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  1. I'd agree if there wasn't contradictions between the written review and the verbal review from the big boss.
  2. How is doing the work of a mgmt role without the title or pay mean he feels slighted? He was given a path and by all accounts leadership has said he's doing a great job but reviews him in the average range so he doesn't get the promotion. That's not being slighted IMO.
  3. They have had those conversations based on what Shady posted. Talked about him taking over the role, see how it goes then promotion. After the middling review they talked about it again, even though new boss says he felt the review was not accurate. Sounds like they have talked multiple times and even though the big boss thought he was doing a great job still gave him a meh review.
  4. Never had one. I am interested to hear from anyone who has. I tried it at FOBAB a few years back. Not a fan. To me it was like a bad/soured brandy. Had a small sip and gave it to my BIL, he loved it.
  5. Big boss knew exactly what he was doing, saving money. Knowing that by giving him that rating = no raise allows him to not pay what shady's worth and not promote him.
  6. ARC is f'ing terrible, especially if you use any type of universal remote. Power commands don't work right nor does input switching. I had to turn all of it off for power on and off sequences to work correctly.
  7. Time to start looking. You'll be doing more work without the proper compensation, no thanks.
  8. In Exchange, if you forward the event to any email and hit accept on the invite, the original invite gets updated with the new attendees email. With iOS calendars I've found it hit or miss with showing appointments you haven't accepted.
  9. Only issue is his personal email will be visable to the attendees of the meetings.
  10. My costco was selling them and they were prime, but it sounds like they may be stopping. Hoping come spring they will still have them.
  11. Really happy to hear that GB!! I hope this is now complete and you and your family can put this behind you for good.
  12. Mesh all the way. You're problems will disappear.
  13.'re supposed to either start consuming it OR continue consuming it. Do NOT stop consuming it or the coronavirus wins.
  14. This. I made the switch a year ago. I love it but it's not for everyone.