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  1. THE QUARTERBACKS! 1. DeShaun Watson - San Francisco 2. Mitch Trubisky - Jets 3. DeShone Kizer - Arizona 4. Jimmy Garoppolo - Chicago 5. Tony Romo - Houston 6. Kirk Cousins - Washington 7. Pat Mahomes - Houston 8. Colin Kapernick - San Francisco 9. Jay Cutler - Buffalo 10. Tyrod Taylor - Cleveland TIEBREAKER: (only used in case of a tie) 11. Johnny Manziel - Free Agent
  2. Don't forget the 4th round pick the Eagles get in 2018! Bonus!
  3. Curious as to who you guys think the Cowboys should re-sign among Carr, Claiborne, Church and Williams?
  4. I kind of hope Raven doesn't win because I would love to see more of her in bachelor in paradise. I really don't want to see Corrine in BIP because she annoys me way too much.
  5. Genius! Too bad we don't still have Kiko Alonso to trade back to Buffalo.
  6. Who are the Cowboy FA's that Dallas will want to re-sign, or what positions do they have holes in if they don't resign their own FA's? That is the big question as to why they will or will not cut Tony Romo.
  7. I said I didn't see them keeping both Witten and Romo. With the restructured deals, I think they do plan to keep Witten. So I think Romo gets released. If the Cowboys do keep Romo and Witten I will bow to your intimate knowledge of Jerry Jones' brain.
  8. I said they were likely to do that. I still don't see them keeping both Romo and Witten.
  9. Okay, I would enjoy rolling around in the rice paddie with Raven. Who knew Arkansas and Vietnam had similarities? The bachelor is very educational.
  10. I don't know about you guys but I would enjoy rolling around in the swamp with Raven. I know she's got some country crazy going on, but she actually seems like somebody you could hang out and talk to.
  11. Well, when the Cowboys cut Romo and he signs with the Texans, then the Texans will cut Brandon Weedon, and the Cowboys can sign him as their back-up. I mean he already knows the system. Plus you can let Sanchez compete with him, so you will bring out the best in both. Genius!!
  12. They will keep Osweiller, it will be an additional $5 million cap hit if they cut him. If Dallas cuts Romo (which I think is likely due to their Cap situation) then Romo can go where he wants to which is supposedly Denver, KC, or Houston. To get that done, he will make his contract cap friendly. Houston can afford him. Someone like Taylor will not be affordable due to a much bigger market for him and teams that have a lot more cap space and Taylor looking to get his big payday. The other guys you list, I wouldn't really consider any of them. Osweiller had good weapons this year and did very little with them. He turned Hopkins from elite into an average WR. Better weapons won't help him. If i am running the Texans, I sign Romo and draft a future QB. If Romo stays healthy, great, you have made a significant improvement to your offense, and you are probably super bowl contenders. If he gets hurt, you are back to choosing among a Rookie QB and Osweiller which is what most people (including yourself) are suggesting they do now. BTW, if I draft a future QB, I cut Savage because not only has he not shown a whole lot in limited action, he can't stay healthy. I think the only other alternative at QB that could potentially drastically improve their offense is trade for Garoppolo. While this would be affordable from a cap standpoint, The Patriots will probably be asking for too much in return from a draft standpoint. I wouldn't do it just because the sample size of Garoppolo's success is so small.
  13. No, I am not saying they wouldn't want Poe, just that with Watt and Clowney's contract's, they can't afford another big contract on the d-line. And Reeder really has potential to be pretty good. As for QB, yes, I would not be surprised if Texans ownership decided to just drafted a QB to add to the Osweiller/Savage mix. However, you would then be entering year 4 of Fitzgerald/Hoyer/Osweiller/Savage/Rookie QB at the QB position in years you had very good defenses. The first 3 years that has led to 3 9-7 seasons. Watt and Clowney are not getting any younger and their injury risk probably increases with every season. While Texans fans have been very loyal in supporting this franchise for it's first 15 years, at some point their patience will run out.
  14. The thing is teams trading for Romo really don't have to worry about the current contract for years two and three. If he gets hurt and is likely to retire, they cut him, with no cap hit because they have no deferred money on the contract (Dallas eats all that when they trade him). If he is healthy come year two, and Romo wants to stay with that team because they are a contender, he will redo his deal to make it work. As has been mentioned before, Romo is in the win a championship phase of his career, not make as much money as I can phase of his career (because he already has had two mega contracts). Even if the $14 million is too much for a team in terms of a cap next year, there is no reason a team couldn't restructure his deal after they trade for him. Change his salary to $2 million next year, give him a $12 million signing bonus, and his cap hit is just $6 million in 2017 with $8 million deferred.