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  1. Cash shouldn't give you an advantage in fantasy football. I wouldn't play in a league with transaction fees. Advantage should be gained through the application of knowledge and strategy. It's the difference between fantasy football being gambling or a social activity.
  2. I know an authetic Sorny when I see one. Ahh Lions, just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in.
  3. And I just traded away Russell Wilson this week to roll with Watson the rest of the year.
  4. you pay for it too. personally, I don't need internet speed on my cell faster than at my house.
  5. you guise are having a nice circle jerk in here, aren't you?
  6. look at that gut /fbg but yeah, show is boring as hell. Coulson and her jiggly bits are the only thing it has going for it right now.
  7. no way u guise, I'm the best at fantasy football, for reelz.
  8. Crispix a steal at 6.5, my all time favorite cereal.
  9. you might consider something in Long Island City, quick access to the City via subway and you can probably get something decent for under $200.
  10. 9 carries for 11 yards, that's some vintage Ingram running right there. Fool me once...
  11. That's any typical Koya trip to the city I'm more concerned with stop and frisk - rarely drive to the city, and when I do, not going to be all wasted. PS - WB Sammy. Where ya been? New WIS gonna start in a couple months, just wrapped one up. You don't have to worry about stop and frisk if you're white.
  12. something isn't obsolete just because it's not the best technology available, just saying.
  13. Hard to get rock-solid info ... bur from what I'm understanding from another board, now that she's in the U.S., she's untouchable. The Italian courts will try her in absentia, but the U.S. will not extradite her under any circumstances.Have no way to independently confirm that, and have no cites Going to be hard for her to get a job if she does get convicted in absentiaEmployer: "Have you been convicted of any felonies?" Amanda: "Oh, I was convicted of murder in Italy." Employer: I hear it's really hard to get a job if you're in prison.
  14. I think people need to realize they're not going to be able to take a good photo from the stands at an indoor football game. at least not what they're accustomed to seeing in magazines and such. it's not really even worth carrying the equipment in. I'd rather enjoy the game.sitting close at a basketball game, the 135mm f/2 will work great. outside baseball/soccer/football sitting close on a sunny day will do fine with the 50-250mm, 70-300mm or 70-200mm f/4 canon options depending on budget.these days, I see no reason to buy a DSLR unless you really want to be a hobbyist. I personally think the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 with 16mm f/2.8 pancake lens would be a superior walk around camera for most people, can be had for $450.
  15. That's not a bad telephoto lens, but it's not a very good fit for sports photography. For sports photography you'd be better off with an f2.8 lens for outdoor sports, or a f1.8 lens for indoors sports. Also, while the class 10 is great I think if you want to shoot sports you'd be much happier with a pair of 32gb cards(~$20 each). You'll be taking a lot more "bad" shots that will end up getting deleted. One last thing I'd be sure to purchase is software that offers good noise reduction because you'll likely be using higher ISO settings to get faster shutter speeds to freeze the action. I use Lightroom but there are tons of other(and cheaper) options on the market. f/1.8 is crazy talk in that focal length. and any long f/2.8 lens they won't even let you take it into the stadium. they barely let me take in my 55-250mm IS at Ford Field.
  16. I did a variation of LMPP with a can of coke, a bottle of beer, red onions, large can of chipolte peppers in adobo sauce and brown sugar. Removed the peppers and half the sauce, blended the rest. nice slow burn.
  17. the latest anti-smoking ad with the amputated lady...change the channel every time
  18. So the community that produced Battleship and A-Team: The Movie mock Tarantino. Interesting.yeah, at least Tarantino rips off obscure stuff from the 70's, instead of 80's tv shows, toys and boardgames.
  19. I'd say he's above average. He's no McG, Ratner or Paul W.S. Anderson.
  20. Sorry NY, traditional Chicago syle is better. I'm talking flaky crust, then cheese and toppings with the sauce on top. NOT lame deep dish where the crust is just thicker.