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  1. We are in agreement
  2. Carson Wentz? Oh wait, he doesn't have those either.
  3. Perhaps. But based on his last response to one of my posts, he's not even reading what I wrote. Ah well, live and let live.
  4. Your use of the word misnomer is a misnomer. And you have gone from saying Wentz has a long way to go, to I will judge him in the playoffs to see if he has a long way to go. At this point, I think you are making ridiculous statements to stir things up. I will stop responding.
  5. I can see having a bias for Dak if you are a Cowboy fan. I can also see having a bias towards Wentz if you are an Eagle fan (I do, for sure). The bolded is just ridiculous. Did you watch the Thursday night Panther-Eagle game? Did you watch the Redskin game where he made the great escape? Have you watched Wentz at all this season other than last night? Or are you basing everything off of his worst half of the season last night on the road against a division rival who is playing for their season? And yes he threw a bunch of incompletions. But no interceptions, no sacks taken, no fumbles. Even at his worst, he didn't put the Eagles in significant harm's way. Just because you like Dak better than Wentz, doesn't mean you have try to downgrade Wentz to make Dak look better. Out of curiousity, who do you consider the top QB's in the league right now?
  6. "Every Interception has a story" Brock Osweiller
  7. If Smith, Lee, and Elliot are playing, and Hicks, Peters, and Sproles are still out for the season, yes it will be a different game. There is a good chance, though, that the game will not mean anything for at least one, and maybe both teams.
  8. So it sounds like he is saying someone else was in the car and was sitting next to the driver. Well, who was it? No use protecting that person because if you do, you are going to get blamed for something you didn't do. So tell us, Jamais, who was the sexual offender? C'mon now, we want to believe you.
  9. Garrett went to Princeton and transferred to Columbia. As far as I know, he and Bill O'Brien (Brown) are the only head coaches who went to an Ivy league school. You be the judge if they are any smarter than the other coaches in the NFL. My opinion is there is book smart and there is football smart. The ivy league guys don't necessarily have the latter.
  10. Bad coaching can kill a team with an opportunity to win it all. Look at the 1991 Eagles. They had gotten rid of Buddy Ryan, which was the right move, and made a great hire in Bud Carson taking over as defensive coordinator. Unfortunately, they made an awful hire in making Rich Kotite head coach and overseer of the offense. He prevented a team with one of the greatest defenses of all time from making the playoffs. Once the defensive talent started leaving, you saw just how bad a coach he was. Having a lot of talent can really disguise the deficiencies of the coaching staff. I think that is where the Cowboys are right now. Their talent on offense last year covered up the problems on their defense and the coaching. Once you get to the playoffs however, the talent starts to equal out, and coaching makes a big difference.
  11. First Bolded: We will never see this Second Bolded: Totally agree Third Bolded: Dallas has talent and qb play, they are mediocre at coaching
  12. One more thing that might be in Ajayi's favor. Adam Gase did not win coach of the year last year, but got a lot of publicity for being in the running. Pederson didn't get any because of the Eagles record, but I have maintained that the Eagles team of 7-9 last year might have been better than the Dolphins team of 10-6 based on their schedules and how competitive they were in their games. I think Pederson is a competitive enough guy that he would love to take a Gase reject and make him as productive as possible. Remember that the Eagles had a chance to hire Gase but ended up hiring Pederson.
  13. But they didn't reveal all the votes during the re-vote because Joe only got one vote. Once they read 6 Desi votes, she was the one going home. Only 7 votes were revealed.
  14. Got a couple nights comped at the Palm in December. First time staying there. Any restaurants there I should consider dining at?