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  1. Totally agree with all of this. At this point, I don't think it makes any sense for the Texans to give in to his demands. If they were going to do that, they would have done it before the season started so that they would get the use of Brown for the whole season. And since I don't think the Texans will give in, any money Brown is losing HE WILL NEVER GET BACK!! As you said, he is losing a little more than $1 million dollars for every two games he misses. From a financial standpoint, it makes no sense for him to keep holding out.
  2. I had a great trip to KC over the weekend. Got there midday on Saturday and went to Joe's KC with my brother and sister-in-law at 4:30. We waited in line for an hour before getting served. Place was obviously full and had a lot of Eagles fan there. Enough that we broke out into a rousing version of "Fly, Eagles, Fly". I had the Cowboy Dinner which included Ribs, Brisket, and Sausage. I also had potato salad and red beans and rice as my sides. Everything was good. I thought the ribs were the best, very flavorful. The brisket was a little disappointing compared to what I am used to in Texas: I like a fattier, moister brisket than what I got at Joe's. I thought both sides were very good. By the time we got there they were out of burnt ends. As suggested, we got donut's from Lamar's to take to the tailgate on Sunday morning. We got there around 9:30. The donut's were delicious. We offered them to several people around us, but they graciously declined. We didn't really mingle with any Chiefs fans, but had a good time walking around the parking lot people watching. Went inside the stadium fairly early and had a couple of Chop Blocks (Vodka, coconut rum, sprite, and grenadine). Very tasty. Our seats were on the 50 yard line, about 30 rows up. Great seats. Great stadium to watch a game. It is amazing to me that at a time when all the other cities (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Atlanta) were building the multi-purpose donut stadiums, KC built Arrowhead and Royal stadium right next to each other. Definitely ahead of their time thinking. Very enjoyable game, although I wished it had ended different. The fans were great, very loud, and friendly. Got to sit next to an attractive ER doctor named Hoda, who was a lot of fun to talk to. Eagles fans seemed to behave themselves, which I was thankful for. The Chiefs are a well balanced team and have a lot of weapons on offense. I think it is going to be hard for many defenses to hold them down. This could definitely be the Chiefs year. Went to Q39 on Sunday night and enjoyed that a lot. I had the Short rib which was very good. Also had the Sausage, which was excellent. The short rib came with a side of white beans which was also very good. All in all a really fun trip with great food. While I want to visit other NFL cities, I would definitely go back to KC for a football weekend.
  3. I was at the game with my Brother. Good game, overall. I do think Pederson did abandon the run game in the 3rd and 4th quarter which allowed KC to put more pressure on Wentz. What are they saying about Blount? I thought they might use Sproles a lot in the first half and then start to pound Blount in the second half, but he never got on the field. KC's offense is really good with the amount of weapons they have. I have a hard time seeing most defenses being able to contain them the way the Eagles did for 3 quarters.
  4. Going to the game. Hoping the Eagles play well, even if they do happen to lose to a quality opponent. I would love to see Wentz to Agholar TD's become a regular thing.
  5. Can we all agree that Rick Smith needs to go? And that Bob McNair, for all the good things he has done for the City of Houston, will be viewed as a joke of an owner until he gets rid of Rick Smith?
  6. I have to give O'Brien credit for his coaching last night. With a short week, and a bad starting oline and a rookie Qb, he did what he had to do offer maximum protection for Watson. Whether it was playing with 7 O lineman or playing with 5 O lineman with 2 split RB's who would chip the outside rushers on their way out of the backfield, the Texans were about as effective as they could be. He also used the Fullback effectively in running plays. I still think O'Brien put Watson in a terrible spot by being willing to start him in the second game without giving him any preseason reps with the first team. That being said he did a good job last night. Of course he wasn't coaching against a coaching Juggernaut in Marvin Lewis. That helped.
  7. And didn't Cushing test have his first suspension prior to signing his big extension? Again, that should factor into your decision on when and how to extend him.
  8. Yeah, I never quite understood why the Texans felt the need to sign him to such a big contract. At his best, he was a very good linebacker, but I don't think he was a game changer. Besides being an awful drafter, Rick Smith has also been pretty bad at managing the cap. The Texans always seem to be hamstrung in what they can do because of the cap. They just never seem to allocate their resources very well.
  9. Around 1:30 PM. Probably not going to be able to make lunch on Saturday. I am leaving in the afternoon on Monday, so I might be able to get lunch Monday. I assume they are open on Mondays?
  10. While Dallas' defense looked very good the other night, I am taking a wait and see approach for several reasons: 1) The Giants didn't have Beckham 2) The Giants offensive line is kaka 3) Eli is such a hot/cold QB, and Monday night he looked like he was in one of his "no clue" Phases. You know, when he has that perpetually confused look on his face. Dallas could have a much improved defense. I just need to see more evidence.
  11. If Jerry Jones got into the Hall of Fame then Jimmy Johnson has to be in, because without Jimmy Johnson's tenure, Jerry Jones would not be in the hall of fame.
  12. So my sister-in-law took control and booked us reservations at Rockhill Grille on Saturday night and Q39 on Sunday night. You guys have said good things about Q39. Any comments on Rockhill Grille? Looking forward to a good matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles. I hope it's a good game. Both teams probably exceeded expections week 1. We will see if none, one, or both return to earth in week 2.
  13. Run and shoot, Baby!!!
  14. Reposting because I am even more frustrated with O'Brien. Absolutely atrocious offense. Offensive line is just horrible. I can't say it is all O'Brien's fault because Rick Smith has given him that line. And decided to take a firm stand on their best Olineman Duane Brown. Both of those guys need to be fired.
  15. You can cross the bayou at Chimney Rock, San Felipe (just west of Voss), and I heard (but haven't confirmed) that you can now cross over Fondren. My ex lives south of the bayou and I live north of it, so I have had to make several treks to transport kids between houses. Also, they started to reduce the release rates from Barker and Addicks reservoirs last night, so the water that is slowly receding back to the Buffalo Bayou, should start receding at a faster rate. As it does, more bridges across the bayou will become accessible. Where do you live, Greg? I am off of Upland, north of I-10 and west of Beltway 8. I am just east of the Addicks Reservoir.