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  1. Just read this thread, Steady. Sorry for your problems with anxiety, and now your problems with your wife. I recommend two things for your marriage relationship: first, find a good marriage counselor. They can look at your situation from both sides and give good objective advice for both of you. Doesn't always work and you may have to try several before you find the one that connects with both of you. I think it is worth a shot. Second, read "the five love languages". If you can love your wife in the love language she prefers, and she can love you in the love language that you prefer, thinks will start to get a lot better. Again, nothing guaranteed but it could help. And of course two things that must be said: start rooting for a football team that has done something in the last 20 years, and how big are your wife's cans? The first could help you, the second could help me. . Hang in there buddy.
  2. I once worked for a boss named Bob. There was also a head of the audit committee whose name was Bob. So yes, I did get to tell people I've got a meeting with the Bobs. "Hey Peter, watch your cornhole"
  3. On Agholar: remember when there used to be a 3 year rule for young wr's to learn the pro game? A lot of that was adjusting to the increased passing in the NFL vs. College. That has kind of gone away with the amount of passing offenses in college. However, there still is an adjustment to the increased speed of the game, the physicality of the CB's and the length of the NFL schedule. Let's hope that Agholar has made the adjustment and lives up to the talent he showed in college.
  4. Hence, your strategy should be to not be that guy. The dominating challenges approach or "Ozzy" approach to getting to the finals is flawed in that if you don't win all the immunities, you likely get voted out because you are a threat to control the game by winning (Ozzy, every time he played), and if you do make it there, you could still lose to someone who played a better social game (Colby, Culpepper).
  5. So Zoe Saldana has been in 3 Star Trek movies, 2 GOTG movies, and Avatar, and now is about to start filming for Avatars 2-5 this summer. She will be the most multi-colored (Brown, Green, and Blue), multi-linguistic, hottest, sci-fi chick actress ever!
  6. I found it interesting in that the focus was less on the aliens and more on David and creationism. Other than David/Walter, none of the other characters were very interesting or well established. The captain was weak, the female lead was Sigourney-very-lite, but I still enjoyed it due to David's role. His sense of evil was much more palpaple than HAL or Ash. I especially liked that David never directly hurt the humans (because he couldn't), but he still felt them unworthy, and therefore developed the aliens to kill the humans.
  7. That did not seem like an extraneous story. Plus, Tamara Tunie is a fairly well known actress so this is a new storyline starting up. What happened to her husband will have relevance in the storyline.
  8. But don't you agree that you don't want to have a weird crush on Joe Buck? And for me, that is why it makes me hate him more. I am glad Brockmire went down on his mother, even after she was dead,
  9. Part of the patience thing is not being seen as the person instigating the game play. While I think Andrea is a good player, she was too outspoken and upfront with who she wanted to go. She needed to peddle her angle much softer and be okay if the group went another direction. Everytime she got who she wanted out, the target on her got bigger and bigger.
  10. I hate it when I am right.
  11. I love how Brockmire only calls Joe Buck by his full name "Joe Buck" even when talking to him. And I never liked Joe Buck, but I think I hate him more now that he is playing an arrogant caricature of himself and he's actually funny doing it. Jackhole.
  12. I meant at the tribal of 6. But you knew this. And were messing with me. Well played, sir.
  13. Cirie does not currently have an idol, I don't see anyone giving her one, and the chances of her winning one are slim to none. There is no way Cirie makes it through this week.
  14. Skinny Pete is one of my online user names. I crack up everytime I see him.
  15. Gus is going to pull a Dufresne!