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  1. So we have a really tight race so far with The Cars showing up with 4 songs, Duran Duran with 3 songs, and the Police with 3 Songs. With 40 songs to go who will have the most songs in the top 100? one of those 3 or someone else? Tim, you can't answer.
  2. I agree, she should. I think the number one rule in survivor is to keep secret information to yourself. You know something that someone else doesn't which gives you an advantage. On the rare occasion, you might share secret information to build trust with an ally. But I would say 99% of the time, that ally shouldn't be someone WHO HAS STABBED YOU IN THE BACK BEFORE!!!!
  3. For some reason, this reminded me on John Candy in Vacation when the Griswalds get to Wally World: "Sorry folks, parks closed. The moose out front should have told you"
  4. Not serious answer: Eli Manning Serious answer: Dan Marino/John Elway
  5. I get that Cops have a special bond with each other. I get that cops that are partners have an even more special bond with each other. I also get that for $2 million, Tony will sell Sarah down the river in a second. Sarah doesn't seem to get that yet.
  6. Stephen King's "The Stand" surmises how this might go. Interesting (and terrifying) to think about.
  7. I enjoyed this a lot. It's amazing how demented some people are.
  8. Adding an extra game also creates a 6% increase in regular season revenue, which is good for the owners and the players. As to the home game issue, If they don't do a neutral site game for every team, they will probably make the 17th game an interconference game, and one conference will host all the games one year and the other conference will host all the games the next year. Win/Loss records only matter at the conference level, so every team in the conference will play the same number of home games (8 games in one conference, 9 games in the other)
  9. I must have missed your post. I watched it last week, and posted over the weekend how much I enjoyed it. Loved their portrayal of the main character. He acts the way you think a messiah would act, whether he is a messiah or not.
  10. Totally agree. As I am watching Madison state her feelings last night, I kept saying to myself "then why did you go on the show in the first place?" And Victoria's lack of intelligence is getting more and more apparent. "Oh my God, it's so pretty!" She said this to describe anything last night: Scenery, waterfall, fantasy suite, king size bed.
  11. Watched "Living with myself" over the weekend. Enjoyed it. I am a big Paul Rudd fan, he was twice as good as he usually is.