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  1. Mesh. Period. Stop overthinking it. I'd go Orbi RBK50 3 pack and you should have zero issues.
  2. Do the bolded no matter what and it will be amazing on the grill or smoker or in the oven.
  3. I smoke them like I do short ribs or you can turn them into pseudo burnt ends.
  4. They are mason bees, they are a very big pollinator especially in the spring. We have a bee house specifically for them, they lay their eggs and fill the hole with that mud type substance.
  5. Yeah looks similar to the patches on get on my calf.
  6. I have been using the Kenji Lopez method for years. Honestly, the best way to cook burgers at home unless you have the ability to grind your own meat and can cook it to a lower temperature to something like medium rare. Personally I wouldn't eat a burger eating commercial beef unless you cook to 160. With smash method you don't need to worry about that aspect as it just comes out awesome. Not sure if others follow his stuff on Serious Eats but he has some great stuff. Use your grill and put your cast iron on it, I have a nice cast iron grill pan I got from Costco specifically for this. It's completely flat, will be doing smash burgers this weekend I think.
  7. Just re-started Assassin's Creed the Ezio Collection, which is II, Brotherhood and Revelations. So much fun and so much better than the latest versions.
  8. Curious how tuna fish boy got back in...thought he had a lifetime ban or did he up and leave voluntarily?
  9. Over 200k joint or 100k single and you don't get anything regardless of the number of kids you have.