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  1. No, you are right, I am a little bit all over the place. I do think that having so much of the offense running through Zeke, whether he is running or catching the ball is a weakness. The Cowboys offense struggled last year because before Cooper got there, Zeke was pretty much the only threat on offense. Having Cooper helps. If Gallup improves and they develop a TE then all of a sudden they are really tough to defend. Somebody above did make a good point that having Zeke used so much helps with time of possession and helps the defense. So that is a positive that doesn't show up in the offensive stats.
  2. Well, the knock on Dallas' offense has been that it has been too predictable. Isn't that why they brought in Kellen Moore as OC? What's funny about last season is when Cooper came to the Cowboys, Zeke's usage actually went up. Maybe having another good option at WR opened some things up for Zeke? Although their offensive output didn't really change (20 points per game in the first 7 games last year, 20 points per game in the next 8. I left out the last game because Elliot did not play)
  3. I think 2016 was somewhat of an outlier for the Cowboys offense. The offensive line which was already good, was very healthy in 2016 only missing 7 starts amongst the 5 starters. Both Dak and Zeke were in their rookie years so defenses were still learning how to defend them. Yes, counting the 2016 season would weaken my argument but I do think what happened in 2016 is less relevent to 2019 than 2017 and 2018 are. To my point about teams diversifying their offense more in recent years to make themselves harder to defend, Consider: In 2016, 11 players had 250 or more carries In 2017, 8 players had 250 or more carries In 2018, 6 players had 250 or more carries The era of bellcow running backs is fading. The Cowboys can stick with handing the ball off to Zeke 300 times a season, but that makes them more predictable than other offenses. It will be interesting to see if there is a significant change in the Cowboys offense under Kellen Moore, both if Zeke reports and if he does not report.
  4. In the last 2 seasons, before the Cooper trade, the Cowboys were 9-8 with Elliot and 3-3 without Elliot. One of those wins was the last game of the 2017 season when the Eagles rested all their starters, so really 8-8 with Elliot in meaningful games. So does Elliot make that much of a difference? Just sayin... Once they added Cooper, the Cowboys went 6-2 with Elliot and 1-0 without him and that game was a meaningless last game of the season. My opinion is that offenses are so hard to stop now because they use a variety of players to beat you. When defenses take away one option, offenses go a different way. When a team like the Cowboys relies so heavily on one player (Elliot) it makes it easier for good teams to take away that option. I think that is why you see so few 25 carries a game running backs because it makes it easier for the defense to defend against that offense.
  5. The Cowboys picked up his 5th year option so his base salary next year jumps to $9.1 million from $3.8 million. Because of this he will lose more money per game if he holds out next season.
  6. Living in Houston, I get to watch a lot of the Texans games. I am not as enamored with Clowney as a lot of Texans fans. He is also going to want a top salary for defensive end after this season. So I would trade him for a back-up tackle, but I probably wouldn't want to trade Peters for him. I just think the way to stay good in the NFL these days is not to have players whose salary requirements exceed their value to the team. I think Clowney is one of those type players. You will never get the value from him that matches how much you have to pay him.
  7. I hear what you are saying about paying Dak too much. However, he is a good QB who has shown he is capable of winning playoff games. He won one last year and he played great 3 years ago but, you know, Aaron Rodgers happened. Based on where the Cowboys are talent wise, I think they will probably overpay to keep him. I don't think they want to Super Bowl ready everywhere else, but have a big hole at the QB spot.
  8. I am curious, if the Cowboys let Dak walk after this season, who do you they could and would go after to be QB?
  9. Season 2 is out next Friday 8/16. Trailer is out now
  10. Their reactive personalities could keep them from being an "Epic combination". Not saying it will keep them from being great, but it could. Man, as an Eagles fan, I thought Eagles fans were sensitive and defensive. Until I posted in the Brown's thread. I hope you guys have a good season.
  11. Okay maybe volatile isn't the right word. But Baker definitely reacts before he thinks. He seems to say the first thing that comes into his head. Because of this you get true honesty from him. That is fine when things are going well, but when things aren't going well that type of honesty can cause division between him and other players. I would think with someone like Odell this could definitely be an issue. I am not saying these guys don't have great potential, but they do have some traits that could prevent them from maximizing their talent.