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  1. Better ingredients, ie actual meat instead of meal less filler type stuff. There is a long thread on dog food somewhere around here.
  2. Have some weird notification issues in iOS 13 and in macOS Catalina. The thing that is driving me crazy is with Mojave and iOS12 I've never had a problem. The two big things in macOS are not getting the red notification on all apps consistently and when I get a new iMessage is just shows a message banner. It used to show me who it was from. In iOS it's related to not getting them for iMessages intermittently and using the default notification sound instead of the app specific one.
  3. it's actually better than IAMS. Ours has started carrying Blue Buffalo now.
  4. As long as you have credit monitoring, which I have had for years due to other data breaches. Regardless, you are highly unlikely to get much money at all due to the 31M cap.
  5. Really love this play your first game in Prague and then not again for a week. NHL smart.
  6. Hopefully this year is better than last year. And anyone else think these games in Europe are stupid?
  7. Why can't you transfer the licenses? Office can be OEM'd, meaning tied to that machine only, but adobe is very unlikely to have been. You can get and Office 365 sub pretty cheap since you have a daughter in school. And just get a new laptop and use a thumb drive to transfer stuff. It will likely cost you more $$ with a greater than 50% chance that whomever replaces the case will f it up and you'll have to buy another one anyway.
  8. My last 2 jobs came from unsolicited requests on LinkedIn. I can't imagine any position, other than hourly retail work, where having a LinkedIn profile isn't standard practice.
  9. It's not quite that simple. Typically, everything is connected to a switch. Most routers will have one but usually it's like 4 ports which really isn't enough. Generally speaking the cable runs are terminated into a patch panel (numbered panel) in the wiring closet/telco/whatever you want to call it and on the opposite end terminated into a wall jack. Then you connect the patch panel into the switch and the device into wall jack.
  10. Because you have to have some type of back haul, can't all be done over wireless and wired speeds are significantly faster than wireless. I'd run it from where the internet terminates in the house to a wiring/telco/whatever you'd like to call it and if you want it any rooms like to your media closets/home theater room run a few runs there.
  11. Cat 6 = 1Gbps Cat 6a = 10Gbps Cat 7 = 10Gbps + Cat 8 = 40Gbps I could see needing Cat 7 at some point with so I'd probably run that instead of Cat 6 or 6a especially to your wiring closet from the internet termination.