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  1. Anyone who thinks Blake Bortles could be a top 5 QB needs to re-watch the Bills-Jags playoff game. Some of those throws were atrocious.
  2. Good movie. Evans is a good actor. I am becoming a Jenny Slate fan. She is attractive in a very understated way.
  3. I agree that Dez could be an addition by subtraction for the Cowboys. The biggest thing with the pass game will be can Linehan/Garrett use it to compliment the run game. They did a terrible job of that against the Seahawks and it cost them the game and the playoffs last year. The Cowboys were moving up and down the field using Zeke, but did nothing in the play action area, and as a result, they bogged down offensively and had to settle for 4 FG's. The Cowboys have to add some unpredictability to their offense, or they will continue to have problems getting in the end zone.
  4. Agree about Lara. I wonder if Sacker and Connerty aren't somehow going after Chuck to get Jock to let down his guard so they can ultimately take him out. If so, it would show what good students of Chuck they were.
  5. I would definitely put Nick Foles in the top 100 over J.J. Watt. Watt started 5 games, with minimal impact, in 2018, vs. Foles, who started 6 games, which included 3 playoff wins and 2 regular season wins that clinched the best record in the conference. Foles' performance in both the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl would have to at least be in the discussion for greatest performances by a QB in the playoffs. Not saying they are the greatest, they would at least have to be in the discussion.
  6. Gallup could be good. He also could be totally forgettable. He is a 3rd round draft pick out of Colorado St, so there is no guarantee as to how he will be as a pro. Nothing stands out about the rest of Cowboy receiving corps which includes the Tight Ends. Definitely the biggest question mark area for the Cowboys going into 2018.
  7. It's looks like Jordan and David are going to be left out in the desert next week. Awesome. The best was when Casey got left out on an ice flow.
  8. you mean burger blocks? I don't know what word to use anymore.
  9. You would just have to make sure it wasn't Bob and it wasn't.... "TAINTED MEAT!!!!" (walking dead reference)
  10. I think you are right about Brooks not signing in Houston. But I think the Texans were also up against the cap (shocker under Rick Smith) which is why they let both Brooks and Ben Jones walk.
  11. Probably. I suspend disbelief and pretend he really is that way. Makes it more fun.
  12. I am watching. I find if I like the bachelor/bachelorette, I enjoy the show. I like Becca, so I am enjoying it fine. I find Jordan very amusing and am amazed that people have such little self awareness of how they come across.
  13. I hear you. I think the underlying frustration is how little good resources the Texans have put into the QB position. The first 3 years of O'Brien they basically went with back-up QB's as their starter. Obviously, they hoped Brock could be a franchise QB in the third year, but he turned out to be no better than a back-up. Now that they hit on their franchise QB, who happened to get hurt his rookie year, it is frustrating they didn't spend some money on a quality back-up QB, especially while Deshaun's cap hit is low. See the Philadelphia Eagles and how having a quality back-up helped them. Now I haven't really looked at who they could have spent their money on, so if you want specifics, I got nothing.