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  1. I can't tell if Green Bay line is really as bad as it looks or Mack being added to a decent defense really makes that much difference.
  2. I don't doubt there are elements of truth to the article. And i am a conservative. But it really will not stir action without a public acknowledgement of who wrote it. I was pleased with the economic gains early on. But I am equally displeased with the trade sanctions which make little sense to me. It seems like there always has to be a battle fought. There is no time when he folds his cards even if that is what is best for the country. That is my concern.
  3. As a Mississippian, this makes me proud. Nice to see us somewhere other than 50th in something.
  4. I think it was going to be a fight as soon as he was nominated. I am not sure the last four days matter other than giving the Dems a little more support to delay a vote.
  5. Absolutely not what I am saying. Workforce training is teaching kids in high school skills that are in high demand in the area. In our case, auto manufacturing and ship building. These businesses help fund these projects as does the state in high schools and community colleges. The teacher union, which block votes democrat generally opposes this as they feel it discourages a 4 year college education and sells kids short. They don't want it in the schools at all. Many of these kids can't be doctors and lawyers. But they can be welders and earn 40k after two years of community college with benefits. But the majority of individuals supporting this is the business community and conservative legislators. Our educational system ranks in the mid 40s. Workforce training can help a lot of kids from lower income families. I can't imagine why some democrats won't get behind this. They just want to pour more tax dollars into traditional , sub par education.
  6. Yes to the above. One thing this country needs is comphrehensive workforce training. A lot of the educational community in my state balks at this because they think everyone can be a doctor or lawyer. But we need skilled labor. Conservatives in my state are pushing hard for this, liberals not so much. We have two large auto manufacturers and a shipbuilder who can't fill good paying goods because there aren't qualified welders etc.
  7. Exactly . This was a child. I know adults who believe this. Hey, I usually vote Republican but not every time. To tie the God of my worship to politics really pushed me away from politics . We just need to vote our conscience and keep politics out of the church and the church out of politics. I know many will not agree.
  8. I am a Christian as well, though not a member of the SBC. It seems to me some of my SBC friends view political purity ( conservative bent) and Trump worship as an exercise of faith. For those of us who are religious, equating your politics as obedience to God is dangerous imho. You may end up pro-life, but you may also end up not loving your neighbor and likely judging your neighbor. I am not picking on SBC members. In my neck of the woods they account for a huge part of the religious community so the dominate they culture.
  9. 55. Wife wants to know when I am going to grow up and stop playing FF.
  10. Every time I pull out of my driveway.
  11. Well, you never know how elections will go. I am not sure that's a layup the GOP could win 3-4 races. Maybe so. I doubt it is going to happen.
  12. I haven't read much on the various primaries. I live in MS which clearly is a red state. I really didn't think the Trumplike candidates did well here. Pretty much traditional guys held serve in GOP primaries for house and senate. Democrats will hold their one house seat ( out of just 4). There is a wide open , non-primary race for Thad Cochrans old senate seat in November. It's an Interesting race. The GOP state Treasurer was appointed to the seat and is ahead in polling She was a democrat as late as 2010. Mike Espy is second. Was MS first African American congressman until his district was merged into another after we lost a seat. Trump teaparty guy polling third. He may be having an impact in some races nationwide. Not seeing it here.
  13. I haven't heard this. What's his reasoning? I can't see how it would efficient at all.
  14. Of course he is not helping but I am not sure it will impact the mid terms. This sort of thing as well as the presidents attacks on twitter plus everything else are all becoming white noise to me. I can't even watch news anymore. Back in my college days ( a while back), I had a poly sci class where the teacher had us read the NYT and WSJ a couple of times a week. He was trying to balance our worldview a bit. Maybe it's still good advice. I don't always agree with them, but I still think their amoung the best journalism out there in my opinion.