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  1. I never pronounced a bet to be placed. I just have a feeling.
  2. I'll go on record here and say: Dak will easily be a top 10 QB for this coming season, and probably be a top 5. I have drank ALL the kool-aid about our new QB coach fixing Dak's footword(re: accuracy).
  3. 5 years $64 with $35.5 guaranteed. Very team friendly deal, especially considering the talent level. He also in so many words called out Zeke about signing a reasonable team friendly deal during today's press conference.
  4. This is the one I immediately thought of. An audible gasp from everyone in the theater when he appeared.
  5. 48 and couldn't hear it. My 12 and 14 year olds could and said it hurt their ears.
  6. We have a Kerig machine we can use at work, so I just get a large box of the breakfast brew from Costco. I used to make fun of Charbucks all the time, but then I read some study that compared caffeine amounts in national chains. I will get a medium house blend when confronted with that choice now, with no shame. Caffeine is why we drink coffee. Starbucks has it.
  7. Cape May is a nice shore town. Same with Stone Harbor and Avalon. I'm partial to Stone Harbor(spent many summers as a kid there).
  8. Have you got a nickle?
  9. First 3 questions on a date should be: Do you believe the earth is flat? Do you believe the earth is only 6,000 years old? When forced to order Domino's pizza, do you buy the pizza insurance?
  10. My daughter wanted to go camping for her birthday, so my wife and I took her and a friend to a state park this weekend. When we got there,we confiscated all electronics(including our own) and spent the time hiking, wading thru streams, and games of Uno and Phase 10 at the picnic bench. Friday night a bunch of kids were playing wiffleball. They invited the girls to play. Great site , one of my kids out playing wiffleball with a neighborhood type setting.
  11. I grew up with my parents owning a bookstore in southern NJ. For about 7 years we had a second store in Stone Harbor, NJ. during my teens. Great summers as a teen hanging in a shore town. As people stated above, hanging outside with 10 other kids until dark is another one. We live in the country with no kids really in the neighborhood. Even if there were, it wouldn't matter. Too many distractions inside. I wonder what a good benchmark for this trend would be? Bicycle sales?
  12. Somebody must like him. He keeps getting elected.
  13. Yes I still think less of him. What does looks have to do with respecting the person you made a commitment to?
  14. Dave Chappelle, Yasser Arafat and Orson Scott Card.