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  1. I like Aubrey's game. She is not in a great spot, but her strength is watching the tribe dynamics, and then responding appropriately. I hope she cozies up to Tai and works with him because he will have a lot of power to change the game whenever he plays his two idols. Aubrey doesn't know he has two idols, but she is smart enough to know that there is a good chance that he has at least one. I think Sierra/Culpepper will go after Tai in the next couple of tribals and when they do they could be in big trouble.
  2. I shudder to say this, but is the best option to add a veteran QB for this year actually Ryan Fitzpatrick since he has at least played in the system and knows it? At least he is a Harvard graduate so he should be able to understand the many complexities of the offense. Like I said, I shudder at the thought.
  3. Have you watched other Reality Series hosts? Even if it is an easy gig, Jeff does a great job. Generally asks great questions at tribal and isn't afraid to put someone on the spot if they open the door.
  4. I thought Varner and Sandra made a mistake by voting for Tai. Basically 1 of 3 things was going to happen at tribal: 1) the 5 others were going to vote for Sandra. Sandra and Varner's votes would be irrelevent and Sandra goes home. 2) the 4 others were flipping on Tai and Tai either doesn't have an idol or doesn't play an idol. Sandra and Varner's votes would be irrelevent and Tai goes home. 3) the 4 others were flipping on Tai and Tai plays an idol. If Sandra and Varner vote for Tai then the only vote that counts is Tai's and Sandra still goes home. Sandra and Varner should have voted for one of the other 4 in case the 4 flipped and Tai played an idol. As we know from History, Tai is very good at finding idols. In the end it did not matter, but I still like to see players playing the game right.
  5. As this offseason progresses, I am getting more and more frustrated with Bill O'Brien as a coach. The reason being that he runs supposedly a very complicated system which limits the pool of QB's who can run his offense effectively. Cutler and Kaepernick, who might otherwise be acceptable stopgap QB's on another team, really aren't a fit for the type of offense O'Brien runs. I am assuming (possibly incorrectly) that Bill O'Brien is unable or unwilling to adapt his offense to better fit the talents of his quarterback. I assume this based on the fact that he has benched his starting QB 3 times over the last 3 seasons (Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, and Osweiller) indicating he would rather replace the QB than simplify or change the offense in any way to help out the existing starter. The Texans success over the last 3 years (3 winning seasons, 2 playoff appearances, 1 playoff win) has been because of a very good defense, playing in a very weak division, and playing a team in the playoffs who was playing with a very subpar back-up QB. The offense, which O'Brien is responsible for, has had no, or even a negative impact, on the teams performance. If Tom Brady is the only round peg QB that fits into O'Brien's round hole offense, and every other QB is a square peg QB, O'Brien is probably never going to have success because Tom Brady is one of a kind. I really hope O'Brien learns from his past and begins to adapt his offense to the players available.
  6. I think because they have been around football their whole lives. It lets them stay connected to the game. It's funny, two of my favorite analysts, who do a great job and I assume like what they do, are two ex-Cowboys, Aikman and Johnson. If you like to talk about football and you don't mind the game prep (which an ex-QB should have no problem with that), a broadcasting job could be a pretty sweet gig.
  7. This I don't see happening which is why I am not keen on going after Cutler. I think Cutler is what he is at this point in his career. Also, O'Brien's offense is very complicated and I don't see Cutler as a real film junkie who is going to be putting in long hours to master the system. That's just the perception of him I get, but I could be wrong.
  8. Looking at the last 3 drafts, it is amazing that the Patriots with Tom Brady as their QB have spent a 2nd round pick on Garrapolo in 2014 and a 3rd rounder on Brissett in 2016. The Texans, with an obvious need at QB all 3 years, have spent a supplemental 4th rounder in 2014 on Savage. That's it. That's why the Patriots are where they are, and the Texans are where they are. In addition, last year the Texans took Tyler Ervin in the 4th round as a change of pace 3rd down back and returner. When they already had signed Lamar Miller as their starting RB. They could have had Dak Prescott. Rick Smith really needs to be fired. Spending very little draft resources on the game's most important position, especially when you don't have a good or proven player at that position makes very little sense. Now the Texans are almost forced to use draft resources in a bad QB year when they don't have a high pick. They could end up shut out of who they want.
  9. No, I agree, I would much rather try out Savage and find out what he has than stick with Osweiller. I just don't have your optimism that he will be immensely better. I had some of those hopes about Mallett too, and he was what we should have known he was. Since Schaub left, the Texans (Rick Smith and/or Bill O'Brien) have really mismanaged the QB position. Yes, I am very good at stating the obvious.
  10. We don't know this yet. Savage has started all of 2 games in the NFL and played in all of 5. He has been injured twice. He has not thrown a TD in the NFL yet. We don't know what he will be. Hopefully, the Texans get DallasDakLucky with the QB they draft, and the rookie has immediate success. Barring that, I hope they at least draft a rookie who will be their franchise QB for years to come even if he is not all that successful in his rookie campaign. I don't think they should go with Cutler/Kaepernick as starter because it is another stopgap measure and I don't think either brings enough to make them into a SB contender in 2017. Go with Savage/Rookie and see what you have got. Let Bill O'Brien coach them up with his coaching genius (sarcasm intended).
  11. I have been thinking about the Texans and Bill O'Brien. Here are some of the facts relating to his 3 year tenure: Team Record: Pros: 3 straight winning seasons, 2 playoff appearances Cons: All of the winning seasons were 9-7 and if you take away the divisional games the Texans have gone 5-5, 4-6, and 4-6 in nondivisional games Team offensive rankings: Points Yards Offensive Turnovers 2014 14 17 12 2015 21 19 11 2016 28 29 19 Main QB starters: Ryan Fitzpatrick: Pros: Had his best Completion percentage and Quarterback Rating in his 12 starts for the Texans. Had a good TD/int ratio of 17/8. Cons: 6 of his TD's came in one game against the Titans, so in his other 11 games, he threw 11 TD's and 8 interceptions. Pretty average. He was benched for Ryan Mallett. Brian Hoyer: Pros: His numbers as a starter in Houston were better than his numbers as a starter in Cleveland. Good TD/int ratio of 19/7. Cons: Played his worst against good competition. Played bad early in the opener against KC which put the Texans in a hole they couldn't recover from. Played worse in the Playoff loss at home to KC. Had some inflated 2nd half stats in two games that the Texans trailed 42-0 after 3 quarters against Atlanta and 41-0 at half against Miami. Benched for Ryan Mallett. Brock Osweiller: Pros: None. Really. Cons: All of his stats were better in his one season as a starter with Denver than with the Texans. Bad TD/int ratio of 15/16. Benched for Tom Savage. Obviously the Texans have had bad starting QB's in the 3 years that O'Brien has been head coach. While that obviously has been a drag on the team, I think O'Brien may be equally responsible for the Texans offensive woes. Everything I hear on talk radio is about how complicated O'Brien's offense is. He requires the WR's and the QB to make independent reads of the defense and hopefully they both read the same thing and the play has a chance to work. Obviously the Texans offense was too difficult for Osweiller to get a handle on. I think even if the Texans obtain Tony Romo and he manages to stay healthy, they still may struggle because of the complicated nature of the offense. I think Bill O'Brien is likely to be fired after the season. The AFC south should continue to get better, and the Texans have a 1st place schedule.
  12. Agree about the good discussion. Actually since the Texans freed up cap space in their trade of Osweiller to the Browns, they could actually trade for Romo now with his contract the way it is and then re-structure once he is on the team. They don't have to use the Cowboys as a middle man to broker a new contract. That is why I don't think anyone is asking the Cowboys to re-do Romo's contract right now.
  13. This will be my last back and forth. The Contract may be holding up the trade OR because of the contract both Denver and the Texans feel that the Cowboys are going to have to cut Romo eventually and they don't want to give up any draft resources to the Cowboys when they can sign him as a free agent after he is cut. I think that is definitely true for Denver because they already have an option in place with Siemian and Lynch, should they not get Romo in Free agency. The Texans are a little more desperate in that their option right now is Savage and he isn't proven and has shown he is an injury risk.
  14. Which is .....Kellen Moore?
  15. You keep saying Tony should restructure his contract. What if the Cowboys haven't asked him to restructure yet because no trading partner has asked them to get him to restructure? Should Tony just walk into the Cowboys front office and offer to revise his contract so that he makes less money? That takes away his leverage to get the Cowboys to part ways with him either through a trade or a release. We are speculating a lot here on a situation where we don't know all the facts. And when I say we I am including myself. I am just as guilty of saying something SHOULD happen when I have no idea what all the facts are surrounding that situation. But I guess that's the fun of internet speculation.