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  1. He's kidding. And Kemper is in the season finale. Enjoy. They do set it up for a season 2.
  2. I am curious if the Jags kicked the tires on Alex Smith. It could be they did but KC wanted to send him to the NFC rather than to an AFC contender that the Chiefs would have to beat.
  3. I have enjoyed them. Looks like Ashley is finally going to get lucky, Lesley keeps getting hotter (in my mind), and I finally placed who Claire reminds me of: Jan from the Office.
  4. Totally agree. First Giants game, Chargers game, Panthers game, Rams game, Raiders game, all were one score games that Pederson added points through 4th down aggressiveness. Without that we could have lost some or all of those games.
  5. Great article. I think what helps make him so successful on 4th down is he has a really good offense and he seems to know what plays to call at the right time. A lot of those 4th and 1's are Wentz sneaking it, which it should be. But he also ran some great play action passes which got not just the first down but additional yardage. It will be interesting to see what happens if other teams copy his approach but don't necessarily have the offense to convert a high percentage of the attempts. Do they then go back to being conservative? Also, if the Eagles offense isn't as proficient in the future, will they shy away from making as many aggressive calls? Based on how little the Eagles gave up when they didn't convert, I would say the answer is no. 74 points over 19 games is adding about 4 points per game. That is huge, and the Eagles success reflects that.
  6. Do you think this will affect his curve or that his fastball will lose some zip?
  7. Just don't see what is interesting at all about Lauren. I hope Bekkah wins. Leslie on Winter Games gets more and more attractive every show she is on. She also seems like a great person to hang out with and talk to. Hopefully, she helps Dean to not mess things up.
  8. FYP. We don't have a scale yet on how big the Jackson suck factor is.
  9. Perhaps he has. Do you think he seems like the type of guy who thrives on that or wants it? I honestly don't know since I haven't followed his interactions with the Washington Press. While I agree that Philly and Washington may be similar to NYC in terms of negativity and scrutiny, I just think there is a bigness to the NY coverage that Philly and Washington don't have.
  10. I liked Iron Man 2 and it introduces Black Widow. You could probably pass on IM 3 although i liked it. Of the Thor's, I think the original is good, and Ragnarok is really funny. The Dark World is kind of Meh in my book. Dr. Strange is very good and I think it will be useful to have seen it when the infinity war comes out. Black Panther is also very good.
  11. Let me put it another way. He may not want to play under big city media coverage and pressure. I think it takes a special person to thrive in and want to be in that environment. As the big money QB for a New York football team he would be under constant scrutiny, and the press there is willing to go negative at a moment's notice. This is reduced significantly in smaller market areas.
  12. I think there are really 3 main factors in where any free agent goes, and depending on where that individual ranks them, that will determine where he goes. The 3 are: Money Playing for a contender Environment/geographic location of the team Cousins has said (don't know if its true) that his main concern is playing for a contender. That would probably move the Vikings, Jaguars, and Broncos to the top of his list. While money is always important, because Cousins has made $50 million over the last two seasons, I don't think he will need to take the highest offer to be happy. Whoever he signs with will probably guarantee him $90 million over 3 years. So the Jets and Browns can probably offer him the most money, but that may not help them. Finally, since Cousins is Northern Midwest guy, I don't really see him being enamored with playing in the big city (i.e. New York). While playing in New York gives you tons of exposure and other financial opportunities, it also comes with a ton of pressure and expectations. Cousins doesn't necessarily seem like the type of guy who wants to deal with that. Without any other information, the Vikings seem like the logical choice for Cousins. Now if Minnesota isn't interested, Jacksonville would probably be the safest next pick in terms of contenders, but Bortles wrist may prevent them from cutting him which would make it problematic for Jacksonville to sign him from a cap perspective. The Broncos defense will probably be good for at least one more year, so they could be an option, but they don't have an overabundance of cap space. I also don't know if Vance Joseph is a selling point yet. I think that if the Vikings and Jags aren't interested, than the Jets become a real possibility
  13. Well, you know, Tom Brady...he's a pretty decent QB. A lot of people said the secondary was the Eagles weak spot, but they played good for most of the season. The Giants obviously found something as they threw the ball all over the Eagles in two games, one before their WR's were injured, one after. Obviously, the Patriots picked up on whatever the Giants did. And, like I said, you know, the GOAT....
  14. Mike Brown may indeed want to win. But when you have had Marvin Lewis as your coach for fifteen years and he has gone 0-7 in the playoffs, you know that you have a coach that can't win it all. The Texans have 3 playoff wins in their history, one because they got to play the Raiders last year with Connor Cook as QB, and two because they got to play the Bengals. I think Mike Brown is comfortable with Marvin Lewis and doesn't fire him because he does not rock the boat. That has to be frustrating for anyone who is a fan of the Bengals.
  15. With a QB, you never know what someone will offer you. Like when the Vikings offered a 1st and 4th for Bradford. But with Wentz's injury and Foles under contract with a reasonable back-up salary, I think the Eagles end up keeping him. Or someone makes them a ridiculous offer, and the Eagles take advantage.