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  1. everyone entering year 2 (of a max 5) unless otherwise noted $22 QB Wilson $13 RB Ajayi (yr 3) $9 RB Bernard $27 RB Freeman (yr 4) $14 RB Powell (yr 3) $7 WR Cobb $15 WR Desean Jackson $30 WR Landry $7 WR Wallace $12 WR Tyrell Williams $14 TE Ebron $25 TE Ertz (yr 3) $6 K Prater & $9 Vikings DST
  2. I opening in $100 12 team Keep 3 auction league that started in 2004. League hosted on MFL - auction is scheduled for MON AUG 27 - 7 pm et Need Keeper selection & pymt of fees ASAP as they were due Aug 23. Owner ran into some unexpected health issues and hasn't been replying to me so I assume he's out for this year. Auction is $200 cap, keepers sals inflate by 15% (min $5) each year & you can keep a player for a max of 5 yrs. Will post avail players in seperate post shortly
  3. Hey Jaymack. Someone from one of my other leagues grabbed it already but thanks for the interest. I will get back to you later today if falls through. Thanks again!
  4. Yes on the mfl site. PPR scoring (1.5 for TE) Passing 4 / .04 -1 int Rush / Rec 6 / 0.10 DST turnover 2, sack 1, pts and yards aggainst
  5. Hi everyone. 1 have one opening in $100 keep4 12 team league I've commissed for 13+ yrs. Keepers based on "round drafted -2 "----> final 2017 roster (undrafted players can be protected for R10 pick) players drafted in round 1 & 2 can't be protected (i..e not rodgers or jeffery). Team has pick 1.01. One of your keepers will likely be Thomas for 4.12 pick Keeper deadline was yesterday and draft is this Thursday online live Aug 23. Let me know if you'd like more information. 2018 site... Note - you can keep "up to 4 players". Many keep fewer than 4. This team will have a better starting pos than several others in the league. Thanks-Eric
  6. FULL - thanks DAK and others for helping fill with such strong experienced owners.
  7. If this type of league interests you please get in touch. We have some pre-season minor rule change votes to address but won't start until we find the 2 new owners. thanks!
  8. update - Thanks to CdnNFLJunkie and DAK plus 1 more make 3 that have paid and joined. 2 spots remain open The 5 new teams will have a dispersal draft to win the OBJ / Thomas / Howard, etc. lottery
  9. 1 paid, 3 others waiting for payment so depending on their pymt status we could be down to 1 spot.
  10. I like most everything in your rules and setup and I LOVE GOT! Never played scoring with 1st downs before. I'm actually looking to start or join another dynasty startup similar to this but was looking at a little higher entry. Could you share a little about your fantasy bio, other leagues you commish links, etc? Thanks in advance - Mad Cowz
  11. I can tell you from playing in this type of leagues for 12+ yrs that you get interesting keep/not-keep decisions. i.e. ADP of a younger rising player is 60 (late 5th). You can protect him for your 4th round pick this year. You decide not to keep him BUT he gets drafted in the 3rd round because you forgot to factor in keepers of others effect on the draft. Lesson learned -> ADP is not the only factor to consider when determining your 4 keepers!