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  1. I agree based on having someone who is known for spying being in the game. If I want to have a private conversation with someone, I am going out on the beach. Although that then brings up whether you want someone to see you having a conversation. So it is a double edged sword
  2. Peter Gabriel with Early Genesis. Was famous for wearing outrageous costumes. If you haven't seen it, youtube it. Great vocalist as well. Some of this is colored by the fact that I am really into early Genesis right now.
  3. If Natalie was great at making fire, then I think she made a mistake in not trying to take Tony out herself with fire making. If she is not that great at making fire, which I assume to be the case, then I actually think Natalie would have been better off taking Sarah to the finals and have Michelle go against Tony. First, because Michelle was very good at making fire and thus more likely to beat Tony, and second, if Tony still wins at making fire, there is the potential for Sarah and Tony to split some votes. Since Sarah and Tony were allied so closely, they are the ones who would be the best at poking holes in each others games. As a result, Natalie might end up looking a little bit better.
  4. I was just responding to you saying Natalie would have won without Tony because she would have swung two votes. Factually that was not true. Now you have clarified that you think she would've gotten other votes against Sarah then she would have against Tony. And I agree.
  5. There were 16 on the jury. Swinging two votes, she still loses 10-6
  6. I think if Sarah should be able to not feel guilty for playing like a man and winning (which she should), then Ben should feel guilty for playing like a woman and losing. But at least he made a friend for life which is the point of the game
  7. This is where Tony being a cop really worked to his advantage. Being able to manipulate people to feel comfortable with you. He has definitely taken some psychology classes
  8. One thing I always forget is these people are out there for 20 to 30 days without adequate food or water or adequate sleep. Irrational behavior would seem to be the norm under those conditions.
  9. Okay, I am not one to defend BOB, but this deal is not nearly as bad as people portray. Initially, people say the deal is $66 million for 3 years so he's getting $22 million a year. Not true. the 3 years is added onto this year, which is for $10 million. So Tunsil gets $76 million over the next 4 years or $19 million per year. Lane Johnson was the highest paid lineman at $18 million per year, so not a significant increase over that. The cap hits for the Texans over the next 4 years are $14 m, $19m, $21 m, and $22 m. They basically guaranteed the first two years and if he is a flop they can get out of the contract in year 3 with only $6.5 million of dead money. With the signing bonus, Tunsil gets paid $23 million, $16 million, $18 million, and $19 million over the 4 years of his contract. Now if Tunsil can stop the false starts, the Texans may have something.
  10. Hey, the Eagles are going to play Hurts every other play and run the Philly Special everytime he's in there. What could go wrong?!
  11. Man, I was just looking at Daniel Jones gamelogs from 2019 and it is fascinating. 6 starts on the road, 18 TD's and 3 ints. 6 starts at home, 6 TD's, 9 ints. While the competition seemed to be a little tougher in his home starts than his road starts, has there been any talk as to why he played better on the road? Is he feeling more pressure playing in front of the New York crowd?
  12. He should have had Lyle do it. He would do anything for Mr. Fring