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  1. Although a legend, Tim Conway was still an underrated comic genius. He was that good. His 'Dorf on golf' made him millions too.
  2. Nice write up about the recent boom in board games.
  3. I'm looking for some more news/blogging/insights for Cowboys stuff. I usually read Blogging the boys The Landry Hat Anyone have some other resources for Cowboys news/opinion?
  4. Here is some horrible advice, as I am not a lawyer and have done zero research on whether or not this is smart(or valid): Find out who the worst divorce attorney is within a 50 mile radius and make an appointment with every attorney EXCEPT that worst one. Discuss your case with the attorneys but only hire the best one. Ethics will prevent the other lawyers from being hired by your wife, and she will be stuck with the worst one.
  5. Someone I personally know has never heard of the band Jethro Tull. This person is in their late 40's. This person also attended Bob Jones University. So there is that....
  6. Phil McCormick, lead singer of Molly Hatchet, passed away.
  7. Make sure to lightly shake them about 6 inches from the ground right after picking them. The spores will root and you'll get more. If you ever get more than you know what to do with, local quality restaurants will gladly buy them.
  8. There are people out there who don't even know the show exists.
  9. 0 and 6. Oof. I've always liked chess and did ok playing friends, etc. A few years ago I researched chess books and bought several. I have flipped through them here and there but never really hunkered down and studied them. Well this was an eye opener. I'm playing with the idea of working thru a few and blog about just as a learning experiment. Thanks Tim for organizing and managing. I had a good time and it knocked me down a few pegs. I mean that in a good way.
  10. You really are 'that one guy'. Wawa is not just gas station food. Please step away from the keyboard...
  11. Take a trip to the library and read through the book "Knock 'em Dead"(job searching reference). Lots of good advice in there.
  12. I'm guessing we are on vastly different schedules. I can make a move in the morning before work, but then I do not have access until I get home aournd 5:30. From 5:30 until almost 10 I am free to play. Tim, we are getting close. I can almost guarantee Aerial will win. If you want to set up the next round, I would not be insulted.