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  1. Thomas and Connor but monitor
  2. 12 team 1/2 point PPR- Keeper questions - Keep Connor for my early third round pick OR Keep Luck for my 9th round pick ?? I pick in the 11th spot - we have third round reversal so Connor would be mine for pick 3.2
  3. QB is so deep so I wouldn't. TE can be important especially in 10 man leagues so maybe here.
  4. How do you feel about having a stud WR and RB from any same team on your fantasy squad ?
  5. I was listening to Denver sports talk radio over my lunch and one of the veteran talk show guys who's been in town for 30+ years who never seems to get too excited about rookies was gushing over what he's seen so far and compared him to DeAndre Hopkins. The other host said he's by far having the best camp and doesn't look like a rookie. Says he's out performing DT and Sanders (says Sanders is having a great camp) For him his biggest surprise is how crisp his route running has been.
  6. ok...what about starting off with 2 Rbs ? this year the RB talents falls off a cliff so fast..
  7. Anyone else have the 12th slot and wants to share their draft plan ?
  8. Actually Marvin Jones is my keeper and I give up the 12th round pick for him- Not a bad #3 WR My thinking is Freeman and best WR available is way to go at 12th and 13th overall. Howard scares me (Tarik Cowen & Bear O actually is scaring me) and then see what I can get in the 3rd.
  9. My keeper will be Marvin Jones - I give up a 10th round pick. Other than Kamara & Gordon there are no other 'keepers' slotted in the top 36 picks.
  10. Where do you think RB value falls tier wise where you would go WR/WR the first two picks ? Most would say Gurley, Elliott, Bell, Johnson, Kamara, Fournette, Hunt, Gordon, Barkley and Cook are the top 10 RBs. How do you feel about Devonta Freeman, Jordan Howard ? Would you want one of them in pick 1.12 or 2.1 or would you rather have two stud WRs?
  11. So.... we lucky ones get two picks in a row but what do we do with them ? In my league Kamara and Melvin Gordon are both 'keepers' so the RBs will be depleted once it gets to me at pick 1.12 I fully expect Gurley, Bell, Elliott, Johnson, Barkley, Fournette, Dalvin Cook and Hunt gone along with Antonio Brown and Hopkins and either Beckham or Julio Jones. On paper one would think to take either Beckham or Jones (whichever one doesn't get drafted) and follow up with the best available RB which is either Devonta Freeman or McCoy. However, McCoy scares me even if he's not in legal trouble and Freeman seems to be trending downward. Would I be better off going WR,WR with my first two picks.... lets say Julio Jones and Keenan Allen and then see what RBs are left at the end of the 3rd or am I forced to get a RB since the most likely ones will be Alex Collins, Kenyon Drake or Ronald Jones II ?
  12. Week 5 has been brutal especially for the WR - who are the players everyone has their eyes on ?
  13. The big question is who's the goal line back ? With the points that we all think will be scored I have to believe we will see a couple of opportunities where TB will hand off for a plunge into the end zone. I have to think that would be Martin as he's the bigger more powerful back.