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  1. And a giant hedgehog named Spiny Norman
  2. Is he really a woman, her name is Toby, and she lost her pinky toe in the accident?
  3. "I'm sorry, did you say knives?" "Rotating knives, yes"
  4. I was looking at an article that showed what stars had been offered Marvel parts and turned them down. Can you imagine how the Marvel movies would have been different if Tom Cruise had taken the Tony Stark part? Robert Downey has a snarkiness that Cruise never could have pulled off.
  5. I would like to see the Texans trade their #1 for Patrick Peterson if the Cardinals are willing to do that. If they could get that done, I will have a much better feeling about Brian Gaine.
  6. I would watch Holy Grail over their TV shows. To me, they are consistently hilarious all the way through Holy Grail, more so than the TV shows. So, Holy Grail>>>TV Shows>>>>Other movies. But like you said, they are all awesome.
  7. In general, I agree. However, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still a masterpiece.
  8. 97% positive on rotten tomatoes with 118 reviews. I think we have a good one. This is the kind of movie that I think a lot of critics would love to pan to show how smart they are and how above popular culture they are, and if only 4 critics out of 118 can give it a negative review, it must be a pretty good movie.
  9. I liked Avatar. Nobody does big production like Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, T2, Aliens). Very cool visual film.
  10. So looking at some of the comments, there is speculation that all movies get first reactions like this from fanboys. Since I have never been that interested in first reactions to a movie, I don't know if this is true or not. Anybody have any insight as too how geeked I should be about these rave reviews?
  11. More reactions, spoiler free: If those reactions are true, we are in for an epic movie.
  12. Jon Snow is the Jack Ryan of Game of Thrones. He doesn't want to be in charge, but it everybody else f***s it up, he will do his duty and lead even if it the last thing he wants to do.