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  1. According to news reports Fuller has a significant hamstring pull and will miss several weeks. Dump him. Please answer mine -
  2. who's available on waivers for WR ? certainly you have been winning because of McCaffrey & Ekler I'd shore up that position. please answer mine -
  3. I love Lindsey but Denver is a dumpster fire right now. Not sure I would trust his team right now.
  4. Marvin Jones for sure but next week he could easily have 2 catches for 25 and no scores. Corey Davis is intriguing as well. please answer mine
  5. On the surface I'd say yes. I fully believe that the NY Jets will be on the upswing after this weekend's game in Jax. Their schedule after that is so soft for 6 weeks. The only reason I'd pause would be that you already own Robby Anderson, Crowder and Herndon. Adding Lev Bell would give you all of the Jets starters not including the QB.
  6. My TE is currently J. Cook My WRs are Tyreek Hill JuJu Allen Robinson Marvin Jones Robbie Anderson John Brown This would certainly be a sell high buy low move. I think it's the right move to make for upside alone. Do you agree ??
  7. I'd keep OJ because we have seen what he can do. None of those names excite me. Please answer mine -
  8. I'd dump Tate for Sutton or Diggs (he still has upside) Keep Williams Please answer mine
  9. I wouldn't take the offer unless you get Gurley and even then I hesitate as I think OBJ is about to go off. Looks like Mayfield might be waking up. Please answer mine -
  10. Do it now !! don't wait in the event they chance their mind. Please answer mine
  11. Trade Jackson as his passing skills are still suspect. Personally I think you need help at WR. Not sure Hardman does much once Hill returns. Please answer mine
  12. I'd make the deal based on the upside. please answer mine
  13. Ingram is my #3 RB behind Dalvin Cook & Connor. My best WR Tyreek Hill has been hurt so I need WR help. Would you trade Ingram for JuJu Smith Schuster ?
  14. Thomas and Connor but monitor