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  1. Hello there, I am starting two slow drafts for $150 with SBFFC.com scoring and lineup structure. 6 pts per all TDs, Dual FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 3rd round reversal...Looking to start the drafts around June 22. One league is on CBS Sports while the other is on MyFantasyleague.com. The MyFantasyleague.com league has victory points scoring for standings. If interested in either or both leagues, or want more information, email me at brian.harwood@twc.com today!
  2. 70 days until SBFFC draft day! Sign up today, SBFFC.com
  3. The SBFFC has started a 12-team slow draft which has SBFFC.com scoring and lineup structure. Dataforceff.com will be the stat provider of the league and they will also pay out the prizes! . Here is a brief description of the league: SBFFC.com scoring & lineup structure apply. No trading. 3rd round reversal rules will apply here. TOTAL POINTS PLAYOFFS: 1st seed is best record, 2nd seed is total points (unless it's the same team as 1st seed, then it is next best record) 3rd and 4th seeds are next best records. Tiebreaker is TOTAL POINTS SCORED Weeks 14-16, add total points average from Weeks 1-13 to your total Weeks 14-16 total to crown a champion. To sign up for the league, which will begin after all 12 teams pay, on the Dataforceff logo above or the blue sign up button below, or go to this website: https://www.dataforceff.com/sbffc-lobby Any questions, email brian.harwood@twc.com today!
  4. Check out this video: https://youtu.be/3Q05e5wTEc4