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  1. Great season. It goes by way too quick. It' Wednesday. LOL
  2. I love how two people left the show and they spent an entire 5 seconds total on it. TJ just ice cold.
  3. I thought Wes was supposed to be good at puzzles. Kind of screwed himself over there. I think he timed out on 4 of the 5.
  4. Looks like 16 is the traditional hole location. I bet yes for Hole in one earlier in the week. I think I do every year. Had to sweat out last two years until Sunday.
  5. *Group A* Justin Rose (2) *Group B* Tony Finau (15) *Group C* Phil Mickelson (22) *Group D* Ian Poulter (33) *Group E* Charles Howell III (46)
  6. Only got two left from February. T Tech at 50-1 and LSU at 100-1.
  7. The new one is supposed to come out this year but haven't think they set a date yet. Can't wait for that one. They released some gameplay.
  8. Don’t think there anything in walking distance. A quick Uber to either jack stack or Arthur Bryant’s are your best bets. I would vote jack stack get the beef burnt ends/brisket with a large cheesy corn. Here’s the address 101 W 22nd St Kansas City, MO 64108. Doesn’t open till 11
  9. I'm in. We'll see how far I make it. Usually on drink once a week on Fridays. March 1st can not come soon enough.
  10. Meh, Delete the first episode and fast forward through the second.