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  1. Does anyone think Gallman is a worthy play the in the weeks after their bye? He plays Wash, Phil, Bengals after the Bucs? Devonta looks to be bench material at this point. Gallman played pretty well at the end of last year when Saquon went down.
  2. Disappointment would be an understatement. I thought Amari would lose targets/catches/yards to CeeDee, turns out it was Gallup.
  3. That last line pretty much sums it up for me in redrafts. Sigh. Just don't see how I can viably stick him in the lineup as an emergency or bye flex, so, thanks for the efforts, P, maybe I'll look for you in six weeks or so.
  4. Unfortunately, they seem near certain to play Monday or Tuesday.
  5. 12 team redraft, non PPR, 6pts all TDs, pickups & drops have been warp speed in this league this year and sometimes someone interesting gets dropped. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX (RB/WR/TE)/TE, K, D, 6 bench spots Team: Starters - Jackson, Jacobs, Gordon III, Fuller, Gallup, K. Hunt, J. Graham, Bullock, Broncos Bench - A.J. Brown (out - and on same team as Davis), P. Williams, A. Lazard, Gaskins, C. Edmonds, D. Booker I'm just not sure there's much use in having him if I have Brown. Trading is almost non-existent in this league as most will only entertain ridiculous offers (your starters for my bench players).
  6. Just noticed Gostkowski is the #1 scoring kicker in our league. The only game I've seen of his was game 1 where he horribly missed 3 kicks and hadn't thought about him since then. Suddenly, he has made 8-8 FGs including 4-4 over 50. Anyone else watch games 2 or 3? Has he figured things out, do his kicks look good?
  7. He was gonna be my breakout star, but I finally dropped him this week to cover for other injuries. i would have held on if he'd be back in a few weeks, but it looks like next year.
  8. Disagree. I'm asking people if they know who will get the most work if Jacobs goes out.
  9. With all the injuries, I've been nervous about Jacobs, to say the least. Does anyone have any insight that I don't as to who would get the bulk of the work if Jacobs is out? Last year it was Washington, and Richard was more the 3rd down back. But Booker's history is, ummmm, uninspiring at best. Yes, I saw Richard's TD last week and he looked good on it, but he's never been a feature back. Is either one worth a short bench spot? I have Gaskins & Edmonds on my bench, I doubt Booker or Richard are better backs, but they would receive more consistent play/goal line work if Jacobs were out. Any other Jacobs owners thinking about this? Non-PPR redraft
  10. Interesting that he went unclaimed in my waivers. Ironically, I have Brieda as I thought he would win out here in the long run. Feels like too much of a knee-jerk to swap them after 1 week? Howard will continue to plod here and there (and he's taken), but is everyone writing off Brieda?
  11. Oh, good, now they are working on their "4th TE" offense. Hope that sells well next year, Kroenke.
  12. Horrible, just horrible. And yes, the o-line is F-level disastrous also. They need a complete overhaul there and then see if Goff do anything.
  13. The shine sure is disappearing from McVay.