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  1. This capture my feeling exactly after trading my 2020 1st round pick for Luck. 😫
  2. Dont underestimate the Colts' head coach Frank Reich especially with his offensive play-calling. He'll cater to Brissett's strength.
  3. What's everyone's take on Green Bay Packers' defense? With their GM Brian Gutekunst being in second year, he made aggressive moves during offseason to bolster their defensive team.
  4. I think he realized that he cannot go by his talents and had to step up by being pro... taking care of his health and improve his work ethic. Hopefully, he put everything altogether this year.
  5. Agreed... Beside, from what I understand, Gase has never had a RB with superb caliber like Bell especially in receiving aspect. He may not get 300+ rushing attempts this year but at least he'll get at least 80 targets. So I believe he'll get at least 300+ touches. Gase knows how valuable he is to Darnold especially in screen and short passes.
  6. Agreed... This guy is one of my sleepers coming up this season. Plus one of recent offseason moves made by Broncos when overhauling their coaching staff is poaching OL coach from Steelers (Munchak). To me, this is clearly underrated and major move to improve their OL. Freeman had exceptional experience running at zone-blocking scheme during his first 3 years in Oregon.
  7. Agreed on long term potential... And now I'm hearing that Chiefs may trade Hill after this season if cannot reach a contract extension. I'm not sure if they should do that since they will have to sign Mahomes a record-breaking contract extension within a year or two.
  8. One has to feel bad for those who took Hardman in late 1st round pick, expecting him to take over some of Hill's role.
  9. OTA and training camp are there for reasons.
  10. This makes sense because I knew Williams' prior history as journey man. He capitalized his opportunity and his flaws will reveal this year. I know Mahomes is due for negative regression (not major way) and not having Tyreek will hurt Chiefs' offense. HC Reid always scheme his passing offense creatively to ensure open rushing lane for his RBs.
  11. Ofc, Goedert was part of family unicycle circus team. Hell, he was juggling while riding 6 foot unicycle. If he can do both at relatively ease, surely, he can handle in tight receiving with exceptional body-control.
  12. Perhaps this question was asked in recent past and I have been wanting to ask this question. What is everyone's take on Royce Freeman? I feel he's the biggest winner with return to zone-blocking offense in Broncos with new offensive coach how had been recently hired from 49ers. If anything, I think newly hired HC Fanigo will want to be conservative with his offense without making his defensive team wearing out throughout season.
  13. Is your league PPR or standard scoring? I wouldn't blame you for take Henderson at 1.04 since there isn't much RB depth in this year's rookie pool.
  14. I like Marquise Brown's talents especially his unquestionable speed. However, it's his QB that I'm rather dubious on his passing skills, which need a major refinement. Plus it's open secret on Baltimore Ravens' offensive identity, which is high dose of rushing.
  15. Agreed... however, I'm sure Coach McVay would not reveal his hands with preference to wait until regular season. Then he'll unleash Henderson when his defensive opponents get soften. I just know that Henderson is licking his chops with Rams' zone blocking with big hole as if it is part wide open like Moses on the Red Sea.