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  1. So heading out to San Francisco area 7/31-8/11 the plan is to hit up the following up in Santa Rosa: Crooked Goat, 3 Disciples, Shady Oak, Fogbelt, Lagunitas and Russian River. Might hit Almanac too but not 100% on that since it's a different trip. Any place I should be planning on going? @Sebowski
  2. Austin - have been once and would love to go back New Orleans - haven't been Asheville - have been twice Tampa - have been twice, probably wind up moving to the Tampa burbs in the next 5-8 years Key West - haven't been
  3. by Netflix, no association with any providers or uses any providers access points, from you to Netflix. IMO one of the better ones.
  4. Do you get close to the speed you pay for if you plug directly into the router with an ethernet cable? If not I'd reboot the modem, then the router and test again. If you're still not I'd be calling the provider since something is wrong. I pay for speed boosted 150 and routinely will be 200+ using
  5. Then you're getting bent over...either the modem is wrong or the routers are too old
  6. So would love to hear thoughts on how screwed my smoker is. Have a Louisiana Grill pellet smoker. The tl;dr version is I'm an idiot and created a situation where grease (brisket to be specific) was able to drip around and into the firebox. This caused the backflow fire into the feed tube and into the pellet hopper where I had brisket grease in the pellets, on the underside of the hopper lid and so much that grease was dripping down from the lid onto the outside of the hopper. Flames were coming out of the hopper. I was able to extinguish it (turned it off and removed the pellets). I cleaned up the best I could but now when I use it the pellets will not burn completely and builds an ash trail up into the feed tube. My guess is there is a still a lot of grease in the tube that is coating the pellets. I did another long cook after the first fire and it started happening again after about 8 hours, smoke was coming out of the pellet hopper but no fire. It wasn't super expensive but is this something I could dissemble and clean up with dawn and water or is it better to scrap it?
  7. Have the original and it's been outstanding. Get 300Mbps easily.
  8. Looks awesome....reminds me a bit of Killer Clowns From Outer Space with the campy aspect
  9. I'd put it at between semi and well infiltrated, I think it's probably about 2-5 years out from that ability.
  10. I do a Cajun shoulder that is always really popular. I Rub with a cajun spice, then I put split serranos and jalapenos into slits I cut into the shoulder. I do about 4 serranos and 2 jalapenos. Once it's done I pull it, and take out any big chunks of peppers and then dust it with the cajun spice. Totally non-traditional but it's awesome.