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  1. I like Survivor and have watched from the beginning. Over the years it is definitely apparent that Survivor is trying to push social issues within the show. I don't mind this because I think they have good intentions and are trying to show examples how people with different beliefs or outlooks can interact and get along with each other despite their differences. Which brings us to Dan. I almost wonder if they intentionally cast him because during the interview process they got a "handsy" vibe from him that they knew might cause problems on the show. I have a hard time reconciling that the metoo movement has just occurred, and "surprise!" Survivor has a potential metoo issue on their show. It feels kind of set up (as a good majority of things on reality TV are).
  2. I think the main reason Kellee messed up is because of Noura outing her from the previous tribal. While I think she covered for it as best she could, saying Noura was making that up, she really didn't know if others believed her or not. If they don't believe her then she is definitely a target. So use the idol (since you have two) and if they didn't believe you and targeted you, you save yourself. If they did believe her, and didn't target her, then she wasted an idol, but she knows now that they probably believed her over Noura.
  3. Serious question, not trying to take a dig at the Cowboys: Do you think Jones felt he had to re-sign Zeke to validate (or get credit for) his decision to draft Zeke 4th overall? I think Jones biggest weakness as an owner is trying to get credit for things, which sometimes comes at the expense of overall success, when ultimately he would get credit for the overall success. Jimmy Johnson is the obvious biggest example of this.
  4. So any guess on how the driving with additional weight in a Pickup will affect the range of the battery?
  5. Back when it first came out, I tried one. I will say I remember thinking, man, that is a good sandwich! So I wasn't necessarily surprised that it was so popular, just surprised that Popeye's was totally unprepared for having one of their products being in high demand.
  6. The shots are a PITA, literally.
  7. It was interesting that the topic on island of the idols was risk/reward and Kellee's move was a good example of the risk being worth the reward. Especially since she made a move without putting a target on her back. Generally too many people on survivor try to make big moves that only help them in the short term and end up putting a target on their back so it is usually not worth it. I would have loved to have seen Kellee's conversation with Noura to convince her to vote for Jack
  8. Well, that would be good for the Cowboys, so I can see why you would suggest that
  9. Just for accuracy, Rosen has 11 fumbles in 16 games started, Jones has 10 fumbles in 7 games started. So his point that Rosen fumbles less than Jones is accurate.
  10. If the Giants go 2-5 in their last seven games, Shurmur will have the exact same record after two seasons that he had with the Browns: 9-23. That would total to 18-46. As Parcells said "you are what your record says you are"
  11. Has there ever been a season where so many bad teams played each other? Based on record, 5 of the 6 worst teams this year are Miami, NYJets, NYGiants, Washington and Cincinnati. Because the AFC East plays the NFC East and the AFC North, that means there are 10 games amongst these 5 teams. As of now they have played each other 3 times with a record of 3-3. In games not amongst themselves, they are 2-34 with the only wins being the Giants against TB (who is 2-6 and missed two extra points and a 34 yard FG that would have won the game), and the Jets against the Cowboys. So we can look forward to 7 more games of teams possibly trying more to lose than win.
  12. I feel for you guys. Actually I feel for any fans who have incompetent ownership because as they say "you can't fire the owner". The Redskins situation is right up there with the Jets.