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  1. Wendell is a steely eyed missile man.
  2. Saw it last night at a free pre-screening. Enjoyed it and enjoyed the book although there are definite differences. Overall story remains the same, they just get there differently. Some great one liners and the CGI is pretty good (although as most things with CGI, it can get confusing at times as to what is actually going on with all of the fast action shots)
  3. Beautiful Girls is a great movie and your sequel idea is really good. They could just redo the Rosie O'Donnell monologue, that is one of the greatest monologue's of all time, despite the fact that it came from Rosie O'Donnell.
  4. If Beasley is cut, what do you think the odds are that he ends up with the Patriots? 95%?
  5. A 66 year old parapalegic woman in a wheel chair is not security, she is a hall monitor. Not saying Bennett didn't do what they say he did, but it makes the Texans look ridiculous. I love the fact that they hire people with disabilities, just put them in a job that they are able to do properly. And if Bennett did what they said, I have no problem with the NFL suspending him, or the Eagles cutting him. I am curious as to what the Eagles knew about this when they acquired Bennett. They probably had all the information which is why they got him for just a 7th round pick and Marques Johnson.
  6. Just binged watch seasons 1 & 2. Enjoyed it. Like the sense of humor. And the continual random movie references. Looking forward to season 3 starting on Sunday.
  7. I think if Dez were going to take a pay cut it would have happened already so the Cowboys could free up cap room to sign Free agents. I think at this point he plays for Dallas at his full contract in 2018. I think there is a slight chance that he could still be a June 1st cut so they get $12.5 million in cap savings this year instead of $8.5 million. That would probably be dependent on how the Cowboys think they did in the draft in addressing their WR needs.
  8. Last birdie was from 71 feet. Pretty strong
  9. Hey, just checking on something. Have all the NFL experts who criticized the Eagles for firing Andy Reid, come back and said that it was the right move seeing as how the Eagles have won a super bowl and KC continues to have early exits in the playoffs? Just curious. If they have, I haven't seen it yet. And it never gets old saying the Eagles have won a super bowl.
  10. I think Howie's price tag was right for our situation, which is we really need a good back-up with Wentz's status, and we know what we have in Nick. I still think it is very funny that a lot of people can't get a read on how good Nick can be. They saw his 8 games in 2014 when his line was injured and he got into some bad habits. They saw his eleven games in St. Louis with the QB killer Jeff Fisher. And then they saw his second start this season against the Raiders on national television, when weather conditions were horrible and concluded that yep, Nick Foles is just not a good QB. They forget about 2013, when he had the 3rd highest QB rating of all time for a season. They forget about his first start of the season against the Giants when he threw 4 tds to bring them back from two scores down. They forget that all four of his playoff starts have had a QB rating being over 100. But that's okay. I am very glad he is still on our team should Wentz not be healthy come the start of the season.
  11. Based on the following: Minnesota: Cousins/Siemian Arizona: Bradford/Glennon Buffalo: McCarron/Probable draft pick NY Jets: Bridgewater/McCown Denver: Keenum/probable draft pick Cleveland: Taylor/Probable draft pick Foles does not appear to be going anywhere.
  12. Have the Cowboys made any moves yet? I know that have very little cap space (about $3 million) but I find it curious that they are not doing anything with their roster to create more space to make some moves. They could sign Lawrence or Martin to long term deals to free up some cap space this year. They could cut Bryant and/or Witten to free up cap space. They don't seem to be doing anything, and the longer they wait, the more chance there will be very little to pick up when they have the space to do it. Perhaps they will go after someone like the Honey Badger, who just became available. It's not the norm for the Cowboys to be this quiet.
  13. I liked Jessica Jones season 2. Not great, but I enjoyed it.
  14. Doing something with Celek or Curry will get us under the cap.