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  1. One has to take Winston's hyped comment on Howard with a grain of salt.
  2. Exactly... especially if either Keenum or Flacco is not getting a clean pocket area.
  3. I'm going to withhold my assessment until Broncos complete their NFL draft. My main takeaway from this trade is that Flacco's inability to move in the pocket now put onus on Broncos' OL for full pass-protection in order to make Flacco's QB skills to be effective. Sure, his rocket arm works great for Sutton's vertical WR skill but it would be useless if Flacco doesn't have a time to pass. What I didn't understand why Broncos decided to trade their original 2019 4th round pick now when they could had wait for Flacco to be waived by Ravens for cap room. After all, Flacco's 2019 salary is team option.
  4. I do see a validity in latest issue with Eagles regarding Wentz, however, it needs to be emphasized repeatedly that Eagles are 100% committed to Wentz. It is quite clear that he was severely pressing throughout 2018 season. And don't forget that he spent majority of his off-season last year in physical rehabilitation. He hadn't spend training with his teammates especially his receivers to continually develop / refine his timing with them. Wentz will be fine since now he will approach a new offseason activity to get back to his old self. I mean... this guy lives and breathes football 24/7 (perhaps 24/7 may be overstated since he gotten married prior to preseason).
  5. It all hinges on his combine measures as well as his interviews (by all account, Saban raved about his characters and his work ethics). 2019 rookie draft isn't deep as seen in past two years.
  6. Despite his decent Combine results, he has always elite / exceptional vision. He'll do well with zone-blocking scheme, showcasing his vision and cutting ability.
  7. Agreed... However, I'm not worried about Howard or other play-makers. This link on Arians' philosophy really does bode well for Buccaneers that possess young talent players who clearly need a strong coaching to turn vast potential into productive team. I believe Arians will grow to love Howard's blocking and receiving skills to be utilized effectively.
  8. Agreed... Beside, all Spielman needs to look at his team's divisional foes' GM Bob Quinn what he have done in recent past years. He fortified Lions' OL through draft and free agency and now it has emerged as one of top 5 OL.
  9. Agreed and OL should be core focus in the draft this year. And I dont think they shouldn't spend too much in free agency. Zimmer knows that he has a small window of opportunity in Super Bowl contention with his current roster.
  10. Tell me about it especially on DeFilippo's decision to deviate the overall Vikings' strength with play-action and went with heavy reliance on Cousins' QB with Thielen and Diggs.
  11. This is excellent read on examining Vikings' offensive issue under microscope. It perfectly illustrated what I have said all the long on DeFilippo's failure to use Vikings' offensive playmakers in Cook, Rudolph, and other players and made Cousins to be heavily reliance on Diggs and Thielen. Failure to adapt in latter end of season is DeFilippo's downfall. It doesn't matter if Vikings' OL stinks... The best coaches will find a way and adapt regardless (i.e. Turner / Panthers and O'Brien / Texans). Another good link on assessing Vikings' woeful issue with their OL and offense and especially befuddled lack of play action. If Vikings' offense somehow "improves" in final 3 games (they are off to good start vs. Dolphins in today's game... albeit Dolphins' medicore defense) and fail to get into the playoff, I hope Vikings and Zimmer retain Stefanski as OC next year with investment in strengthening their OL via free agency / draft. And I hope Zimmer and Stefanski talk Cousins into being game manager to utilize his offensive playmakers while Vikings defensive team to control the game (i.e. Seattle Seahawks' game script in their only Super Bowl championship year).
  12. To illustrate how effective OC can adapt his team personnel, Carolina Panthers are the best example with atrocious OL at the beginning and yet their OC Norv Turner learned to adapt to play whoever they have. He utilizes McCaffrey effectively especially in wheel routes and screen passes. I really did think Cook could had been utilized in the same fashion but alas, DeFlippo insisted on Cousins to rely on Diggs and Thielen and ignore other capable offensive playmakers.
  13. I think it had to do with the game plan against Vikings, knowing their defensive plan to take away Patriots' receivers. Even Josh McDaniels acknowledge this after decisive win over Vikings.
  14. 2018 is still great class (same with 2017) but not on the same par as seen in 2008 class (McFadden, Stewart, CJ2K, Forte, Mendenhall, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Slaton, and Kevin Smith)