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  1. The other advantage is the 80T is 8" larger. That's a pretty significant difference in size.
  2. I was in the same boat last year. I went bigger and don't regret it at all. Going from two plasmas so 4k was an incredible upgrade. Add in I only spent 1400 I won't feel like I wasted cash if I upgrade in another year or two?
  3. Need to make this the ***Official*** thread! Can't wait till tomorrow, such a great show.
  4. It is. I was shocked honestly. I got it because the Amazon Fire had all sorts of buffering and audio issues with streaming from the NAS. Zero issues with the Shield.
  5. If you're internet is good enough you it should be hard to notice. I don't notice much at all streaming 4K from my NAS vs 4k from Netflix/Amazon/etc. I will say that if you aren't using a dedicated device to stream ie not using the TV apps, you're missing a ton. I use a Nvidia Shield Pro and man the AI upscaling is phenomenal as is the native 4k streaming. I was using an Amazon Fire TV 4k and it's pretty much crap compared to the Nvidia. I was really surprised.
  6. Well in the new world those rears turn into sides and you add two heights. I don't have personal experience with it but have read from numerous folks that the height make a much bigger difference than rears in any atmos config. Obviously room shape plays a huge part of it. If you can do sides, rears and heights then go for it.
  7. If you're 5.1 you should only need 2 more, unless you want rear, sides and height.
  8. It depends on budget and honestly I used to always recommend a certain speaker or receiver/amp. However, with the differences in how each piece of equipment can alter the sound I would always recommend going to listen in person if at all possible. And hopefully you're looking at stuff that allows an in home 30 day trial. As far as brands, I'd stick with Onkyo since you like that with your speakers. My example, and I'm pretty picky about audio so take that into account. I had a 5.1 Paradigm Monitor set being fed by a Rotel Amp and Rotel Preamp Processor. I wanted to upgrade the Pre/Pro to take advantage of new surround technology so I bought an Oknyo receiver with pre-outs that I fed into my Rotel Amp. I absolutely HATED the sound, not sure what Onkyo does differently than Rotel but it was huge negative difference for me. I then swapped out the Onkyo with a Denon and loved it again. I'm not using a Marantz paired with that same Rotel amp and now using GoldenEar Triton two speakers. TL;DR is upgrading for the sake of upgrading sometimes winds up sucking if you love your gear.
  9. If you have the cash and want to upgrade sure, if you're happy with it then keep them. Also, if you like them with Onkyo you may not like them as much with a different receiver, there can be a big difference in how the amps sounds. And what are you going to run with 7.1? Atoms? There a bunch of varieties out there. Some sit on top of the speaker and reflect off the ceiling and some are mounted as height. I'm in the camp of height vs reflection but it's really what you like best, might be good if you can go listen to the differences at a local audio place.
  10. Well except for the fact of the center channel...but details right? ETA actually it wouldn't have fit because with the feet it's about 6-8" wider, you have to put the feet on backwards and it looks ridiculous.
  11. You asked why the TV wasn't on the furniture?
  12. 60" isn't a normal size now, you have 55 or 65. But in those ranges you'll be able to find a good deal easily IMO.