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  1. Firstseason1988 league 5 IN
  2. I had AP, starting Vereen today. Hold on to the ball Shane!!!
  3. Back in, I forgot which league.
  4. I just don't live my life totally around football any more. With all the information out there. You don't need to so much. You miss out on some eye ball tests that might make a difference, but I don't play for big money, just for fun. Doesn't have to be all or nothing.
  5. TOTAL 167.60 165.20 201.40 143.20 186.05 185.30 176.05 146.90 163.25 150.50 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 CUTOFF 114.55 146.10 147.35 123.50 128.35 140.75 157.35 143.50 159.65 148.05 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 I'm getting so lucky. Week 10 was huge for me to get by with the byes. Getting romo back. I got a shot
  6. Here, ready to go
  7. In for League 10
  8. I use everything I hear as a guide. Knowing your source and how much merit it holds. But as some have alluded it's about you making the decision. I get so annoyed of seeing posts like," FBG had Charles #1 and only got me 3 points, I lost because of that." No you lost because you started him, not FBG. Make your decision with the info you are given, trust your gut. That way when it's a bad move, it's your bad move to own and learn from, when it's a good move, it's yours and yours to reap spoils with. It's not all about winning for me these days, for instance, last year's preseason I saw Cordarelle Patterson play and was in awe of his skills. I drafted him late in my home league that have incorporated our young sons into it. I bragged about how CPat was the bomb and how I got him late. My friend's 11 yr old son in the league made fun of me when CPat didn't produce fantasy wise in first part and middle of season, I said,"It's not my fault the coaches don't know how to use him." Now that CPat is a viable fantasy producer,starting late last season. I look like a guru to this kid. It's all about the evaluation for me, for better or for worse. I am not saying I was only one who saw CPat coming, I heard about him and looked for him first, but if someone catches your eye, be bold. Another example, Kurt Warner's rookie year. This was back when the internet wasn't as popular and information wasn't so readily available, so someone like Warner might not so easily slip through the cracks these days. But I was flipping through the channels one night and came across a St Louis preseason game and decided to watch. Warner was a name no one had heard of, including myself. During that game, Warner kept hitting his guys square in the numbers and they must have had literally 10 drops or more. My thought was, they will fix the drops and why not take a last round flier on this guy that I know no one in my league had heard of or would draft as the Rams had really sucked in previous seasons, if nothing else Warner was a starter at QB. Most teams that won with Kurt Warner that year did so because they picked him up off of waivers, I won using my eyes and my head and was able to talk trash all year how I got him in the last round. Point is, use your head, then it's on you, for better or worse.
  9. Weed will do that to you. I almost posted EXACTLY the same thing. So weed's a bad thing?
  10. You do realize its legal in several states. When the Feds legalize it let me know. Pretty sure its not breaking any federal laws if you use it in a state where its legal. There, now you know. Technically you can be arrested for You do realize its legal in several states. When the Feds legalize it let me know. Pretty sure its not breaking any federal laws if you use it in a state where its legal. There, now you know. Pretty sure you're wrong.You can get busted by a federal law enforcement officer in a state where marijuana is legal. Obama has said not to do that, but technically it's against federal law to possess, use, distribute marijuana, but it's not enforced by the feds. Good of Obama to recognize states' rights.
  11. Goodell's not in trouble for covering up Ray Rice's behavior. He's in trouble for covering up a cynically botched internal investigation. Goodell has not been covering up for Ray Rice for Rice's sake ... but for Goodell's sake. If the full-length tape gone public back in February, and the public outcry had built up back then, Goodell would've been happy to give Rice the season off. I don't think Goodell was thinking he was gaining anything. I think it was just total arrogance that whatever the 800 lb gorilla of the NFL says, goes and people will just follow along. He totally misread the severity of the incident and the public outcry. If he suspends Rice six games (maybe even four), none of this happens. Yeah, thanks for insight, really bugs me how people in power have no touch of reality and no idea how the public reacts. I have a hard time believing he is dumb enough to have seen the inside elevator video and only levy a 2 game suspension.
  12. Looked at page 1 of this thread and page 7. So this might have been addressed but I haven't seen it except one guy said,"Rice is in old boys club." which doesn't seem right to me. I don't get what the NFL and Goddell had to gain by a cover up. What would the motivation be? Goddell might be dumb, but I don't get what he had to gain by covering it up. NFL players do bad stuff often, why take the chance of a cover up?
  13. Ask your accounting degree what to do
  14. not an unusual overuse injury. Lay off upper body stuff for a week or more if needed and ease back into it slower than before, pay careful attention to your form once you are fatiguing.I am in same deal and this advice is what I have been doing. I just tweak it all the time. really annoying.
  15. This happened to me once. I was in his seat at a charity poker event. I saw The Real Deal knock out Mike Tyson, live, when I bet on him at 26-1 odds. Vegas paid me a fair amount to watch Mike Tyson get TKOed.