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  1. Swing low sweet chariot - coming for to carry me home... 96.1 + Z Moss won't get it done despite Rivers stepping up with 35.5 when I needed him. 9 dnp with byes and Chubb / Goedert inj made this my toughest week and didnt have much chance unless it was an unusually low scoring week. Good luck to those remaining. I still think taking your shot early in wk6 was a good risk/reward way to go but some LAC covid bye changes didn't help.
  2. I only have 3 players not used yet (Rivers / Lock / SEA d). 1 of those will come off the list as I'm sweating Wilson bye this week.
  3. I used Ruggs & P Williams for the first time this week - thanks boyz The 3 I've not used yet include Rivers / Lock / SEA DST
  4. Russell first to break 200 pts (201.6) and 24 clear of everyone else. Josh Allen 163.6 will close that gap Tue if/when they play. My team is doing ok with 186 and 3 to still play gostkow/k allen / z moss. 980 thru 5 wks. My team was always setup for a big risk in wk6 Wilson/Lockett/Waller/Jacobs all out.
  5. I guess I am alive after all but Chubb down not very encouraging
  6. instead of donations for making the live scoring work this year I wonder if I could get a 10 point cushion on the cut?
  7. I also have the gostk/bosw combo @ K and a 3rd hope prayer.
  8. glad the stats worked. let me know if anyone is missing or scoring configured wrong. Stat wise the Wilson-Lockett exactor have pretty much carried me so far. I've never scored > 200 3 weeks in a row (635 so far) so I"m sure that's a bad sign to peak so early.
  9. yes to the best of my knowledge - there might have been a few FA or inj missing but if anyone reports error/ommissions I can quickly fix
  10. @Steeler hoping you saw my dm that had a different link note liveScoring instead of playerScores
  11. This would be a nice hindsight after 2 weeks team...
  12. Correct. Calcomatic will get it setup that way. MFL API usage has guidelines for # and who calls the data. I just didn't want to encourage hundreds to play with that link and overload their system untli a solution is presented. My experience so far has been that the API calls scores are not updated frequently enough to work (which I stated yest) but the reviewing them on the MFL site live scoring by pos that I setup is updated every couple mins.
  13. I think this would work better if just 1 person / app did the calls and then the app uploads/presents the live scoring. If we get 300+ people calling the api every min all day Sunday we would definately be offside to what it was intended.