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  1. Cash shouldn't give you an advantage in fantasy football. I wouldn't play in a league with transaction fees. Advantage should be gained through the application of knowledge and strategy. It's the difference between fantasy football being gambling or a social activity.
  2. I know an authetic Sorny when I see one. Ahh Lions, just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in.
  3. And I just traded away Russell Wilson this week to roll with Watson the rest of the year.
  4. you pay for it too. personally, I don't need internet speed on my cell faster than at my house.
  5. you guise are having a nice circle jerk in here, aren't you?
  6. look at that gut /fbg but yeah, show is boring as hell. Coulson and her jiggly bits are the only thing it has going for it right now.
  7. no way u guise, I'm the best at fantasy football, for reelz.
  8. Crispix a steal at 6.5, my all time favorite cereal.
  9. you might consider something in Long Island City, quick access to the City via subway and you can probably get something decent for under $200.
  10. 9 carries for 11 yards, that's some vintage Ingram running right there. Fool me once...
  11. That's any typical Koya trip to the city I'm more concerned with stop and frisk - rarely drive to the city, and when I do, not going to be all wasted. PS - WB Sammy. Where ya been? New WIS gonna start in a couple months, just wrapped one up. You don't have to worry about stop and frisk if you're white.
  12. something isn't obsolete just because it's not the best technology available, just saying.