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  1. Gorsuch was the law school roommate of Ken Mehlman who was my fraternity president in college. Mehlman ran GWB's campaigns and apparently got mentioned by Al Franken yesterday as offering Gorsuch a white house job when W won in 2000.
  2. I think JT and Malcolm didn't think this through enough. Getting rid of Sandra actually helps their tribe in challenges. it also gets rid of a player you know you cannot trust. So they should have gone to tribal and said "look, we want Sandra out of this game and the 5 of us on our tribe (other than Sandra) are voting for her. We have an idol and will play it if you try to team up with Sandra to vote out someone else on our tribe. If you do not team up with Sandra and vote somebody else off, then you risk tying 5-5 and we have to draw rocks. Let us all be rid of this cancer that is Sandra!" Yes, I know they don't have an idol, but Culpepper's tribe doesn't know that.
  3. I think they go back to two tribes this week when there are 16 players or 2 weeks from now when there are 14 players. They like to divide tribes so there are equal numbers.
  4. The Texans have already weighed Romo and he does not weigh the same as a duck. So therefore......
  5. I enjoyed it. Wasn't the greatest, with the main character being so naive, but overall enjoyable. I loved the JJ reference, I think in the 8th episode. Joy says she hired a PI that was really expensive. She was worth every penny, when she was sober. Positives: Coleen was hot Claire had some great lines for comic relief "You are the worst Iron Fist ever" Faramir played a pretty good villian Negatives: Danny's Character didn't seem to evolve; too whiney Storyline got a little too confusing; no clear definition of who is good and who is evil (maybe this is intentional).
  6. I stayed at Harrah's a couple of weeks ago in the Valley tower that had redone rooms; the room and bathroom was very nice. For the price of Harrah's with the location, I think you get a great value.
  7. I think Jerry really wants to get something for Romo partially to help the Cowboys, but also to show how smart he is. I think he thinks that the Texans really want to get Romo (hence the unloading of Osweiller) and that they will want him before OTA's and mini camps. I think he will try and get a conditional 2018 pick (probably 5th round) that could be elevated (to probably the 3rd round) if Romo performs well and the Texans do something in 2017. It will really be interesting to see how long Jerry holds onto Romo and if he would actually keep him as a back-up. I think the narrative that Jerry wants to do right by Tony Romo is way overblown. Jerry wants to satisfy Jerry and that is priority #1.
  8. At this point, with all the major free agents gone, and all of the Cowboy FA's they could have signed now with other teams, there really is no reason for the Cowboys to cut him until the draft. At that point if there are no takers in a trade, with only $5 million in cap space, they will probably have to cut him to free up some space for Rookies and other FA's from other teams.
  9. How do you put in hidden content? I don't want to post a spoiler
  10. I think if Culpepper had pushed harder, he could have gotten Debbie voted out, which would have been the better play. Culpepper was in the majority alliance in his new tribe, 4-2. He was worried about Debbie, Tai, and Caleb working together because of their past relationship. He wants to keep the tribe strong so they don't have to go to tribal. He wants to keep other physical targets in the game so he can fly under the radar. Voting out Debbie: 1) He is still in the majority alliance 3-2 2) He takes out one of the trio of Debbie, Tai, and Caleb so they don't have a majority in his tribe 3) The tribe is definitely stronger at a challenge with Caleb rather than Debbie 4) Caleb is definitely a better target in the game for other people to go after rather than Debbie. Bonus: Debbie is definitely more annoying than Caleb. Life at camp would be better.
  11. Oh, that guy is going to have a really good death. One that we will enjoy.
  12. Richard was obviously ready to die to get his plan in motion. However, once the kid was killed instead of him, I am sure he had a reset and thought that the plan was already put in motion and now he would be more useful fighting the Saviors than dying. Richard, if nothing else, was a pragmatist.
  13. They don't. The kid was covered in a sheet which was very bloody where his leg wound was, but was also bloody where the head was covered indicating that they had stabbed him in the head. Morgan stabbed Richard in the head as the Kingdom's truck was driving away.
  14. I think Morgan listened to Richard's plan and agreed with it. The only part he added was the best way to gain back the trust of the Saviors was to kill Richard right in front of them. Of course, if Richard had known about that part, he probably would have vetoed it.