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  1. I really don't think it has to do with Jerry's ego. I think it has to do with Jerry really liking being GM and making decisions that affect the team on a day to day basis. I am sure Jerry knows he is not a great GM, but he enjoys trying to be a great GM, and since he owns the team, he is going to keep doing what he enjoys. If he enjoyed winning Super Bowls with someone else being GM (like he had with Jimmy Johnson) more than him being GM, he would go back to that model. But he hasn't, so my conclusion is he just really likes being GM. Sucks for Cowboys fans, but it is what it is. It's like a mediocre poker player who plays in the Main event every year. Could that person stake a really good player and be more profitable? Sure, but they really like the experience of playing with the best, even if they lose, so they keep doing it.
  2. Why couldn't Dillard play Guard? Why would we have to get rid of him if we still think he is going to be a good offensive lineman?
  3. Why couldn't Dillard play Guard? Why would we have to get rid of him if we stilll think he is going to be a good offensive lineman?
  4. Why couldn't Dillard play Guard? Why would we have to get rid of him if we stilll think he is going to be a good offensive lineman?
  5. Some good quotes from various morning sports talk shows: "That game for Eagles fans was like the movie Sully. When people asked them how their flight was, they said "well, it ended great, but the ride, not so much"" "Daniel Jones fell down on his long run because he was tanking for Lawrence. If they draft Lawrence, then Jones doesn't have to play for the Giants anymore" "Daniel Jones has whopper junior hands. Not big enough to hold onto the ball"
  6. So Carson can make great throws, he can make really bad throws, and he can make some horrible decisions. I can take the bad throws with the good although over time I hope the bad throws become less and less. I can't live with the horrible decisions. He is in year 5 and should know you can't hit a home run on every play. Sacrifice some plays for the greater good. On the interception, when he threw it I thought, oh good, he is throwing the ball away, only to see he was heaving it up to a guy in the end zone that had 2 or 3 guys covering him. Carson, hear me now: AN INCOMPLETION IS BETTER THAN AN INTERCEPTION OR SACK!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE RED ZONE!!!!!
  7. In my opinion, the emails are real and indicate that Joe was doing things to help Hunter profit in his positions with these Companies (notice I say indicate, not necessarily prove). I also believe that these emails were obtained by some nefarious means, which is why Giuliani came up with this ridiculous computer repairman story as the way he received the emails. I so hate both parties and the politicians in both
  8. Actually, I am rooting for the Eagles to win the division and the Bears to have the Best Wild Card record. Foles vs. Wentz at the Linc. WIP may explode the week before.
  9. So since 2002, when the NFL went to its current 4 team divisional structure, the worst divisional record was the 2008 NFC West which finished with a cumulative record of 22-42. If you take out the divisional games which had a record of 12-12, the division was 10-30 against non-divisional opponents for a .250 winning percentage. Currently the NFC East's non-divisional record is 2-15-1 for a .139 winning percentage
  10. Maybe he is holding it so long because his mainly back-up receivers and TE's are having difficulty getting open?
  11. I like the thread title change. I also like the fact that there is no Cowboy/Eagle feud this year because both teams have had major injuries and the starters who remain are underperforming. No one can really point out the other teams flaws without exposing their own
  12. if this is the starting lineup, 3 of the 11 players (Kelce, Wentz, Rodgers) will have started a combined 218 games. The other 8 players will have started a combined 25 games.
  13. So it looks like we now have to choose one or the other: Either Wentz gets hurt and the rest of the team basically stays healthy or Wentz stays healthy and the rest of the team gets injured. I think we are being punished for winning the Super Bowl when we weren't supposed to.
  14. Of course by the time the Eagles got to the wildcard game, they were starting Wentz, Kelce, and 19 starters from the Division III Franklin & Marshall Fightin' Dips! (Short for Diplomats and my Alma Mater)