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  1. direct link for $100 one has an error. Please repost
  2. Might be interested but I've never played in a yahoo hosted league (mostly MFL). Is there a link to the league site so I can have a look?
  3. Would love to hear a 2015 experience. Prior years were too slow/buggy compared to ESPN/Yahoo free. My advice up to 2014 has always been to skip the MFL BETA live auction and host it for free on ESPN. Then enter/transfer rosters into your MFL league after the auction. Here's hoping that they can remove the BETA testing from it some year when it becomes smoother/more reliable/ faster.
  4. I couldn't find a way to past a table without it getting messed up so here's a link to the suggested fees/prizes
  5. My league didn't have enough at DFF to keep it alive but I did join 1 of Lee's DFF revived Phenoms leagues orphans to give it a try. I was in 2 Sigma auction keeper leagues and might start a new one up.
  6. Hello. Looking for feedback on starting a new auction keeper league called THE TEN YEAR PLAN (TTYP). It's based on defunct Phenoms Sigma league. I've been commish of 3 leagues that each have been going on for 10+ yrs. There is an ownership core of 4-5 in each league that has been around for all/most of the 10+ yrs. The strongest owners continue and the weaker quit. That's the nature of this business so I'm always thinking about rules and structure to make it possible for new owners to re-build and incentive for owners to build and stay. Another approach is to ask for more $ commitment up front and slowly give that back to the owners that stick around. I also like the idea of a league that has a fixed end date. i.e. 10 years. Never been in one but I imagine it would change the auction and roster approach by year 9 or 10! Hence the idea of THE TEN YEAR PLAN is born. One format that I loved was our Sigma Phenoms league. Unfort Dataforce wasn't able to get more than 3-4 interested in continuing our league. It was a 12 team, $200 cap auction keeper league. The cap was a HARD cap meaning always in effect. 18 man rosters, plus up to 4 IR (once on IR they only count 50% salary towards your cap) Scoring was 0.5 PPR RB/1 PPR WR/TE Otherwise pretty normal including pts for DST yds/pts against. One interesting part of a hard cap is the blind bidding price you pay for a player becomes his salary. FCFS pickups have a default $1 salary. Keep as many as you want subject to annual salary increase of $5 + 10%. i.e. a $2 player would become $7.70 in yr 2, $13.97 in yr 3, etc. The auction is slower auction which took 7-20 days to complete. Longer for the first year and shorter for subsequent. We would iron out the nomination/bidding rules but there would always be multiple players on the block. We would have to work within MFL or possibly the Dataforce FF site rules for the auction nom/bidding/expiry details. I've never used Leaguesafe but would be in favor of moving towards it for this new league. Only issue I'm aware of is they don't accept paypal and I'm not 100% sure what international users have for deposit/withdrawal options. I will post a suggested fee/payout structure. $200 yr1, $150 yr2, $100 thereafter. Prizes start at 1000 yr 1 and escalate to $1500+ in the final year 10. 100% paid out after league hosting costs. Thoughts on who would be interested in a new startup league with this structure? So far I have 6 interested from other leagues I commish and old Sigma owners. It would be hosted on MFL and I would be an owner AND commish (using the lockout feature). Lee Harmon (also a Phenoms customer and owner of Dataforce FF) would also be a co-commish and own one of the franchises. Eric Lyseng - Mad Cowz
  7. Live fast paced auctions on MFL have not worked well as compared to ESPN IMO. Based on last year (2014) it was glitchy, required more than acceptable # rollbacks, and took too long overall due to delays in nominating players, skipping teams that were full, etc. I'm hoping MFL has an update for 2015 that would inspire hope to try them again. Like others hosting on ESPN for free and transferring rosters to MFL has been my approach for a keeper auction league for 10+ yrs. You can copy paste from the ESPN auction summary email into MFL to help load rosters but it takes some tweaking of pos and names esp the DST. 20 mins tops to get loaded for a commish.
  8. Final spot has been filled - thanks to all that expressed interest. There is one owner that might be transferring/moving to Germany and might have to give up his team. He will know within a month.
  9. UPDATED JUNE 25 - JUST 1 OPENING (Vacant/Starsky) and there are 1-3 teams looking at it.
  10. I will update this post as the spots are filled. thx Don Z has completed the purchase of Vacant #1. Eric S is deciding which of the remaining teams he wants for $89 Contact me if you'd like more info or be next on the list to join the league for $89 from any available franchises.
  11. Thanks to everyone that expressed interest in the Vacant#1-Bass Turds team. Here are the bid results and information on the next steps. I notice now that I forgot to mention tie breakers should that situation arise but ties will be broken by the earlier bid submitted. Not everyone submitted bids on Turds that expressed interest - that is fine and they will still possibly have a chance to join the league and take over one of the vacant teams. Don Z - $202 Eric S - $133 Justin H - $125 (rec'd earlier) David C - $125 Chuck & Paul - $111 Greg J - no bid submitted Don Z wins with his proxy bid of $202. The next highest bid was $133 so Don wins with a bid of $134. Congrats Don and welcome to the league. You have 24 hours to paypal to secure your franchise. Eric S (not me I'm Eric L) has first choice from the remaining 3 vacant teams if he still wants one of them for $89. Please let me know your intentions within a day or 2. I will continue down the line over the next couple aof days to see if you still want a team for $89 and which one. If you do not wish to pursue one of the other teams just reply back now to save some time. When selecting your team make sure you're aware of available players, draft position, which round they would cost, etc. I don't think any of the other vacant teams had any traded draft picks but be aware of their draft slot#. Some of you I know from playing fantasy golf pools and/or have played in other leagues I've commished for 10+ yrs but everyone please submit a short fantasy bio when you accept a team. i.e. name, location, #yrs playing, titles won, anything else you'd like to share. In addition make sure that I have your full contact info for future reference including a cell #. You can also update this info on the mfl site where the league is hosted. This info is only available to leaguemates logged into the league. Guests do not see the contact info for franchises. I look forward to hearing from you and getting new ownership and the league running for 2015. Eric L
  12. Deadline today midnight to auction off the Turds team.
  13. There are currently 2 interested parties bidding on the Turds franchise which has a deadline of Monday night 6/22.
  14. NACKL is a 4 team head to head $100 league 0-4 Keepers - only players drafted after the 2nd round can be protected. i.e. no Rd1 or Rd2 players can be protected.Keeper cost is a pick 2 rounds earlier than drafted. i.e. A Rd 6 pick in 2015 would cost your 4th rd pick in 2016 to keep.Victory Points used for standings with win=2vp, top 4 each week=2vp, middle 4 = 1vpTop 6 make playoffs 14-16 after 13 week reg season$100 entry with 100% payout after league hosting costsLeague has been ongoing for 10+ yearsEnhanced TE PPR scoring 1.5 per receptionleague hosted on MFLRULES 2014 site 2015 site 2015 Draft Report (to show traded draft picks) UPDATED JUNE 25 - JUST 1 OPENING (Vacant/Starsky) and there are 1-3 teams looking at it. There are currently 4 openings Most of the interest so far is in the Vacant#1 - Bass Turds franchise as it has extra draft picks in 2015 (8 in the first 50 picks). I already have 2-3 interested parties for Bass Turds. I am going to auction off the Turds and offer any extra $ to discount the other openings. If you are interested in submitting an auction bid for Turds the deadline is Mon Jun 22 midnight. Let me know if you want more info on myself or the league. I've been playing fantasy football and commissioner for 15+ years.
  15. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. Warren Buffett