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  1. Miller can't stay healthy two years in a row shoulder surgery as was in college ...keep an eye on Riley Ridley
  2. Gabriel was also out this week which he's been drawing more targets per week than Miller. Causing Miller's been to inconsistent to put into a line-up...
  3. Hopefully with OT Wynn returning along with TE Watson will help improve their OL & running game
  4. Looks like McCoy has now moved into the starting role.. played extensively on the early downs throughout the first three quarters with the game being out of reach didn't play in the fourth qtr. Poor Damien got some carries late but with the OL in shambles and Denver expecting the run didn't have a chance.
  5. Kinda agree MVS dropped a couple of easy passes in the Philly game loss a few weeks ago and sure enough after the game Rogers mouthed off that he has to catch those and has been on the back burner since.
  6. Ravens, Browns, Saints, Lions, Bills, 49ers all could use help
  7. Previous Britt owner good riddance...can't beat man to man coverage which is mainly what there playing in the NFL these days
  8. Moreno's work ethic will help mentor Miller and make him a better RB but unless Miami improves their OL it won't matter who's in the backfield
  9. Belichick knows he's got Brady for a few more years and it looks like the future lies with the mobile qb I think the Pats unload Mallett for a high number one next year and draft Oregon QB Marcus Mariota