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  1. I thought Wes was supposed to be good at puzzles. Kind of screwed himself over there. I think he timed out on 4 of the 5.
  2. Looks like 16 is the traditional hole location. I bet yes for Hole in one earlier in the week. I think I do every year. Had to sweat out last two years until Sunday.
  3. *Group A* Justin Rose (2) *Group B* Tony Finau (15) *Group C* Phil Mickelson (22) *Group D* Ian Poulter (33) *Group E* Charles Howell III (46)
  4. Only got two left from February. T Tech at 50-1 and LSU at 100-1.
  5. The new one is supposed to come out this year but haven't think they set a date yet. Can't wait for that one. They released some gameplay.
  6. Don’t think there anything in walking distance. A quick Uber to either jack stack or Arthur Bryant’s are your best bets. I would vote jack stack get the beef burnt ends/brisket with a large cheesy corn. Here’s the address 101 W 22nd St Kansas City, MO 64108. Doesn’t open till 11
  7. I'm in. We'll see how far I make it. Usually on drink once a week on Fridays. March 1st can not come soon enough.
  8. Meh, Delete the first episode and fast forward through the second.
  9. Check out Xidax PC's if your interested in buying everything. A little pricey but comes with lifetime part warranty.