in the legos movie? That was me. Now, 32 years later, we have a collection of about 3/4th of a plastic bin. Maybe I will watch and try some recreations.
  5. Not trying to be arguementative but they do sell 1 oz. of saffron.
  6. Amazing you bring this up. I learned this just in the past two weeks or so during my last batch. Sauce to meat ratio is out of whack, so I decided my next batch will have about the ratio you describe. I've got to admit I don't buy dried chilis and rehydrate in simmering beer anymore. Smells up the house, and a better result comes from smoking fresh chilis(with a quick sear of the skin side directly over the coals to easily scrape the skin off).
  7. Yes. I googled "new orleans butcher" and dozens of options popped up. I would think most cities over 30,000 people have a decent butcher.
  8. 5 years ago I started getting meat from Costco. Much better than grocery stores. 1 year ago I started getting my steaks from a butcher instead of Costco. An uptick of quality and taste. Today I went to a farm(three miles from my house!) and got pasture raised, grass fed, no antibiotics or growth hormone, etc. steaks. Wow. A whole new world opened up to me.
  9. Place pans on edge on solid surface at 11:00(lean slightly to the left). Take a hammer and start tapping the right pan lightly, progressively getting stronger.
  10. I was thinking globally. I live about 8 miles from Bob Jones University So I personally know people that hold this belief. It is frightening.