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  1. What's everyone's take on Chris Carson? Can he completely recover from fractured hip? I mean it is no joke with that severity of injury. After all, Seahawks drafted DeeJay Dallas from Miami in 5th or 6th round and then recently had signed Carlos Hyde. Both are indicator of Seahawks' much need RB depth due to their propensity of run-heavy offensive scheme. This doesn't sound like Carson and Rashaad Penny would be completely recovered from injury (Carson with fractured hip and Penny with torn ACL).
  2. And not to mention HC Kyle Shanahan's brilliant offensive scheme. Yes, his play-calling can be maddening especially with RBs but there shouldn't be any doubt on pecking order for receiving target. Before Deebo came along, Kittle was their alpha receiver (and rightfully remains as-is). Shanahan tried to bring Pettis up to par as Kittles yet he didnt, giving Deebo every opportunity especially toward latter end of the season and playoffs. Now 49ers drafted Brandon Aiyuk to fortify their receiving team to augment Kittles and Deebo.
  3. All for more reasons on possibility of Lock relying Sutton even more especially with pending constrained OTA / training camp.
  4. I have a similar line of thought, however, one thing that I cannot deny how much Raiders covet Ruggs. It sounds like they really want him to be #1 WR to take advantage of his game-breaking speed on slant route.
  5. Agreed... Sutton had to put up with double or bracket coverage once their opponents' DC realized Sutton was Broncos' only / lone receiving threat. Lock had to pass to the other receivers and they couldn't bail him out consistently. A particular info seems to get lost is that Sutton was successful on drawing defensive pass-interference (though, it couldn't help due to his sheer size and basketball mentality when it comes to jump-ball). With addition of Jeudy and Hamler, Sutton will become alpha receiver.
  6. What's everyone's take on Steelers' overall defense this year? Last year's trade acquisition on Minkah Fitzpatrick was a huge revelation to their defense and this was accomplished without knowing their entire defensive playbook. And they didnt have many draft picks this year yet they manged to pick up a few new young rookies. So, what's your expectation of their overall defense this year?
  7. I dont necessarily disagree with the first statement. However, I do agreed with the latter. It'll be difficult for Lock to develop his timing and chemistry with his new receivers especially with the current quarantine in place. I wouldn't be surprised with Lock's preference to target Sutton and Fant frequently.
  8. How can you not like this guy? He has the making of alpha receiver.
  9. If you have Sutton currently on your team in dynasty PPR league, do you feel comfortable on taking Jeudy at high 1st round pick? And how do you feel about having two WRs on the same team? The way I see those two... Sutton as alpha WR and Jeudy gobbles up the receptions as WR who excels in short and intermediate area.
  10. Why everyone seems to be underestimating Henry Ruggs? Maybe I'm in minority but I see a talent WR with potential of 100+ targets. True, Derek Carr doesn't have a cannon for arm but Ruggs is superb at YAC.
  11. You certainly made all valid points. One thing I'm optimistic about Sony Michel (yes, he's on my team in Dynasty PPR league) is how he finished in latter end of season last year and playoff. What held Patriots back was lack of playmakers on their receiving team, forcing them to see stacked box. Brady had no one to pass (Edelman was a completely shell of himself during latter end of the season). Belichick wisely drafted young and talent OL for past few years and a pair of TE this year while strengthening his team defense with increased emphasis of athleticism to combat the evolving trend of spread offense / RPO.
  12. I believe so... as long as they are able to sustain their power rushing offense to keep their defensive players fresh throughout the season. I think Belichick will go back to his roots with ball-control offense and defense. Stidham is 2nd year and will be their QB / manager.
  13. Never underestimate Belichick's genius and preparation.
  14. Should if Jerry Jeudy falls to my turn at 1.04 (the top 2 team have a huge pressing need for RB and team with 1.03 could go either way), I'm debating on selling high on 1.04 / Jeudy with possibility of trading down to range of 1.05 - 1.09 (I still have 1.11 and 1.12). This is because there are still a lot of good players that can be had at those range.
  15. I think Gibson is bit poor man version of Deebo Samuel except Gibson is more explosive. But of course, the sample size of his college production is small, which is difficult to determine his projected position in rookie draft.