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  1. Please tell me this is not true! Yep, it's true. The Louis Vuitton Don is up in Kate's building these days.(Kanye West) She Say She Want Whatever She Like She Say She Gonna Bring Her Friend And We Gonna Have A Hell Of A Night Threw The Day I made Her Say Hold up(Yea), Born In 88(Word) How Old Is That(Damn) Old Enough I Got Seniority, With The Sorority So, That Explains Why I Love College Getting Brain In The Library Cause I Love Knowledge Kate Upton Birthdate: June 10, 1992 Jesus... I graduated high school 2 weeks before she was born.
  2. There are no status updates to display

  3. Chester Cheetah and Barack Obama would be a nice start.
  4. Girl from grade school is typing everything upside down today and has posted 3 updates in 5 hours.... Edit to Add.... She also clicks "like" on every one of her posts.I just hit the "hide laura" X.
  5. Only someone so shallow as howard would think that listening to a 30 year old replay of himself is interesting.
  6. Just joined guess that's the right terminology now what do I do?Send us links to all the attractive females on your friend list for immediate evaluation.
  7. Little help with managing groups.... Group A - Coworkers who've found me on facebook Group B - Friends I don't want anything from group A showing up on my wall to Group B people and vice versa. I don't even want them to see each other in my friends lists. This possible?
  8. Actually Stu from the Hangover comes to mind for me.
  9. Status??? Not coming home to your boyfriend who's dogsitting for you because you are on a 2 day bender isn't exactly building a good reputation.
  10. How do you single guys meet random singles on facebook? My cousin used to make fun of me being on facebook, but he has been on for a few months now because I told him that I thought he could meet females pretty easily. Yet I have no idea how to tell him he should go about it. Any links or groups or suggestions I can give him or do you guys just randomly befriend complete strangers?
  11. Anyone else have a ridiculous amount of mindless people copying and pasting one another's status updates? "My kids are great, if you agree post this in your status"..... "My mom is the best, if you love your mother post this in your status."...... "It's time to show the world that more people support our troops than not, if you agree post this in your status."